Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 19

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The entire school knew now that Jiang Xiu had beat up a teacher and not only was he let go, instead gained great merit. Everyone commented that he did right to hit that teacher. Especially on the schoolgirl's side. They had a favourable impression of him.

A significant change had occurred in the impression Ye Bing held towards Jiang Xiu. She now thought he wasn't such a horrible person. There was also a bit of appreciation in her gaze. No matter his background, grades, or appearance, a courageous schoolboy drew quite the admiration from everyone.

Even Cheng Lingsu who didn't like Jiang Xiu was now left speechless, thinking that it wasn't that he didn't have even a single good point. But, even if Jiang Xiu had held justice, this wouldn't change her mindset to remove the engagement. She understood quite clearly that Jiang Xiu and her were people of two different worlds. One was an ordinary youth and other was a pampered daughter of an influential family. Their households didn't match. Even if it were forced, it wouldn't end in happiness. Let alone, she just didn't like him.

Looking at Jiang Xiu, who stood on the platform in a relaxed manner, Cheng Lingsu shook her head faintly, "Since you dare to fight back against evil, why don't you have the courage to end this unrealistic engagement and live your own life?"

Cheng Lingsu decided to have another discussion with Jiang Xiu.

She was quite worried about the matter of engagement between Jiang Xiu and her. She felt as if there were chains over her body, making her feel quite uneasy. In fact, she was also in the stage when one had the first awakening of love. She thirsted for love and even believed that Ye Wenchen was a pretty good target to taste the flavour of first love, but she didn't dare. It wasn't because she was still a student, as there were many couples inside the school, even the class teachers weren't as inflexible as before. It was because of this engagement. She felt that it was a kind of betrayal if she dated someone else while this engagement was still in effect. It wasn't loyalty, she just couldn't bear to do such a thing.

Therefore, she wanted to remove this engagement between them as soon as possible.

That's why she was carrying the contract on her so that Jiang Xiu could sign it anytime. Once it was done, she'd finally break free from these fetters.

Cheng Lingsu sent a text message to Jiang Xiu - Let's meet after the morning classes.

Where? - Jiang Xiu replied.

Cheng Lingsu muttered to herself. They couldn't go out of the school at noon so they could only meet inside the school. The safest place inside the school was the discarded teaching block, since no one visited there.

Discarded Building.

This Deity will arrive on time.

There were four subjects in the morning. Cheng Lingsu simply didn't pay attention to the classes. Her thoughts were all filled with how to persuade Jiang Xiu. She even deluded herself that he might suddenly agree to remove the engagement. She was worried for a moment and happy in another, completely absent-minded.

But the Campus Queen Cheng's every frown and smile affected the hearts of many, the student council president Ye Wenchen was among them. He was quite a sensitive and wise man, so he felt something was odd.

Cheng Lingsu usually listens in class, why's her mind distracted today?!

After the classes, a beautiful silhouette impatiently appeared at the uninhabited discarded old building. She wore a blue-white school uniform, paired with simple sneakers. She went through the thickets and weeds growing there to reach inside the alley.

Jiang Xiu had already arrived there. "You have something to say to this Deity?"

His sight fell on Cheng Lingsu's beautiful face. She could feel one kind of love from within it, even an obsession. She had seen this gaze in several schoolboys, but compared to their pure expressions, Jiang Xiu's gaze contained a trace of grief, one kind of intoxicating yet also heart clenching grief.

This expression flashed past in a moment, and this expression disappeared from his gaze soon after. Cheng Lingsu knew that he had hidden it himself. Clearly, his self-control was quite strong.

Cheng Lingsu said, "Jiang Xiu, I respect you for upholding justice for the victimised student. That… really made me change my opinion on you. But I'm quite serious, think over our relationship. We don't suit each other."

Jiang Xiu didn't speak.

Cheng Lingsu said, "I know this hurts you, but we've played together in our childhood and are also friends. I even see you as an older brother and I think you also don't wish for this final relation to break off, right?"

Those eyes, are really similar.

Jiang Xiu's gaze became somewhat blurred. That expression was something he was unable to forget for several hundreds of years even though he tried his best. Those pair of eyes glistening with tears, that appearance filled with despair, it resembled a knife stabbing into his heart.

Her nose, tender and high.

Jiang Xiu still remembered that teardrop which had fallen from her nose tip, streaking across the world. It dropped on the ground, shattering.

Her red lips.

Even her every frown and smile, the way she pouted her mouth cutely, her expression when she faked her anger.

Jiang Xiu felt his heartthrob quickly.

Cheng Lingsu said, "How about it? Jiang Xiu, let's be normal friends, alright?" Her tone was close to begging. "You'll surely meet another girl who loves you and with whom you'll fall in love."

A trace of pain flashed through Jiang Xiu's face, his trembling right hand went towards Cheng Lingsu, wanting to stroke her face. Cheng Lingsu rushed to lean to the side. As that vague face neared his hand, Jiang Xiu woke up.

He said, "Let this Deity kiss you, and this Deity will promise you!"


Cheng Lingsu could hardly believe her ears. Jiang Xiu dared to raise such an unreasonable request. I already said I don't like you, yet you even want to kiss me? But she also understood that this was a wish each schoolboy held towards the girl they loved. Is he thinking of acting like a rogue using this opportunity? A strange feeling welled up in her heart, making her face burn up.

"If I let you kiss me once, will you really remove the engagement?"

"This Deity's words are absolute."

Cheng Lingsu bit her teeth, thinking to herself that if she had to renounce her first kiss for her freedom, then she shall relinquish it. She closed her eyes, similar to a martyr on a battlefield.

Her snow-like spotless skin appeared almost translucent under the sunshine. Perhaps due to feeling wronged, her lovely brows were pressed together, adding to the pitiful and lovely flavour she exuded. Maybe because she was nervous, the eyelashes of her closed eyes slightly trembled like a butterfly's wings. Her pink and soft lips were pressed together quite tightly, afraid that Jiang Xiu might overstep his bounds.

The grief in Jiang Xiu's eyes became denser. Cheng Lingsu although had her eyes closed, she could sense that Jiang Xiu was watching her. She couldn't help open her eyes, expressing deep anger within her beautiful pupils, giving her a wild flavour, "Have you looked enough? Are you finally going to kiss me or not?"

If it wasn't for this wildness, Cheng Lingsu indeed looked precisely the same as her.


Jiang Xiu hinted her to not ruin the moment. She helplessly closed her eyes again. Then, she felt Jiang Xiu's hot breathing become intense as it flew towards her face. In the next moment, it was as if she was struck by electricity. At this moment, her mind was utterly blank.

After a long time, She finally sensed what she had lost. She suddenly bit down. Although Jiang Xiu was experienced, he was currently mid-action. A sharp pain attacked him, making him scream. He covered his mouth with his hand, it was bloodied, "You're insane!"

Cheng Lingsu looked at him stubbornly, "You're more insane. You should be satisfied with that kiss."

She brought out the contract she had prepared, "Sign it now."

Jiang Xiu touched his mouth. Due to the bite, blood swelled into his mouth. He took the contract and looked at it. After, he turned and left without even looking back.


"I'll give it to you after signing." Jiang Xiu spoke.

Cheng Lingsu still held the pen in her hand, but Jiang Xiu had already gone far away. She knew that scoundrel had done it intentionally to take revenge for biting him. "Do it quickly."

On another side, there was a couple of sweethearts who'd witnessed everything.

"OMG! It's the Campus Queen Cheng Lingsu!"

"Wasn't she a couple with Ye Wenchen? How did she get together with this person who hit the teacher?"

"This is big news!"

Even before Cheng Lingsu had returned to the class, the news had already reached Ye Wenchen's ears. The dish plate was crushed with a bang as his chest heaved violently, "You said that Jiang Xiu kissed Cheng Lingsu?"

"It's absolutely true."

His best friend to the side, Lin Shu hinted to the person who'd come to inform to leave. He understood Ye Wenchen. He appeared refined and courteous but was ruthless in reality.

"He wants to fight over Susu?!" Ye Wenchen's current voice was enough to make a person tremble on hearing it.

"Young master Chen, what's the plan?"

"Didn't he set up great merit? Our student council should also express thanks. Invite him out and make the Martial Arts Division members cripple him."

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