Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 20

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Such a huge affair had happened at school, and Jiang Xiu had already raised a commotion with this matter, so the student council also ought to express something. Lin Shu personally went to Jiang Xiu to show the praise from the student council. He also invited him to an entertainment event. Jiang Xiu gladly agreed.

As for the relation between Jiang Xiu and Cheng Lingsu, after the student council president, Ye Wenchen shut the mouths of those sweethearts up, it wasn't spread out anymore. Jiang Xiu also went to class as usual.

During this time, Cheng Lingsu had asked him to sign the agreement to remove the engagement, but he didn't respond at all. Cheng Lingsu clenched her mouth in anger, but she couldn't directly rush into Jiang Xiu's classroom or his dorm room to ask him.

So this matter was delayed temporarily.

Jiang Xiu also became closer to his classmates. Especially Ye Bing, her attitude towards him had become a lot better. The matter of beating Wang Xuebin had caused a significant change in her impression towards him. To some kind of degree, they both became friends.

Thursday, another huge event happened in the school. The school's headmaster was sacked due to the suspicion of shielding Wang Xuebin. On Monday, when he had rushed to the Bureau of Education, he had lowered his head for making such a big mistake. The file of Jiang Xiu's expulsion had already been registered into the book. Later, confronting the news media's pressure, the Ministry of Education could only handle the matter by sacking him.

Feeling wronged and remorseful in his heart, Headmaster Qin packed up his things as he departed Jiang City's Second High under the surveillance of public security guards, leaving the throne of Headmaster he had enjoyed for so long.

The sunshine was quite beautiful on Sunday afternoon. It quietly scattered inside the campus, causing the big trees in front of the buildings to cast shadows, accompanied by light breezes. This indeed made a person feel comfortable.

Jiang Xiu arrived at the student council's activity room as planned and knocked.

"Who's it?" A sweet-sounding voice came through. Jiang Xiu felt it was somewhat familiar. Then, he heard graceful footsteps come nearer, and the student council office room's door was opened. His eyes fell on a peerlessly beautiful face.

Cheng Lingsu was startled, "How come you're here?!"

The other student council members were also present inside the office, so she became nervous, terrified that their relationship would be exposed. She lowered her voice, and her expression seemed to give him a warning. "Why have you come here?"

Only now did Jiang Xiu recall that this heavenly proud woman, Cheng Lingsu, is also a member of the student council. "Lin Shu from the student council said that to honour my righteous actions, the student council is inviting me to have lunch and even arranged for an entertainment event."

"Susu, who is it? Did Student Jiang Xiu arrive?"

Noticing that Cheng Lingsu had half opened the door and hadn't returned, Ye Wenchen came over. He looked quite handsome and had a height of 180 cms with pretty features with spectacles, which made him look very refined in manner. He had a warm smile on his face, which showed none of the anger and envy he currently felt in his heart, "It's Student Jiang Xiu, right? We were waiting for you!"

"Brothers, the hero has arrived. Prepare to set off!"

There were many people in the office, around 10 persons.

"Hey, you came!"

The person who called out to Jiang Xiu was the one who invited him, Lin Shu.

Jiang Xiu slightly nodded towards him as a response. If it were the previous timeline, he'd have never crossed lines with these noble princes, as they were existences he had to look upto back then.

"Where are we going to?"

Lin Shu said, "Xincheng. There are a lot of places of entertainment over there, bars, discos, karaoke, game centres, they have everything there. It'll certainly be satisfying."

Reaching the school's entrance, there was a line of expensive cars. At the very least, they were either Audis or BMWs. It was clear that the financial resources and background of these noble brothers was quite astonishing.

There was also a Ferrari.

There was a reason they chose Xincheng District. It was a newly developed area, so there were a lot of construction projects ongoing there. Part-time workers came there from outside, and local thugs were roaming around. In short, the current Xincheng District was quite chaotic. If Jiang Xiu does something there, he won't be able to escape, so who can he blame?

"It's really fortunate today. One of my brothers opened a new store there. Everyone, let's go there to cheer him."

It was a place of entertainment decorated with dazzling decorations. It had quite many unnatural things inside, it's just that it wasn't easy to make it out. Only, it was broad daylight outside now, there were many students here in their school uniforms.

Jiang Xiu was wearing fashionable clothes, manifesting his individuality. Even Cheng Lingsu wore stylish clothes, a windbreaker covering her body. Her slender legs seemed to possess a spirit which imitated such a beautiful scene that it caught the gazes of everyone.

Their group frequently hung out with each other, so only Jiang Xiu was the stranger. Hence he was slightly alienated from the group. Even if Jiang Xiu laid his face as Deity Xiu down to chat with them, he couldn't speak to them as they were no topics to do so.

He couldn't say such words like this, How did you draw this talisman? There's a slight deviation in this array's logic. Your blade skill's timing is a little incorrect. Let's make an appointment to go conquer that planet.

Since there was nothing to chat, it was better not to.

But this didn't hinder his mood. He had luckily returned, so he naturally wanted to experience this. After all, he might need another several hundred years of time to again cultivate so that he could leave Earth and return to the Immortal Martial Continent.

"How is it? Did you arrange the Martial Arts Division members?"

"I've already arranged them." Lin Shu said, "They are in the next room. After abandoning themselves to pleasure, it shouldn't be difficult for them to beat one man."

"How many?" A terrible cruelness flashed in Ye Wenchen's eyes. Even Lin Shu was startled. "Didn't I already say that I didn't want to beat him, rather cripple him."

"Do you understand?"

Cold sweat dripped on Lin Shu's forehead, "Directly cripple him?"

Ye Wenchen said, "It's alright as long as it isn't fatal or do you fear that I can't take care of the responsibility?"

Lin Shu naturally didn't think that Ye Wenchen couldn't take care of the responsibility. Even if human life was lost, nothing would happen. What Lin Shu didn't expect was that Ye Wenchen will be so ruthless. Merely for a girl, he wanted to cripple the other person. He broke into a cold sweat for all those persons who go against Ye Wenchen as they surely had a miserable ending waiting for them.

"I still haven't spoken about this matter to them. I merely called them for lunch. Let's go talk to them together."

Ye Wenchen stood up. "You enjoy yourselves. Young master Lin and I will go pay the bill."

Saying this, he and Lin Shu went out.

"Young master Ye!"

Looking at Ye Wenchen come over, all the Martial Arts Division members got up to greet him. This wasn't anything strange. Not only was he the school's student council president, his home's background was also quite good. He was a genuine child of an influential family.

If they ran into trouble in the future, it'd be simple for them to find Ye Wenchen for employment.

Bang. A big wad of red cash was thrown on the table.

"Here's 100,000!" Ye Wenchen bowed his head to wipe the spectacles, "I want that youngster to be crippled. Whoever wishes to do it, this money is theirs. If something happens, I'll take responsibility."

The persons from the Martial Arts Division looked at each other. Since someone was giving a party, they wouldn't do so without reason. Hearing those words, all of them looked at each other and then looked at the money, their expressions swaying.

"Young master Ye, how do you want to cripple him?"

Ye Wenchen said, "Break his hands and legs, it's best if he's disabled for a lifetime."

Hiss! All the members of the Martial Arts Division sucked in a cold breath.

Who has offended Young master Ye? Didn't he have motherfking eyes? No matter whom you offend, you can't afford to offend this ancestor.

"Alright. This matter, I'll do it!"

The one who stood out was Wang Yinan. The matter sounded quite grave, but there were so many people in the Martial Arts Division. It was the so-called 'law can't punish everyone", and since Ye Wenchen was the real mastermind behind-the-scenes, even if the heavens collapsed, he'd prop it up.

"Alright. We'll wait for your news…"

After Ye Wenchen left, all the Martial Arts Division members assembled to consult together. It wasn't too complicated. Near the toilet, after receiving Young master Lin's signal, they'd knock against him and curse at him for knocking against them. This matter was rough and straightforward.

Ye Wenchen returned outdoors to the large gathering place. Warm sunshine, the surroundings were all lawns, it gave him an unspeakable satisfaction. Someone was even using the microphone to sing a song.

His gaze first naturally fell on Cheng Lingsu's body, but this one look filled his eyes with anger and envy again. He found that Cheng Lingsu was peeping at Jiang Xiu, but he had actually misunderstood Little Sister Cheng, she was just thinking of a way to get back the contract.

According to Jiang Xiu's behaviour, he ought to have signed it, but hadn't given it to her.

"Alright, everyone, shout together…"

The crowd screamed immediately.

Cheng Lingsu had a comparatively quiet nature, so she didn't seem habituated with this kind of situation and merely exposed a symbolic smile to interact with the others.

Jiang Xiu stood up at this moment and walked over to the toilet. He didn't need to inform them as no one even took note of his existence.

Lin Shu watched him from the second floor. He sent a text message to the members of the Martial Arts Division as soon as he saw Jiang Xiu come out.

"The fish has come out!"

Xiaohai raised his collars and stood up, "I'm pretty good at this fraudulent matter! Let me go!"

As he approached Jiang Xiu, he felt that this man was somewhat familiar.

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