Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 2

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When Ye Bing heard that her mother was about to open the door,, her face went pale. If she comes in and see that I'm naked and sleeping together with a schoolboy, even plunging into the Yellow River won't be enough to clear my name. Ye Bing could only grit her teeth, "Close your eyes… I'm going to put on my clothes."

Jiang Xiu shook his head in denial!

Ye Bing got furious with shame, "You-You're being unreasonable."

Jiang Xiu sneered, his face as cold as water, "You think this Deity is a 3-year-old? What if you knife me once I close my eyes?"

Since I've lost my force, I won't close my eyes. Instead, I'll open them wider… Yes! I'll stare this girl to death!! Stare her to death!!!


Ye Bing's complexion changed colours. She wanted to bite him to his death. She felt disgusted.

Anyhow, I can't waste my time with Jiang Xiu. If the worst is going to come, then let it come. Anything would be better than getting caught in … bed like that. In a blink, that perfect and lovely body slipped away from under the bedsheet, and her bright and sparkling jade-like feet touched the floor. Her toes looked so small and tender, extremely cute.

She headed for wardrobe and quickly scoured for her garments. Just thinking about the fact that there was a boy sleeping on the bed behind her made Ye Bing's ears redden.

What kind of plot is this? Jiang Xiu was perplexed.

No matter, it's vicious.

Like the proverb, 'Use a lot of manoeuvres to hide your actual purpose.' The viciousness in the enemy's heart wishing for this Deity's death is visible. They even went so far as to use this kind of bait scheme; making these slight exposures and hiding the body again. Not only that, the vilest part was that Jiang Xiu didn't dare to close his eyes or avert his gaze. He kept staring at her firmly… Yep… staring closely at her.

Ye Bing quickly wore her clothes while saying, "Jiang Xiu, I don't know how you entered my house and even… it doesn't matter how you did it, but if my parents and Xiaoyun catch you, my reputation is ruined. Although it's more infamy than fame… Even though it's the 2nd floor, but please, can you jump down…"

Jiang Xiu asked doubtfully, "You're allowing this Deity to run?"

Ye Bing ran to open the windows after her clothes were on. "Aaah, quick," She said worriedly. "There's a lawn outside. Since it rained yesterday, it should be fine even if you jump down."

"Hahaha…." Jiang Xiu laughed, "You think this Deity is a 3-year-old? If this Deity hasn't guessed wrong, there ought to be countless experts hiding outside the window? I think there should even be one or two Celestial Exalt Stage experts as well."

Even though his heart was pounding in alarm, Jiang Xiu's face was tranquil. He leaned on the bed, crossing his hands. What is an expert? That is how an expert would have acted. Even if Mt. Tai were to collapse, they wouldn't move an inch.

"Bingbing, Mama heard a boy's voice…" It was precisely at this time the door opened.

Ye Bing rushed over to the sofa, sitting down to preserve the image of a virtuous girl. She twiddled with her bed-hair, looking as calm as possible, her smile gentle on her beautiful face. It was as though her being on the bed with… never happened at all.

Seeing that her daughter was safe, Mama Ye relaxed her breath. Recalling that she heard a boy's voice when she was outside, she swept her gaze across the room. A boy was half-leaning against the bed, his arms crossed. From the sight of his naked torso, she guessed that he wasn't wearing any clothes.

Jiang Xiu acted naturally, his cold eyes vigilant. The current mood was completely out of place with the serious scene. His expression seemed to say, 'Do whatever you want, I'll just keep watching'.

As for Mama Ye… She was stupefied!

And Xiaoyun, standing beside Mama Ye, opened her eyes wide in alarm. "Jiang Xiu…"

Shocking… It was too mindblowing.


"You both…"

The loser, Jiang Xiu who was obedient and kept silent at school, had accomplished such an extraordinary feat. She knew very well how proud this best friend of hers was. Her eyes, which looked down from above, never considered anyone, and yet he was together with her. Leaving that matter aside, they had already…. Ye Bing… Aaah, so you were this kind of girl, Ye Bing.

After her shock, Mama Ye immediately clutched her chest- that heart of hers seemed to have torn to pieces. Soon after, she was enraged, causing her to roar, "Bingbing… Who is he… You… Did Mama raise you like this? Tell me, who is this bastard?"

Outrageous, you dare to scold this Deity as a bastard.

Do you want to die?

Wait… This Deity is utterly powerless at this moment. I can't act on impulse.

Xiaoyun replied to her, "Aunty, this is our classmate, his name is Jiang Xiu."


Mama Ye's lips twitched. That expression was too extreme, seeming as if she was about to die from a heart attack.

"Aah. Yes. Aunty, his home runs a fruit stall."

"Fruit stall!"

Mama Ye's eyes almost rolled backwards, her body going soft as she almost fainted on the spot. Xiaoyun supported her from the side. "Bingbing, you… You really want to kill your mother."

"Mom, you're mistaken. I and him… nothing happened at all," Ye Bing said.

Mama Ye still believed her daughter, but as her gaze fell on Ye Bing's body, her heart crumbled again. Messy hair and clothes with buttons buttoned wrong.

Aaah, my daughter… How can this be called as 'Nothing happened at all'?

"Mom, listen to me first. I'll explain…"

"I also don't know what happened. He suddenly appeared on my bed… inside my room."

Mama Ye's heart was screaming with despair. For a boy, you're saying lies which wouldn't even cheat a 3-year-old… Are you still your mother's Bingbing? Mama Ye hinted for her to stop speaking. "No need for an explanation. Your mother doesn't need one from you; there's no need… To make it short…. You need to break up!"

Ye Bing: "MOM!"

"What?" Mama Ye widened her eyes. "Are you unwilling to do that?"

"You! Come out!"

Mama Ye ordered Jiang Xiu. At this moment, Jiang Xiu thought that the question wasn't about the routine's depth. Indeed, it was motherfu*king deep, deeper than the Pacific Ocean.

"This Deity…. This Deity doesn't have clothes…"

As soon as he spoke those words, Ye Bing couldn't sit still anymore, covering her face with her hands. She didn't have any face left to show. Liu Xiaoyun resisted the urge to laugh. It's really something.

As for the pitiful Mama Ye, she almost stopped breathing.

Taking a look around, she couldn't find this boy's clothes inside her daughter's room. Arrghhh…. Did he run to my house without wearing any clothes?

"Wait here…."

Mama Ye brought the sports clothes Papa Ye usually wore and threw them at him.

"Wear it properly and come down."

Looking at the sportswear, it was an Adidas series one. His memory towards this series was too profound. At that time, his home was poverty-stricken and even couldn't afford to purchase proper sportswear, but he never minded it at all. He didn't expect that his father has saved up some money to buy a genuine piece for him. Therefore, this clothing was seared deep into his memory forever.

He felt suspicious. All of this seemed too real, making him feel as if he had returned home, to the time when he was still a youth.

He left the room after that.

Ye Bing's house was quite huge. It was a villa. Its interior decorations were majestic and even stylish. From the corridor of the 2nd floor, he could look at the hall on the 1st floor. Mama Ye was sitting on the sofa, fuming with anger. The TV was running, and the people on it were saying their dialogues.

"This Deity… has returned?"

"Returned home?"

"Returned to the time of youth?"

Ye Bing stood across Mama Ye, lowering her head like a child who'd committed a mistake. And sitting beside Mama Ye, Liu Xiaoyun was explaining something to her.

When Mama Ye saw Jiang Xiu has come down, she carefully sized up this schoolboy. His looks are indeed quite handsome or else Bingbing wouldn't have fallen for him. "There's no need to say anything. Here's paper and pen. Write a pledge…. that you'll break off contact with my daughter after this."

"Mom, why don't you believe me? There's really nothing between us." Ye Bing stamped her feet in anger. What kind of mother would want to smear her own daughter's reputation with her own hands?

"I also don't know how he appeared at our house."

"I swear!"

Jiang Xiu looked out from the hall of the 1st floor. The sun shone brightly outside, those familiar streets accompanied by the horns of speeding cars really made him realise that he'd returned. Jiang Xiu's heart was excited. Although he didn't know what happened, everything before his eyes indicated that he'd indeed come back. "You're really mistaken, this Deity has transmigrated back from the Immortal Cultivation World and just happened to land inside Classmate Ye Bing's room," he said.

"Mom, see, you heard him….." Ye Bing thought to match with him but then suddenly felt odd. Transmigration? Can't you stop spewing rubbish again?

Liu Xiaoyun laughed while trying to cover her mouth with her hand.

"So you're saying that you cultivate immortality and have transmigrated… Good… good…." Mama Ye's face was pale with anger.

"Ignorant woman. Take a look. This Deity shall make the water inside this cup on the table freeze."

"Alright. You do it. If you can, I'll believe you."

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