Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 3

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I've heard when puppy love between teens is caught red-handed, they beg for forgiveness, or act as if nothing had ever happened, or try to resist a forced-breakup and finally the ultimatum, vow to die together. It must the first time since the beginning of time that someone must have used the excuse of transmigration from another world. Mama Ye thought, as she stared at him with an odd look on her face.

As for Liu Xiaoyun, she did her best to cover her mouth, almost unable to resist the urge to laugh. Only, when she saw the look of stupefaction on her best friend's face - as she unbelievingly looked at Jiang Xiu - Liu Xiaoyun thought that it'd be improper to laugh in this situation.

Jiang Xiu's cold gaze swept past them as he sneered in his mind. Plebeians, if the experts of the Immortal Cultivation World were to know that you unexpectedly dare to doubt this Deity's strength, they'd surely laugh their heads off. Just a while ago, this Deity has battled against 9 Celestial Exalt's alone, even chatting… Mhmm… In a word, this Deity can freeze a 100 m river with a single wave, as for this insignificant cup of water… Hehehehe.

He placed his hands behind his back and straightened his body elegantly as walked over towards the table. Each step he made seemed to implicitly blend with the rules of the world as he revealed a profound and immeasurable majestic aura which only unparalleled experts possess.

In an instant, his hair seemed to sway even without wind as a glint flashed in his eyes. In the next moment, he was planning not just to freeze all the water inside the cup but also cause it to explode or else how'd they understand the amazingness of the Grand Deity Jiang.


Without even glancing at it, Jiang Xiu waved his palm towards the cup of water. To him, this small cup of water was a trivial thing, so he didn't even need to feel pride.

His palm retracted as quick as lightning, going behind his back as his eyes involuntarily revealed a tint of arrogance. This was solitude which could only be understood by the real top experts.

The solitude of a Paragon!

Those able to become his opponents were indeed too few!

"Are you done?"

Mama Ye asked calmly. Jiang Xiu nodded slightly. He didn't wish to expose his startling abilities in front of ordinary persons in his hometown so that they wouldn't get scared. It was too unscientific, after all. It'd destroy the three core views of ordinary humans: the worldview, value of worth, and the philosophy of life. He faintly took a glance back only to see a vein popping out on Mama Ye's forehead from fury.

"Eh? You're so scared that even your veins have popped out?" He shook his head. Truly a plebeian who has never seen a real expert. Scared just with what I've revealed just now? "You ought to believe this Deity now, right? This Deity has arrived through transmigration and coincidently dropped inside your daughter's, that is Classmate Ye Bing's room. Got it?"

"Alright. Student Jiang, you should stop the farce here!" Mama Ye controlled the rage within her heart. After all, he was her daughter's classmate, and this matter was far from anything good, so she didn't wish to make a big deal out of it.

Hmm? Farce? This ignorant woman dares to say that this is all a farce? You're too brazen, woman! Jiang Xiu's cold gaze swept towards her again but stopped in the next second, because he saw the not only hadn't the water inside the cup frozen, it also didn't explode.

T-This… What? H-How is this possible?

Jiang Xiu muttered to himself as he creased his forehead, immediately feeling helpless in his mind. How can this Deity forget that I just transmigrated back and had lost most of my force? There's no harm; it's only temporary after all. With this Deity's supreme innate talent, it'd be a matter of minutes for a genius like me to recover my cultivation.

"Don't try to resist…" Mama Ye began, "Obediently write the pledge, guaranteeing that you won't have any emotional entanglements with my daughter anymore."

"How can this Deity look upon your family's girl? There's no need to write a written pledge."

You want this Deity to write a written pledge, stop kidding yourself.

Ye Bing's head, which was hung down raised up, her pretty eyes opening wide. You say you don't look upon this Lady? Do you even have the qualification to say that? Your looks are general, and your sports skills are bad as well. Your family is impoverished, and most importantly, your school grades are a complete mess. Even if you wanted to look for an excuse, can't you at least find a strong reason?

"ENOUGH!" Mama Ye shouted, grabbing the paper and pen on the table, even oblivious to the fact that she had broken her fingernail in the process. The fury of her heart was in plain sight. "Stop all this nonsense and write the pledge. Otherwise, I'll call the police and say that you infiltrated into my daughter's room with ill intentions. You'll be incarcerated for at least 8-10 years."

Jiang Xiu's complexion turned terrible, the veins on his forehead twitching. I've lost my force at present, and if she calls the police, it'll be quite inconvenient. Also, it wouldn't be easy to deal with the rich and powerful Ye family. "No harm at all. It doesn't matter. There are many peerless and talented women who have fought for the position to be this Deity's maid, and since you've let go of such a good opportunity, this Deity can only feel regret on your behalf."

"Bring the pen and ink."

Liu Xiaoyun almost laughed out. Jiang Xiu has really overdone it. Why hadn't I discovered it before? Holding back from laughing is causing my stomach to hurt. But looking at the furious expression on Mama Ye's face, she honestly didn't dare to laugh.

"You too, Bingbing." Mama Ye pointed towards the table. "You two go over there and write the pledge. I want you to sincerely acknowledge your mistakes and use the most vicious oath to pledge."

Ye Bing just responded with an 'Oh.' The matter which happened today was an unbelievable disaster for her. She picked up the pen and paper, glaring towards Jiang Xiu once before she ran off to write the written pledge.

The humiliation this Deity has suffered today is all because of you, and you still have the nerve to act so zealous? Jiang Xiu thought.

The two of them sat at the dining table to write the pledge.

For so many years, Jiang Xiu hadn't used a ballpoint pen. At the otherworld, all he'd used were writing brushes. Moreover, how are written pledges actually written? Although he wasn't outstanding at school and his grades were terrible, he was nevertheless a well-behaved kid and had never violated any rules. Since he had never written a written pledge, he wasn't even aware of its format.

As for Ye Bing… she was pretty familiar with written pledges. Mama Ye's hobby was to blame for all of that. Since childhood, whenever Ye Bing made a mistake, she'd be told to write a pledge. If all the pledges she'd written since her childhood were to be piled one on top of another, it'd most probably go higher than her height. To sum it up, she could write one even with her eyes closed.

Swish, swish. Swish, swish, swish!

"Ahem…" Jiang Xiu coughed strangely, trying to send her a hint.

Ye Bing raised her head to look at him, feeling quite displeased. "What?"

Jiang Xiu said coldly, "This Deity has never written a pledge. Let this Deity copy from yours."

Ye Bing laughed and replied coldly, "In your dreams!" Saying so, she shifted farther away to the side and deliberately pressed her body towards the tabletop to obstruct Jiang Xiu's sight as she rushed to finish writing.

"You dare to act in such a manner towards this Deity?"

Jiang Xiu's heart was filled with fury. At the otherworld, who didn't dare give face to him? An insignificant plebeian actually dares to ignore my call for help? Shouldn't you be flattering me and take the initiative to let me copy it? If you're even a little bit sensible, you ought to also write it for me.

"You think that if you don't want to show it to this Deity, then this Deity won't be able to look at it?"

Jiang Xiu stretched his neck, hoping to peek at it, but this girl was too determined. Moreover, her hair was still messy, which caused her beautiful jet-black hair to block his sight. He could only smell a maidenly fragrance coming from her hair, but not even a single letter was visible.

"Humph! If this Deity hadn't lost his force, just one small skill - Mystical Light-Aided Image - is enough for me to look at your written pledge." Jiang Xiu regained his gaze with disdain.

As for what the girl Ye Bing had written: 'Respected Father and Mother. I, Bingbing, misbehaved today and together with a male classmate…. omitted 1000 words from above.'

"Mama, I've finished writing."

"Bring it to me!" Mama Ye said, and then looked to Jiang Xiu. "You, also bring yours over."

Jiang Xiu was anxious that she'd call the police, so he quickly wrote the following words on the written pledge, 'Written Pledge. I, Jiang Xiu agree to break up with my Classmate Ye Bing and pledge that I won't have any further emotional entanglements with her.'

Goddess Ye Bing's written pledge appeared to show complete sincerity, and Jiang Xiu's had only a few large words. One look at it caused Mama Ye to furrow her brows, but she didn't wish to teach this unrelated person about how to write a pledge.

"Bring the red seal ink and put a thumbprint here!"

"You even want a thumbprint?"

After Jiang Xiu had put the thumbprint, Mama Ye said to him: "Jiang Xiu, right? Remember the words you said today and what you've written on the pledge. This pledge is the proof of your sin…"

"Alright! You can go!"

Jiang Xiu also didn't wish to stay here any longer and went outside the Ye family's house. The familiar flavour of hometown outside, filled with villas on the sides of the roads and the never ending traffic. He went towards the bus stop in an energetic state.

"Mom, I'm fine, so can I go to the extra classes with Xiaoyun?"

Mama Ye felt that her daughter's heart was really magnanimous. Such a big affair had happened, and she showed no change in her expression. She waved her hand, "Go. Be careful on the way."

After her daughter and Xiaoyun had left, as Mama Ye pondered over the matter, she felt that just a written pledge wasn't enough. "It really won't do. I can't let that brat continue studying at the same school as Bingbing."

"Hello, is this Headmaster Tang?" Mama Ye asked.

"Hello, Mrs. Ye." The Headmaster immediately leapt up from his seat. This person was a real big shot.

"I want you to expel someone. This person harassed my daughter."

"Alright, Mrs. Ye. Can you please tell me his name?"

As she spoke on the phone, she could hear a 'Bzz-Bzz' sound from her side. She first suspected that it was from the phone, but gradually realised that she was wrong. She turned back to look and discovered that the noise was coming from the cup of water on the table. The water inside the cup was freezing at a visible speed and then, it exploded with a Bang. The ice within the cup of water had exploded out into pieces.

Mama Ye's eyes opened so thoroughly that they almost fell out.

"Hello, Mrs. Ye, what's the name of the student?"

Mama Ye picked up the broken ice cube with a look of stupefaction; the cold air from it could be felt.

"J-Jiang Xiu…"

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