Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 5

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Jiang Xiu's father's close friend, Cheng Lingsu's father, Cheng Hanlin had arranged this childhood betrothal. It wasn't just an oral promise, instead was one with a betrothal gift of 10,000 RMB, which wasn't a small figure at that time. It was enough to purchase a house in Jiang City and also enough for Cheng Hanlin to do business.

The financial situation of Jiang Xiu's home during his childhood was pretty good. His father was a Civil Servant, and his position was also good. Only, after being administered disciplinary action due to violating rules, their family had a reversal of fortune, and the reason for it was also related to his father-in-law, Cheng Hanlin. It was illegal land encroachment.

Papa Jiang lost his job and got jailed. As for the Cheng family, due to Papa Jiang helping them over the years, they had attained a stable real estate based in the local estate, and adding on the ten years of vigorous development, the fate of the two families had become entirely different, causing them to drift further apart.

One family was in utterly dire straits, while riches and honour blessed the other.

Cheng Lingsu could move the heart of any person who looked at her using her youthful beauty, let alone Jiang Xiu. And she was his fiancée. In the previous timeline, Jiang Xiu had started liking her when he first awakened to the feelings of love and the giant ship called fate had already decided everything, but yet again created a huge joke out of him.

Cheng Lingsu didn't like him and wanted to break off the engagement. Jiang Xiu naturally wasn't willing. For a fruit stall loser to have such a pretty wife, who'd be willing to let go? Let alone, he already liked her!

Due to Jiang Xiu's persistence, even his parents had to suffer miserably. Papa Jiang went to discuss with Cheng Hanlin, and he was promised that the marriage was still on. But on the way back from the Cheng family, a car crashed into Papa Jiang, and although it didn't kill him, his body suffered incurable paralysis.

It was like a bolt from the blue for the poverty-stricken family, and Papa Jiang was unwilling to become a burden. That same night, he killed himself, and Mama Jiang also followed after him.

Jiang Xiu could never forget that night. That night, he was torn apart by pain and despair!

He stepped past Cheng Lingsu step by step, a cold glint flashing in his eyes.

I was too ignorant at that time. Indeed a silly matter, with Cheng Lingsu's gaze always up high, how could she have looked upon me? The person she liked was the boy currently beside her, the son of a senior official and also an influential figure in the school, Yu Wenchen. Later on, both of them went to the Imperial Capital to study in college with a direct recommendation and from then on, keep climbing in life to become the upper-class elite.

It's a pity that this wasn't the previous timeline anymore…

This Deity has matured from an incompetent coward whom you disdained into a tall and broad tree sufficient enough to cover the entire heaven and earth. In front of this Deity, even the Ruler of a Star Domain had to bend his head. Let alone you, this insignificant upstart family!

Cheng Lingsu naturally knew that the person who passed by her was her fiancé. A look of contempt flashed through her eyes. Compared to Ye Wenchen beside her, the difference between them was too far. Jiang Xiu wasn't qualified enough to even carry Ye Wenchen's shoes in her mind.

Ye Wenchen's appearance was outstanding, and he was also the Student Council President. His family had roots in officialdom. No matter, looks, ability or family situation, all of them were quite outstanding and he was also one of her pursuers. To others, the relationship between them was that of open sweethearts.

The three of them finally met each other.

Inside the classroom, all the students had already arrived. Jiang Xiu was the last one to get there. As he ambled into the classroom, Class In-charge Teacher Miejue's complexion changed colours.

"Aaahhh. Brother Xiu is too awesome! He dares to come so slowly!"

"He's completely ignoring Teacher's homicidal gaze."

"Brother, you're too fierce!"

Jiang Xiu's seat was located at the back as all the students with poor grades sat in the back row, As Teacher Miejue watched Jiang Xiu slowly walk past the platform, she quickly grabbed the ruler on the table and hit his back, causing Jiang Xiu to stagger.

You're too fearless to dare sneak attack this Deity.

Scowling back, he encountered an ever more perverted gaze.

"Walk faster. You want the entire class to wait for you?"

According to his memory, this Teacher Miejue was the Class In-charge of 12th Grade. Even before, she couldn't start teaching unless she had scolded a few times. This person was a big psychotic pervert. She was the type that'd feel unwell all day long unless she had scolded a few people.

Good… very good. This Deity shall bear with you for now. Wait for this Deity's force to recover, and then I'll see what you can do.

"Why are you glaring? Are you angry? Quickly go sit down."

Jiang Xiu was truly infuriated. Anyone who dared to speak in this manner on the Immortal Martial Continent was already dead. Panting with rage, he walked over towards his seat. When he passed by Ye Bing, he discovered that this girl was secretly laughing with her mouth covered, taking joy at his sorrow. The expression in her eyes seemed to say — Serves you right!

The Class In-charge said with a solemn face: "This morning we'll have the 1st English exam. The test this time is quite difficult. I hope everyone can try hard to do your best. Let teacher understand your proficiency levels. Class monitor, distribute the test papers…"

Exams were a regular occurrence for 12th Grade - a short quiz every three days and a test each week.

Holding the test paper in his hand, Jiang Xiu sneered in his mind. This shallow language with a superficial appearance, when he used to study his grades were no good for it as he didn't know many words. Let alone 3 millennium's had passed. He didn't even remember the word 'f*ck'.

Swish, swish. Swish, swish, swish!

All the students quickly filled in the questions earnestly. At 12th Grade, they do their utmost to study all for a single exam bitterly by making a great effort!


Jiang Xiu's spirit sensed a voice calling out to him; it was the response from the Void Sacrifice Transmission Talisman. He felt delighted. I knew that my spell would work. Ignorant, silly girl. The sound transmission speed was too slow, and even powerful experts can't do anything about sending a transmission from one side of the universe to another.

Finally… "Appear!"

Several characters suddenly appeared on top of the English test paper as soon as he said that. The sound transmission couldn't come, but the sacrificial power could travel through the void. Clear characters soon appeared on the sheet, as if someone had written them with a pen. Only, it wasn't a modern era language but instead were very ancient oracle script-like characters that seemed to make no sense, but were characters which adhered to a completely developed system of rules, and the calligraphic style gave it a boundless ancient feel.

"So it's from Jian Yi!"

Jian Yi was his Grand Disciple.

The reply content was like this: Master, the single-use flying sword is already on its way with primary grade cultivation materials and pills. The ETA to Earth is 321 Years. I wish Master's trip back home will be delightful.

321 Years?


Deity Xiu had almost flipped the table from anger. Just living past 100 years is called as a super long life for an ordinary person. 300 years later, your master will already have become a skeleton.

"These little brats are indeed unreliable. It's all the fault of this Deity's blind eyes; I couldn't receive even a single clever one."

Anger will one give birth to more anger; I have to find some other method first.

As the sacrificial power was on the verge of dissipating from the test paper, an idea suddenly hit Jiang Xiu. He mumbled something. Teacher Miejue, on the podium, had already taken note of Jiang Xiu. While everyone was busy writing, he kept loitering about. The next moment, Teacher Miejue widened her eyes, because Jiang Xiu had bit his finger, causing blood to well out, as he held the test paper between his index and middle finger.

What is he doing? Self-mutilation as a form of protest?

Isn't this too anti-climatic?

If you have the ability, don't bite your finger, instead use a blade to cut yourself.

"Greater Sacrificial Blood Spirit Absorption Art!"

A demonic glint flashed through Jiang Xiu's eyes when his bloody finger stroked the characters on top of the test paper.

This skill came from the Demonic Dao. It was very vicious, using blood as a medium to absorb the spiritual energy of others. The demonic attack skill was specific to the Blood Shrine Clan. As they possessed the unique heaven defying skill to generate new blood, it allowed them to use their spells for long periods of time and the ability to continuously absorb their opponent's spiritual energy. It was too domineering.

Although the sacrificial power coming over from Jiang Yi was quite weak, for the current Jiang Xiu, it was incomparably precious. At least, it'd let him possess a little force and set him apart from ordinary people.

Immediately, Jiang Xiu felt a warm current flow into his body through the blood on his fingertips. His eyes gleamed. Is this the power? He lightly made a fist, focusing his energy into it, which caused it to glow.

Right now, Jian Xiu felt that he could easily smash a hole in the school desk in front of him.

"This ought to be similar to entering the 1st layer of Qi Refining Stage."

"Although it's the same as being on the level of an ant, it's still better than nothing."

Ding-Dong. The bell rang, indicating that the class had ended. "Alright. Lay down your pens everyone. Class monitor, go collect the test papers," Teacher Miejue said.

Liu Yuyang pursed his brows when he received Jiang Xiu's test paper. "Jiang Xiu, what's the matter? Your test paper is empty. You treat tests in such a manner?"

"It's none of your goddamn business. Control yourself, and stop flaunting authority which you don't possess," Jiang Xiu said.

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