Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 4

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Jiang Xiu still remembered this place. It was the Wetlands Villa District, and the White Hart Lane Wetlands were nearby. In his memory, the price of houses in this area reached an astronomical amount later on. It was difficult to buy one unless they had 10 Million RMB. And if the placement was right, connecting with the wetlands, just like Ye Bing's house, its price would reach 20 Million RMB.

Aaah…Ye Bing is indeed a genuine Ms Perfect.

Only, if he hadn't remembered wrong, Ye Bing's later life was not at all smooth and even garnered pity. Under her parent's control, she'd split up with her boyfriend in college, and finally, ended up marrying an influential 2nd generation entrepreneur in the Imperial Capital. But just like how good things don't last forever, the entrepreneur abandoned her. Jiang Xiu heard later that she had killed herself, causing her to disappear from this world forever, at the mere age of 27.

Seeing that Jiang Xiu hadn't walked that far yet, Liu Xiaoyun nudged Ye Bing. "Bingbing, your boyfriend…"

Before she could finish speaking, Ye Bing had already dashed ahead towards him.

"Damn, ain't this passion a little too hot."

"Aaahh… such humility!"

Liu Xiaoyun couldn't make sense of it. What did this Jiang Xiu do to make Ye Bing so crazy for him? What she hadn't seen was her expression that was fuming with rage, wishing she could bite him to death.

"Jiang Xiu!"

It wasn't wrong to say that Great Beauty Ye's purity got destroyed in the hands of Jiang Xiu. It was impossible to explain this matter. Being caught .. on the bed. Moreover, what was left for her to say? Even if someone says that it's yellow mud inside his pants, it'll be considered as sh*t although it isn't sh*t.

"What's the matter?"

Ye Bing's height was around 160-170 cm. She wore a white top paired with a white cheongsam with flowery patterns and canvas shoes with alternating white-blue patterns. Overall, her delicate face and youthful charm were quite attractive.

"What's the matter? My mom might have forgiven you, but I can't. You destroyed this Lady's purity, so you have to give me an explanation. I-I…I definitely won't forgive you."

Ye Bing clenched her tiny fists in anger.

You want to hit this Deity?

Jiang Xiu sneered. "Didn't I already say it? This Deity transmigrated back from the Immortal Martial Continent and somehow ended up landing inside your house. You can consider this as good fortune for you."

Big Beauty Ye's voice went hoarse from anger. "Good fortune for me? I thank your entire family."

"This Deity knows, the reason you're acting so crazy towards me is that you want me to take responsibility for you, right?" Jiang Xiu said. It seems you're not stupid, this Deity can naturally change fate, he thought.

Great Beauty Ye was dumbstruck. She didn't dare believe her ears.

"Only, it's a pity. This Deity doesn't look upon you."


Great Beauty Ye almost coughed blood 2-3 times.

You don't look upon this Lady? OMG, who released this beast outside?

"You're infuriating this Lady."

Looking at Great Beauty Ye explode in anger, Liu Xiaoyun rushed in to speak: "Alright… alright. Stop quarrelling. Let's hurry up. We'll be late if we waste any more time. It's Teacher Miejue's class today. It'll be disastrous if we arrive late."

At 12th Grade, their academic assignments were pretty harsh. They had to attend classes even on weekends, which also had the moniker of 'Extra Classes'. Also, they had to pay an additional fee for it.

Jiang Xiu got taken aback. He had almost forgotten about this matter; he was still a student.

"I'm not going."

Jiang Xiu refused very firmly. The grand Heaven Treading Sect's Sect Master going to attend school to study and listen to those ignorant and idiotic teachers? What kind of international joke are you telling? The physical chemistry they teach on the blackboard was also useless, and they'd always keep saying these routine lines: Students, time is precious. Only some 300 days are remaining until the college entrance examination. - Should I attend to listen to this kind of words?

"You're insane." Ye Bing said. "If you aren't planning to enter college, then are you going to become a NEET? Or will you take over your parent's fruit stall?"

Jiang Xiu smiled faintly, declining to comment. He didn't need to bother with people like these. As the grand Heaven Treading Sect's Sect Master, my force… Eh. "Let's go, to school."

Jiang Xiu, everyone called him Deity Xiu, the so-called Deity Xiu was someone at whose side clouds gathered, and thunderbolts rumbled as he walked. The aura he exuded as he walked contained the dignified mannerisms of an Emperor, to which even Monarchs couldn't compare.

"Bingbing, look at him. He puts on airs even while walking as if he's an Emperor." Liu Xiaoyun pointed towards her head, "I think he has a problem here?"

Ye Bing laughed while covering her mouth; hearing Liu Xiaoyun slander Jiang Xiu made her heart delighted.

"He seems like a grand cuck*ld."

TL Note: 大王八: 大= Grand 大王=King. 王八=Cuck*ld.

Jiang Xiu's hearing was very keen - everything the two women were whispering behind him all fell into his ears, making the veins on his forehead pop out from anger. You dare slander this Deity from behind? This Deity will endure for now, but the day this Deity's force recovers, your little life will be in my palms then.

On the bus…

Jiang Xiu tried to circulate his inner breath and furrowed his brows. The quality of the air was too terrible; there wasn't a single strand of spiritual qi in the air.

Even with his innate skill as a genius, his progress would be quite slow under this kind of environment.

"Hey, give this Deity pen and paper!"

Jiang Xiu said to the two girls sitting in front of him.

"What are going to do with them?"

"Draw a talisman."

The girls glanced at each other. Even Ye Bing had a happy expression. Only, they were quite curious. What kind of pattern was Jiang Xiu going to draw? Therefore, they took out a pen and paper from their bags and gave them to him.

After that, they saw Jiang Xiu draw something on the paper, which only looked like scribblings to the two girls.

"What talisman is this?"

Jiang Xiu drew it quite quickly and replied, "Void Sacrifice Transmission Talisman!" He held it between his index and middle finger, bringing it near his lips. They saw his lips open and close at rapid speed as if he was muttering something, but they couldn't hear anything at all.


Under the girls' dumbstruck gazes, Jiang Xu opened the windows and threw the talisman outside. The bus kept going, and the talisman floated down to the ground along with the wind, just like trash thrown out from a car. Moreover, a vehicle from behind even rolled over it.

"Is that all?"

Jiang Xiu nodded quite seriously. He had sent the sound transmission to his disciple in the Immortal Martial World at the other end of the starry universe, commanding them to use a single-use flying sword to send over cultivation resources.


Liu Xiaoyun laughed while holding her belly with both hands and Ye Bing laughed while covering her mouth, like a virtuous woman, causing her eyes to turn like crescent moons.

Jiang Xiu also puckered his brows. According to the principles, after he threw the talisman out, it should've disappeared with a golden flash; he didn't think it'd fall like trash to the ground.

"How can it be like this?"

Roughly around the time when the bus had reached the next traffic light, the talisman which had been rolled over by cars several times and stepped upon my many people suddenly disappeared with a golden flash.

"We've arrived at Jiang City's 2nd High School; passengers are requested to get off…"

The campus before him was the same as in his memory, even the stains on the teacup the smiling security guard at the doorway held in his hand was the same.

Students were entering inside in succession; all of them were 12th Grade students. As it was the extra classes on the weekend, everyone didn't need to wear the school uniform. And in this era where everyone pursued their unique path, the students used this rare change to suit themselves up.

"Jiang Xiu, wait!"

This time, he didn't put on airs, after all, Ye Bing had paid the bus fare for him just now.

"This Deity shall return the bus fare of 2 RMB to you back tomorrow."

"Also, I'll return these clothes tomorrow as well."

Ye Bing said with a serious look on her face, "I didn't ask you to stop for this matter. This morning's matter, you… you better keep it to yourself and also don't call out to me if you encounter me. If any rumours spread inside the school, this Lady definitely won't forgive you."

Jiang Xiu said, "Are you kidding me? That matter is a stain on this Deity's life, why would I spread it?"

Ye Bing's anger wasn't light.

This guy's words are indeed infuriating.

"That'd be best!"

Ye Bing and Liu Xiaoyun entered the campus hand in hand.

Liu Xiaoyun asked quite gossipingly, "Bingbing, are you going to break up just like that?"

Ye Bing said, "There wasn't anything between us, ever. Stop talking nonsense."

"Right! And you too, don't tell this matter to anyone!"

Liu Xiaoyun said, "You think I don't know that? I have only one fault. That is my lips are too sealed and friends few."

Familiar teaching block, familiar corridors, playground, campus, the names seeming so old. Jiang Xiu went inside at an average pace, sizing up the scenery inside the school in excitement.

His gaze suddenly paused!

Walking nearby to him, there was a pair of boy and girl in school uniforms. The man looked remarkably handsome, and the women's beauty and allure didn't lose even to Ye Bing. She was called Cheng Lingsu, quite a graceful name.

She and Jiang Xiu had a special relationship. She is Jiang Xiu's… fiancée!

Finally, we meet again?

Scenes from the past slowly flashed through his mind, casing Jiang Xiu's eyes to become hideous, rancour plainly visible within them. At the moment the three of them crossed each other, Cheng Lingsu didn't even look towards Jiang Xiu even once.

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