Global University Entrance Examination

Chapter 7: Third Violation

Chapter 7: Third Violation

Master You’s words effectively alarmed the crowd.

Silence was instantly restored in the cabin, and everyone felt panicked.

The soundproofing in the kitchen wasn’t very good and the sound of something being dragged was heard.

Soon after, there was a heavy sound. It sounded like…………Something large and frozen thrown onto the counter.

After a while, the sound of bones being cut was heard.

The sounds followed one after another.


The clockhand above the cabinet moved slowly. Every second felt excruciatingly long.

After about an entire century, the door to the kitchen finally opened.

The smell that wafted out had become even more strange.

It was like the smell from earlier but now there was also an additional trace of blood and fishiness.

Hunter A took out a dark cloth and used it to wipe his hands.

He stuck his head out and smiled at everyone: “It’s almost done. You know what? Meat that has been frozen before tastes very good. With a little bit of ice, it’s both chewy and crunchy……….”

As the pale faced man described it, he appeared to be happily visualising it in his mind. He then said: “You’ll love it.”

Yu Wen huddled amongst the ground. With his brother awake, he now had the courage to curse out: “Fuck……..what a psychopath.”

When he finished saying that, he heard his brothers stomach make a sound.

Yu Wen: “…………”

Hunter A suddenly smiled and said: “Aha! I heard it! I’m happy there’s another person looking forward to my delicious meal. Come, there’s plenty available. I need a kind guest to help me out.”

His pair of oversized eyes moved around in a circle.

Almost everyone shrank back, only You Huo didn’t move.

He not only didn’t shrink back, he even seemed to want to step forward.

Yu Wen looked at him horrified whilst holding him back.

“No, no, no. I know you must be feeling shy. No need to be polite.” Hunter A said: “I’ll do it myself. Food is hard to come by so I’ll pick a careful and steady person. It would be a pity if the plates broke.”

He swayed his large body and walked into the living room. Because of his abnormal proportions, he walked a little clumsily.


No one dared to breath. Their eyes all looked over to a particular corner of the room.

In the corner, the crazy bald man hid in the shadows. He didn’t even seem to have noticed that there was now another person in the cabin and just continued to mutter nonsensically while rocking around.

The only thing to feel fortunate about was that Hunter A’s attention was on the side with more people and he didn’t seem to have noticed the person who was alone in the corner.

So, when Hunter A walked over to the bald man’s side, some people quietly gasped.


Hunter A suddenly stopped and turned his head.


Yu Wen quietly swore.

Hunter A’s head turn was extremely terrifying. The angle that he achieved as not something a normal person could do. It was like an owl and his face was on his shoulders.

With him turning back, he looked at the bald ban next to his feet.

“Ah……There’s another guest here. How did I miss that? Let me see.” Hunter A said.

His legs were too thick so he squatted with difficulty.

The bald man’s eyes were blank. He didn’t even see the large pale face before him.

Hunter A was unhappy about being ignored. He pinched the bald man’s chin and patted his face: “Hello? Dear guest?”

He patted him twice but was unsuccessful.

Hunter A gave him a hard slap.

Everyone: “………….”

The bald man returned to his senses. His eyes regained focus. With wide yellow eyes, he looked silently at Hunter A in front of him.

Two seconds later, the Hunter A’s shoe was soaked in urine.

Hunter A: “………….”

The big pale face twitched and he once again to form a large smile: “I think this guest suits my requirements. Here, help me with the plates okay?”

The bald man’s limbs were soft. He couldn’t move at all.

“Get up!” Hunter A stood up and picked the bald man up.

The bald man trembled like crazy.

“Stand straight!”

The bald man was terrified. He stood there trembling.

Hunter A again smiled “See? That’s a good guest. Come with me.”

The bald man looked back at the others but before he could get a response. Hunter A said: “I hope that the others will stay where you are. If anyone moves, I’ll be unhappy and that guest will be in danger.”

The person who originally wanted to make some hand gestures silently retracted his hands. The bald man no longer dared to turn back. He fearfully followed behind Hunter A.


Hunter A prepared the food very crudely and the kitchen was covered in small pieces of meat.

On the counter was 12 empty porcelain plates and the cut-up meat formed a small hill in a glass bowl.

The frozen meat was very hard, and you couldn’t tell what the source of the meat was. The rest of it was thrown back into the sack which was tightly tied up again.

The bald man trembled like a leaf. His yellow eyes were fixated at the butcher’s knife on the table.

“What are you looking dear guest?” Hunter A suddenly asked gently.

The bald man’s legs went weak and he quickly looked away.

“Oh, here you go.” Hunter A placed two plates in his hands and said: “The plates may be a bit heavy. With your legs shaking so much, please be careful. If you accidentally break them…….Then we might have enough food for all of us.”

The bald man was terrified.

When he came out of the kitchen, Hunter A again emphasised to everyone: “Remember? When you’re helping me, you need to be very careful. If anyone in this room breaks any of the tableware, you will be severely punished. Hmm…… probably don’t want to go hungry and become someone else’s food right?”

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Everyone heard this sentence and looked at the answer wall in sync.

On it was a sentence ——- Cannot damage the tableware.

They originally thought that the maximum number of casualties for this question would be one and they didn’t expect this kind of trap.


The bald man and Hunter A placed 13 plates out and arranged it in a circle along the long table. He then placed the glass bowl of meat in the middle.

When the last plate was placed down, the bald man let out a sigh of relief and slumped down onto a chair.


Someone called out.

The bald man was stunned. He looked at the crowd.

He saw Old Yu using his eyes to direct him in the direction of the answer wall.

The bald man hurriedly looked over.


When the question was updated, the bald man had just returned from the confinement room and had been acting mad in the corner so he wasn’t aware of the changes.

He saw the phrases “Only 12 can be accommodated” and “One is destined to die” and his face instantly turned pale.

Who knew whether or not the place he sat at was the one that was the unfortunate seat?

The bald man struggled to get up but a big pair of hands held him down.

Hunter A moved over to his ears and said: “You have already chosen a seat. You can’t change it. It’s no point standing up again. Forget it.”

The words “forget it” stunned the bald man on the spot.

He slumped back in the chair and no longer moved.


Hunter A felt a little regretful. He sighed: “Haa……..How could he faint like that? I’ve only just served up the meat and there’s also wine.”

Food had not yet been eaten and one had already fallen.

Hunter A’s eyes scanned across the others.

“I still need another person to help me get the glasses.” He walked awkwardly to them while muttering: “Who should it be? I like children, let’s go with a child……”

As he said that, his eyes rolled around in a circle and fell onto Yu Wen.

Yu Wen seemingly forgot to breathe.

Hunter A smiled and raised his hand.

“Then it’ll be you my———“

His voice just fell when You Huo wordlessly moved in front of Yu Wen.


The finger that the Hunter A had stretched out pointed straight at him.

Hunter A’s pale face stiffened.

You Huo looked at him calmly. “Me? Okay.”

Hunter A: “…………”

Okay your head.

He appeared to be a little angry.

You Huo then said: “Going back on your words?”

Hunter A retracted his finger and smiled while the edges of his lips twitched: “No, no. How can I do that? As the owner, of course I should be true to my words.”

He felt miffed for a moment before waving his hand: “Come on kind-hearted guest.”

He said “Come on”.

But it sounded like “Why don’t you die”.

Hunter A turned around and walked into the kitchen.

You Huo didn’t lift his eyes and followed behind.

Yu Wen was shocked. He hurriedly grabbed him and whispered: “Brother! What are you doing!?”

You Huo glanced at him: “Getting wine.”

“Didn’t you hear him?! If you accidentally break the glasses, you’ll die!” Yu Wen was anxious.

You Huo: “………..Am I physically incapacitated? To even break glasses just by carrying them?”

Yu Wen: “…………….”

That’s true but……

He still felt that his brother was going to do something.

“You tell me first. Why did you suddenly take the initiative to get the glasses?” Yu Wen didn’t relent.

You Huo pointed at the answer wall with his chin. He then pried his sleeves out of Yu Wen’s hands and said: “See the requirements for the answer?”

“Of course, I’m not blind.”

You Huo calmly said: “Then let me teach you something.”


“The more emphasis there is, the more suspicious.”

You Huo then walked off.

Yu Wen stood in place stunned. He quickly looked at his dad: “What does my brother mean??? Why am I so confused?!”

Old Yu was even more confused.


You Huo came to the kitchen.

Hunter A was looking for the key for the cabinet.

There was a total of seven keys hanging from the brass ring. He selected three of them and opened the doors on the right-hand side of the red cabinet. He slowly pulled out 13 wine glasses and arranged it in a row on the counter.

You Huo picked one up at random and examined it.

At first glance it was just an ordinary wine glass. Nothing abnormal was noted.

Hunter A frowned: “Put it down! Did I say that you can touch it?! Why don’t you know about basic guest etiquette?”

You Huo snorted and placed the glass back.

He passed the door and looked a at the clock. He urged with a cold voice: “With your speed, do you have enough time in a day to have two meals?”

Hunter A: “…………”

He glared at You Huo and quietly cursed at him. He then barely squeezed out a smile: “It’s okay. It’s okay. A generous owner should always be tolerant of the guest. I understand you’re probably too hungry.

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You Huo coldly scoffed.

Hunter A: “………….”

This was his first time encountering such a guest. He no longer wanted to talk and he turned to prepare his wine.

Taking advantage of when Hunter A is busy, You Huo held open the cabinet door and scanned inside at its contents.

Apart from the already arranged porcelain plates and the wine glasses that they had taken out, there was only a silver saucer and a small bundle of cutlery.

“Okay!” Hunter A suddenly spoke up. “It’s not polite to peek.”

You Huo didn’t respond.

Hunter A again said: “Help me take out the cutlery too. Thanks.”

You Huo glanced at his expression and pulled them out from the cabinet.


Hunter A carefully hung the keys back to his waist. He then pulled out a round try and placed the glasses one by one onto the tray.

You Huo suddenly said: “I noticed something.”

Hunter A’s’s movements stopped. His big pale face looked warily at him: “What?”

You Huo: “You seem to be particularly careful with the wine glasses.”

Hunter A: “……….”

He was silent for a moment. He then explained: “You saw wrong. Dining is a very sacred activity. I am very cautious about every tableware.”

You Huo hummed in response.

Hunter A looked at him with vigilance.

You Huo: “I was just joking earlier.”

Hunter A: “………….”


In the living room, Yu Wen was still worried about his brother. He was afraid that this fearless brother of his would completely ruin the kitchen utensils.

In the end, he heard Hunter A’s angry shout: “Scram!”

You Huo walked out expressionlessly with both hands empty.

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was stunned.

“Where are the glasses?” Yu Wen gestured. “Weren’t you getting the glasses? Why did you get kicked out?”

You Huo didn’t return back to the crowd and just stood near the dining table with his hands in his pockets: “He changed his mind and decided to bring it himself.”

Everyone was alarmed. They felt that it wasn’t good angering Hunter A.

That guy is the subject of the question!

Who knows what he can do? What if he opens his mouth and says that you’re going to die?

Just when everyone looked at each other in fear, Hunter A walked out himself with the large tray.

On the tray was a large number of wine glasses and cutlery.

Hunter A ushered You Huo aside and personally placed them down on by one.

For some reason, You Huo continued to stand on the side looking as if it was very interesting seeing Hunter A put down tableware.


Yu Wen was anxious to death. He mouthed and gestured exaggeratedly to You Huo: “Brother! Brother come over here! What are you doing standing there?!”

You Huo however acted like he didn’t see him and continued to lazily watch Hunter A.

“Move aside!” Hunter A rudely yelled at You Huo.

After yelling, he turned around and smiled at the others: “What are you standing around for? Come and sit. We’re about to start.”

As he said that, he appeared to be a little hungry. He stopped and reached over to pick up an piece of raw meat from the glass bowl.

Everyone watched his mouth opened like a black hole before swallowing the entire piece of meat. He even swallowed it together with the bones. It was just like what he described before, it was both chewy and crunchy.

The two old ladies collapsed onto the floor.

The panic in the room grew heavier.


Hunter A finished eating and licked his lips. He said softly: “Ah, that was rude of me.”

He pointed at You Huo and blamed him: “It’s all because of this offending guest who made me a little angry. I have a problem where I get hungry when I’m angry.”

His eyes moved around, and he counted the pieces of meat in the bowl. “Oh no, I accidentally ate one and now there’s only 11 left.”

Everyone on the side watched him unblinkingly.

Hunter A picked up the last wine glass and smiled: “Then I will probably have to bother you……..and one more can die?”

All the blood disappeared from their faces.

In the dead silence, a cold voice suddenly sounded: “Isn’t this against the rule?”

The person who spoke was none other than You Huo.

Hunter A was stunned. He wanted to turn to look at him but because of his uncoordinated body, he turned around in a strange posture.

“It’s you again!”

Hunter A frowned and was about to get angry.

You Huo suddenly lifted his foot and kicked him.

In an instant, the world spun.

Then a loud crash was heard and his large pale face had fallen to the ground. Along with Hunter A, the wine glass that he had in his hand also fell.


Hunter A watched the glass shatter before him for two whole seconds. His eyes then widened in horror.


No one in the room dared to move.

Everyone maintained their stiff posture and stood there stunned.

Very quickly, the hair-rising rooster started to call out!

The answer wall which hadn’t changed for the past four hours now had another line appear.

Violation warning: Violation of exam requirements. The invigilators have been notified.

Invigilator: 001, 154, 922.

Everyone: “………….”

Yu Wen glanced at the answer wall dumbfounded. He suddenly felt a little bad for the invigilators.


In the small western building in the woods, 922 grabbed a notice and ran into the office.


Qin Jiu frowned, and his first reaction was to look at the clock.

“Don’t look at it. It has only been an hour since we sent him back” 154 said with a wooden face.

Qin Jiu snorted and didn’t know whether he should be happy or angry: “What is it this time? Did he fight to answer the question?”

154 shook his head: “No, it’s a little more serious than that. He killed the subject.”

Qin Jiu: “He killed what?”

154 replied expressionlessly: “You didn’t hear wrong. The subject of the question itself is dead.”

Qin Jiu: “……….”

922 who managed to catch up was shocked: “A subject can fucking die? What is going on?”

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