Global University Entrance Examination

Chapter 8: Return Gif

Chapter 8: Return Gif


The rooster hanging from the door once again turned its neck and looked out the window while crying out.

Three invigilators walked over through the snowstorm. A chill rushed through the cabin as soon as the door opened.

Familiar scenery. Familiar people.

The faces of the old, weak and sick people in the room had all stiffened.

154’s face was even more stiff: “We’ve received another violation notice.”

He pulled out a note and said: “The notice said that an examinee——”

“A cute and obedient examinee who will never learn to behave.” Qin Jiu added teasingly while taking off his gloves.

154 looked at him incredulously.

“Got a problem?” Qin Jiu raised his eyebrow.

154: “………..No.”

He was wondering how blind he must be to see “cute and obedient” on You Huo.

But the one who spoke was his boss. Only he had the authority to bullshit.

You Huo stood against the wall with his arms folded as he looked coldly at Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu looked at him with a hint of a smile at his lips. With the warm glow from the fire stove between them, he nodded back in greeting.

That act was very gentlemanly yet his expression was filled with jest.

154 was afraid that a certain invigilator and a certain examinee would start a bloody battle right then and there, so he quickly said with a stern expression: “———-A certain examinee violated the examination rules causing the questions main subject——-”

922: “That is, the hunter.”

154: “……….to die on the spot. Situations like this are rather rare———–”

922: “Unheard of.”

154: “………We need to do a thorough investigation. I hope all of you can give us an explanation.”

922: “This mainly refers to a certain examinee.”

154 closed his eyes.

His boss was constantly instigating hatred while his colleague had something wrong with his brain.

He calmed himself down and then expressionlessly stored away the note. He said to everyone: “Where is Hunter A?”

The examinees in the room parted like the sea to reveal the long dining table and the large pile of cloth lying next to it.

The invigilator moved closer to examine it only to see that it wasn’t cloth but a long, black coat. The coat was old and frayed and the edges of it was trimmed with black bear fur. It exuded a foul odour.

Hunter A who had fallen was facing down and was covered by the coat.

Using the professional ethics of an invigilator, 922 turned the Hunter A’s body over.

Whilst Hunter A was still alive, his face was already very pale and after he had died, it had turned a little more gray. With his face turned to one side and his eyes widened, he still maintained a terrified expression. His mouth was like a cracked open hole and his lips were bright red.

922 sternly took a step back and, whilst no one was watching, he rubbed his hand on 154’s coat.

154: “………..”

He restrained the urge to roll his eyes and bent down to examine the body.

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Hunter A’s thick fingers were still holding the bottom of the wine glass. The rest of the glass had already shattered and were scattered across the ground.

The notice of violation that they had received said that Hunter A had said: “Everyone in the room who breaks any of the tableware will be severely punished.”

This was the same as the requirements for the exam. It was originally set up for the examinees.

But who would’ve guessed that soon after he said that, he would shatter one himself and die faster than anyone else.

Although they were generally aware of what may have happened, 154 continued to act professionally. He looked at You Huo and confirmed: “You kicked him?”

You Huo lowered his eyes to look at him. He lazily spoke up: “My legs were numb so I staggered a bit.”

Everyone: “…………..”

As if you staggered.

154: “Don’t you think that excuse is a little far-fetched?”

You Huo: “Did I set the rule that the tableware can’t be broken?”

154: “No you didn’t.”

You Huo: “Did you give birth to that uncoordinated body?”

154: “…………..”

The other party was both cold and ridiculing. Invigilator 154 felt that he could no longer go on and turned around wanting to find someone tougher to take over only to see that only 922 was next to him. Their boss didn’t move to look at the body.

Seeing the invigilator in daze, Yu Wen mustered up his courage and asked: “Um……The glass was broken by Hunter A himself. He died also because of his own actions. Can you not count this as my brother violating the rules?”

‘Beep, beep, beep————’

154 had not yet spoken up when three rule violating reminders were heard.

At the same time, the three invigilators had received a warning. This was the first time for that to happen.

The people in the cabin had not heard this noise before and didn’t know what was going on.

Yu Wen looked around for the source and asked vigilantly: “What’s happening?”

922 reassured him: “Don’t worry. It’s just the examination system urging us to hurry up with the punishment.”

Everyone fell silent. They became even more nervous.

Another person said: “Then……then can I be punished instead?”

Everyone turned to look. The one who spoke was Yu Yao.

She raised her thin pale hands like a student trying to get the teacher’s attention. If you looked closely enough, you could see that her hand was slightly trembling, but her eyes were determined.

Unfortunately, she was completely ignored by the invigilators.


The system again urged them two more times.

The two invigilators walked through the crowd over to You Huo.

The others wanted to follow but they were hesitant and didn’t dare.

This was particularly the case when 154 stopped halfway and glanced back at them. Those who had wanted to move stopped in place.

Facing You Huo, 922’s words were not so serious. He took the opportunity when the other examinees can’t hear him to ramble: “It’s not because we want you to come. I’m telling you, when we got the notice 154 skipped a step, I dropped my meat and boss almost twisted off the bird’s head when he was petting it. We all don’t want to punish you. It’s true. Who’s really the one being tortured ——– Stop sneering. I can see that you have some special opinions about our boss.”

You Huo’s eyes swept passed Qin Jiu and then he slowly looked away. It was as if just looking at him made his eyes hurt.

922 shook is head and said: “You’re really brave.”

Master You didn’t move.

922 then added: “They clearly wrote on the wall not to break any of the tableware. Yes, you certainly didn’t directly smash the glass – If you did that, you would be the one lying on the floor – But if you said that you had nothing to do with the glass smashing and the subject dying………If I was the system I would be angry to death.”

“Indirect cause is also a cause.” 922 rubbed his neck.

When the system issued a warning earlier, his small red light was hidden at back of his neck.

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922 stopped. He said to You Huo: “This was the final decision made by the system after fairly assessing the situation.”


You Huo got up.

“What are you doing?” 154 asked vigilantly.

You Huo was about 185cm tall so he was a little taller than 154, and about the same as 922, but when he stood up and looked over, it always gave others a condescending feeling. This was no exception for 922.

You Huo lightly glanced at them: “Do I have the right to refuse punishment?”

922: “Then why are you standing there with your arms crossed?”

You Huo moved his lips: “Out of politeness. Letting you finish speaking.”

The two invigilators: “………..”

If they had a gun they would have already fired it.


You Huo walked away.

When passing through the crowd, Old Yu grabbed him: “You’re really going?”

You Huo subconsciously frowned.

He had always hated skin contact particularly the ones that come without warning, but Old Yu was sincerely worried about him. He restrained himself for a moment before pulling away: “Another time is not going to hurt me.”

It was already his third time getting punished. How bad could it be? He thought.

In just that small building, he had already been confined and he was made to clean. He had seen plenty of bones and flesh residue because of that so what else could they do to him?

What’s more, no matter how annoying the punishment was…….Even if it involved making him stare at that No. 001, it was only for three hours.

He used his last bit of patience to wave at Old Yu and he walked towards the door without looking back: “That short punishment time will be over after a nap.”

The moment his voice fell, a familiar low voice sounded.

“This badly behaving Mr Humph———”

You Huo’s steps stopped at the door. Holding onto the door handle, he looked to the left expressionlessly.

Qin Jiu stood against the sofa playing with a leather whip………..Oh sorry, a long leather rope.

He dragged out his words as he asked him: “You seem to be in a hurry. Where are you going?”

They looked at each other with challenging eyes for a moment before You Huo spoke up: “Getting reincarnated. Should I wait for you?”

Qin Jiu softly laughed and said in a low voice: “I’m flattered but you don’t need to run that far.”

You Huo raised his eyebrow: “What do you mean?”

“Oh right.” Qin Jiu turned to look inside the room, “Where’s the other invigilator? Did you forget to tell him what his punishment is this time?”

You Huo looked suspiciously at 154.

The other party pulled out a sheet of paper and read: “According to the regulations, if an examinee violates the rules three times, they will be treated as a special case. The invigilators will be present on-site the whole time for full-time surveillance.”

Everyone: “…………….”

For some reason, the invigilators’ tone sounded very reluctant.

154 looked at You Huo and then continued to read: “Also, the examinee is deprived of his right to choose.”

The room was silent.

After a moment You Huo looked at Qin Jiu and said coldly: “Are you kidding me?”

Qin Jiu used his hand to gesture “go ahead” and spoke gentlemanly: “Not kidding. There’s still a while until the end——–”

He pulled out a phone from his coat pocket and pretended to look at it: “———-36 hours and 24 minutes. This means that we will have to stay together in the same room for a day and a half. We even brought our luggage. It’s right by the door. You can take a look if you want?”

You Huo opened the door and looked out.

By the door, two suitcases stood neatly together.

You Huo: “………….”

36 hours and 24 minutes……..

This wasn’t a matter of a nap………..It’s practically a fucking long sleep.

And who are you trying to disgust by bringing your suitcase???

Oh right, I also want to remind you.” Qin Jiu’s low voice once again sounded, “There are still 24 minutes until the next answer submission. It’s soon going to be 23 minutes. According to the rules, violators do not have the right to answer during this time. In order to prevent a particular misbehaving man from violating the rules again, I have no choice but to do something a little rude…………”

As Qin Jiu said this, the leather rope in his hand had already formed a circle. It wrapped around You Huo’s left hand.

He grabbed You Huo’s shoulder, turned him around, and put his right hand in as well. He then pulled at it tightly.


The rope instantly formed a knot that tightly fastened You Huo’s hands together.

Qin Jiu stood behind him whilst holding his shoulder. He lowered his head: “This is the return gift for that dirty bucket. Do you like it?”

Master You liked it so much he was about to explode.

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