Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 1 - The Lower Limits of a Group of Idiots

The Lower Limits of a Group of Idiots

*ALSO, Bai Lian Hua means White Lotus in Chinese.

Today was an ordinary day with the sun shining passionately.

Originally, this would also be an ordinary day for Bai Lian Hua. He had just finished class and had returned to his dormitory. After enduring the stench of men in his dorm room, at 3:53 and 9 seconds, he finally logged onto his computer.

His computer is very old and of poor quality. Fortunately, Bai Lian Hua is more or less proficient in computers. Although he could not be considered an expert, he is at least better than most ordinary people. Therefore, it’s internet speed is still quite powerful, and it would at least not freeze or drop connection. But today was a little special and it took him three full minutes to start up the computer.

Bai Lian Hua smoothly and efficiently connected to the school’s network and clicked onto the penguin1 and “Shenzhou Shenlu” icons.

“Shenzhou Shenlu” is a game Bai Lian Hua recently had become addicted to and is currently China’s most popular gaming platform with a record of almost 8 million players being simultaneously online. In short, it is very popular game to the point that Bai Lian Hua who had always played foreign games was pushed into playing.

He had been playing this game for almost a year now and he can’t be considered a good or bad player… His performance can only be said to be unremarkable. In this place where the great gods gather, Bai Lian Hua’s technique can almost be considered quite slag-like.

Opening his message box, messages one by one popped up in the group chat. Bai Lian Hua, who originally wanted to play the game in peace, saw the news and his heart went cold.

[Roommate: White Lotus! You are getting flamed! 23333]

Who is Roommate? He is a strange person. Gender unknown. Age unknown. The only thing known about him was his nickname “Roommate”. What’s most important is… he was the one who taught Bai Lian Hua about computers. Bai Lian Hua had not attended any professional courses nor does not know how well Roommate teaches, but after studying with Roommate for 6 months, he was able to develop his first accelerating software. Although after he send it to Roommate it was modified to the point of no recognition…the speed of the new software was indeed much faster, at least twice as fast as the original and the virus that had been harassing him for many years even disappeared.

Bai Lian Hua once had a lot of speculations about his identity, such as a lame-stricken man or a vain unemployed super otaku with 8D highly myopic glasses…

The reason for guessing in these directions is because Roommate seems to always be online. Whenever Bai Lian Hua logs in and tries to contact him, he will always reply instantly.

For example, the last time he went to contact Roommate, he was very embarrassed and asked how the Balabala?? procedure was done.

Roommate very straightforwardly replied: “Lotus, I am at work, don’t make trouble.”

This made Bai Lian Hua very disappointed… Because he once thought that Roommate must be unemployed, and he did not expect him to have a job.

Bia Lian Hua boldly asked: “Is the salary high?”

The answer from Roommate made his heart hurt: “One month salary is more than your annual living expenses.”

F*ck! I despise these tall, rich and handsome2! ! He hates this guy, extremely so!

At this moment, Bai Lian Hua almost spat out old blood into his screen: “What is going on!!!!”

So many exclamation marks, it was very obvious how agitated he was.

Roommate sent a link and typed: “Last night, this post was pinned on the forum. Now the click rate has exceeded 50,000, and there are a thousand replies.”

Bai Lian Hua held back his tears and clicked the link. The title is very long and as he read it, his face distorted and eventually resembled a crushed chrysanthemum.

[Pinned] The most, most, most disgusting person in this game! Mom said the title should be long, long, long! ]

Long your sister ah long! Fake!

Below was a bunch of screenshots, the OP (original poster) was also kind enough to leave Bai Lian Hua’s QQ number. The content …… I dare not to look straight at it!

White Lotus (■■■■■■) 2013-1-259:51:48

Hate! You all like to bully this slave~~

White Lotus (■■■■■■) 2013-1-259:52:18

Not going to be nice to you anymore. Hmph!

The Moon is Round (■■■■■■) 2013-1-259:53:09

Lotus has broken!

The Sun is Round (■■■■■■) 2013-1-259:53:37


White Lotus (■■■■■■)2013-2-114:54:00

Ying ying ying (cry cry cry) ! I was cut down…

I am Loves Tempo (■■■■■■) 2013-2-114:54:51

Lotus is still not broken?

Love Heart King (■■■■■■) 2013-2-114:55:21

Xiao Lotus, Say “I really like Love Heart brother” and brother will avenge you.

White Lotus (■■■■■■)2013-2-114:56:11

I really hate Love Heart brother~[Shame face]

Love Heart King (■■■■■■)2013-2-114:56:45

I’m done! I have fallen in love! [Clutching Heart]


Apart from these nauseating chat records, a screenshot of his penguin information was also attached.

In particular, one was specially marked with a red marker.

”Gender: Male”

At the end, the poster was also compassionate enough to include a final summary: White Lotus, even saying this name makes me want to vomit, just based on the way he speaks and his information, I can only say: Did this persons hand shake when selecting his gender and ended up selecting male?! Dressed as a f*cking male and yet is acting as a renyao3! Everyone, be careful and make sure you don’t get infected with AIDS! [Vomits].

The delicate heart of Bai Lian Hua was crushed instantly.

Bai Lian Hua sent a message to Roommate: “Roommate, what do you think?”

Roommate 16:02:03

The final summary is very good. Very brilliant. I like it.

White Lotus 16:03:03


Roommate 16:04:00

Cough, in fact, what I want to say is, um, this thing must be flawed.

Roommate continues to play with death and added: [That year you cried and begged, Roommate, teach me how to hack! That and with your usual way of speaking, I felt that sooner or later you will be targetted. See? Don’t you have lots of fans now?]

White Lotus: [Get lost! Why didn’t you secretly delete this when you saw this post?]

Roommate: [(Pounding the floor laughing) I think this post is also very good. Can greatly enhance your popularity. I like it.]

Bai Lian Hua’s tears could now fill the sea, that is of course, inside his heart.

He took a deep breath and told himself to be calm. He sighed and continued to scroll down – he just did not believe this!

[NO.1 互撸娃: Camping here! This post is going to be fire! Leaving my name here first! ]


[NO.11The Unrecognisable Public: Although I don’t know how it happened, I feel that the male OP is disgusting! More disgusting than that little girl! ]

[N0.12 OP: [Responding to NO.11] Wrong. They all said that he is a disgusting gay. Asking for comfort on the Internet. [vomit vomit]


[NO.917 SmileXiXi: Male scum, did his hand shake when selecting his gender and ended up selecting male +1! ]

[NO.918 passerby: Male scum, did his hand shake when selecting his gender and ended up selecting male +10086]


White Lotus closed the post, and finally could not help but swear in the group:

[White Lotus: F*ck! Laozi was smashed! So cool! Look at that group of NC showing their lower limits. This slave really laughed! With this post, I’m not afraid of not becoming a hot topic! ]

[The Moon is Round: This Lotus girl is really a M.]

[Wormwood will Win: ah! Are you the White Lotus?]

[Love Heart King: Lotus sooner or later, you will turn from pink to purple to black…]

A few seconds later.

[NO.1111 OP: [This post’s second bomb]! ! ! The screenshot is as follows —]

White Lotus 2013-1-2516: 14:02

F*ck! Laozi was smashed! So cool! Look at that group of NC showing their lower limits. This slave really laughed! With this post, I’m not afraid of not becoming a hot topic!

The moment he saw this, Roommate who was sitting in front of the computer paying attention to this post could not hold back and finally laughed out loud.


1. Penguin icon – refers to the messenger platform QQ, kinda like MSN, Whatsapp etc

2. 高帅富 (literally tall, handsome, rich)

3. 人妖 (Renyao) refers to male players who play as female characters

*Sorry guys, I’m not familiar with Chinese slang and abbreviations so things like NC, i have no idea…I still kept them in. Hopefully it doesn’t affect your reading too much

**Also, I used ‘White Lotus’ in the game/chat and Bai Lian Hua for reality mainly because it felt weird calling him White Lotus…. If you haven’t already noticed, White Lotus = Bai Lian Hua.

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