Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 2 - The Rise of Two Hackers

[The Rise of Two Hackers]

[Roommate: Hey White Lotus, want me to help? ]

[White Lotus: I was waiting for you to say that! ]

Roommate happily sat in front of the computer, his fingers moved a few times, and a few words appeared on the screen: Come, Little Lotus. Say “I love Roommate Brother” and brother will avenge you.

Bai Lian Hua felt extremely wronged. If the two were not connected through the Internet, he would’ve gone over and killed him and then killed himself.

[White Lotus: I really want to kill you and then commit suicide, how to break?]

[Roommate: Then there will be pinned post: The No. 1 disgusting White Lotus and his good friend double suicided due to unbearable pressure! Mom said the title should be long, long, long!]

[White Lotus: Roommate, can you help me hack that post? I’m begging you~]

Roommate casually took a sip of his tea.

[Roommate: You go play the game first, I will fight for you for one afternoon. ]

[White Lotus: TUT! Roommate, I love you, only you are the best to me]

[Roommate: Go die you gay!]

After receiving Roommates promise, Bai Lian Hua’s heart eased and he finally had a peace of mind. His waist was no longer sore, his legs didn’t hurt anymore and he could now afford to continue playing the game. If he didn’t make the most of today to level up, he would really be sorry for himself.

It was really hard to level up at the end of the day. With a crappy computer, he swept through dungeons all afternoon.

In the world channel, a group of men very excitedly used the loudspeaker:

[Erhu: Looking for White Lotus! ]

[Rising Wind Surging Clouds: Why is White Lotus getting so brutally attacked? Tonight, at 18 o’clock, “Go into Science” will take you through the secrets of homosexuality! ]

[Younger Brother Drip Drip Drip: LSSB, “Go into Science” broadcasts at 20 o’clock in the evening! ]

[Rising Wind Surging Clouds: LSSB, is the language class taught by physical education teachers? ]

Silently blocking the world channel, Bai Lian Hua clicked open his profile.

Username: White Lotus

Occupation: Archer (not transferred)

Title: None

Level: 46

Gender: Male


This is a normal personal profile! There is no other place to be picked at except the username “White Lotus”. Although it’s a little unusual, this is still a very common game name! The only silver lining is probably the fact that his guild is not the first in the region but the tenth in the region! And that his name is also at the end of the list so he was hard to find!

Bai Lian Hua quickly used his star sign, calculated his horoscope and finally came to a conclusion: Today’s luck is not good, best to avoid the Internet!

He yawned, and suddenly was not in the mood to complete the mission. He gave up the mission he had already completed yesterday, and once again couldn’t help but open the world channel:

[Graceful Blue Dress: Collecting safflower! The highest price is 1000 gold! Who has it? ! ]

[Graceful Blue Dress: Collecting safflower! The highest price is 1000 gold! Who has it? ! ]


[Unbeatable: Graceful Blue Dress let’s talk privately! ]


The world channel has already calmed down. He was just a drop in the bucket of water, insignificant. Sooner or later to be forgotten.

The weather is still hot and Bai Lian Hua wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead. He pondered over whether or not he should go out and buy a bottle of iced water to cool down.

He turned his head and asked the squatting men on the side: “Comrades, do you want water?” ”

“I want iced water.” replied Chu Zhongtian, who sleeps on the top bunk of the Bai Lian Hua’s bed. He slowly sat up as if rising from the dead.

Zhou Nanjiang followed: “Hey Lian Lian, I want Fanta~”

Li Bei, who was watching a soap opera looked up with misty eyes: “Iced Coke. Thank you.”

Bai glanced at them and proceeded to shuffle across to the school canteen: “Boss, I want a bottle of cold milk and three iced mineral water!”

Bai Lian Hua from young has had a habit of only drinking milk and it also must also be of the“Yili” brand. Average supermarkets usually don’t stock them so he specifically greeted the boss of the school canteen.

The boss glanced at him: “Young man, I remember you are called Bai Lian Hua, right?”

Bai Lian Hua didn’t know how to respond and eventually nodded.

”Oh…” The boss nodded thoughtfully, “I’ll give you the three bottles of mineral water as a gift, come back next time!”

Something so inexplicable made Bai Lian Hua clench his chrysanthemum tightly.

Returning to the dormitory, he ignored the three people in the middle of a discussion, and directly threw the bottles of mineral water at them. He himself ripped open the packaging for his milk and drank a few mouthfuls.

As he sat back at the computer desk and glanced at his computer screen, Bai Lian Hua almost choked on his milk.

The screen had turned into a blue screen with a row of words: White Lotus. Are you sure you want to recover your original files?

Uh… There is only one button in the box below, and that’s ‘Yes’!

Bai Lian Hua had not had the time to think clearly and in a blink of an eye, another window popped up.

[Lotus sister, someone wants to hack your computer, don’t click ‘Yes’! I am Roommate. ]

White Lotus is dumbfounded. What’s wrong with today? Did he get cursed or jinxed? Someone actually wanted to hack his useless computer?

[Roommate: Leave your computer alone for now, I will help you fight the hacker for three hundred rounds. Be good. ]

Be good your sister… Bai Lian Hua suddenly had an inexplicable urge to smash his computer.

Bai Lian Hua felt very depressed. And whenever he feels depressed, he feels uncomfortable. A depressed Bai Lian Hua means that Chu Zhongtian in the upper bunk is about to suffer.

”Lin egg! Get up! Let’s go to the internet cafe!”

Chu Zhongtian is not happy: “It’s Chu Zhongtian. I don’t like being called ‘Lin egg’. Also, why should Laozi accompany you to the Internet cafe! Look at yourself! The people on the streets will think that I’m teaching a little girl bad things!”

The pure and innocent lotus young lady exploded.

Although short, in his life until now he can already guarantee that he will have two dark stains!

Firstly, the fact that he is handsome unlike a woman and yet beautiful unlike a man.

Secondly, his soft voice and short stature makes him look particularly young and easily mistaken for a 14-15year old.

The problem is, he is twenty-one! TWENTY ONE! ! ! In a year, this brother-in-law will graduate from college! Dammit, he had finally grown to one meter seventy-three but he TNND also looks like a sixteen-year-old teenager. If he puts on a uniform, he can definitely pass as a high school student.

His own parents often sighed at him and said that they had casted the wrong gender.

Dammit, the most JP thing was that he even grew up in the chest region during adolescence! Almost A cup in size! His mother was so scared that they even sent him to Kyoto to see a few doctors, whose diagnosis was: “Adolescent female hormone secretion caused by excessive puberty. It will naturally be eliminated!” Even so, his parents were scared to death!

The name Bai Lian Hua was given by his grandfather. His father explained that his grandfather’s favorite flower was the lotus. He gave him this name hoping that he would remain untainted by the surrounding mud.

He had once asked his father foolishly: “Daddy, you are mud? ”

And then?

And then Bai Lian Hua was beaten black and blue.

Bai Lian Hua felt that he no longer believed in love. The reason for this was that after he took Chu Zhongtian to the Internet café and anxiously opened the forum home café, almost everyone was discussing this White Lotus person.

”Universally condemned ” In an instant, this sentence appeared in the mind of Bai Lian Hua.

He silently logged into the penguin and sent a message to Roommate.

”Roommate, I’m about to be cut to bits, what should I do?”

Only after a period of time, Roommate replied: “White Lotus, how do you still have GV saved in your computer?”

… G, GV? …

Bai Lian Hua: “What is that?”

Roommate typed out a row of letters: “GayVcr.”

Bai Lian Hua’s mind crashed for a while before he finally remembered…he finally remembered….. It seems that there reallly was such a thing.

Speaking kindly, that year, he was as pure as his name. Speaking truthfully, that year, he was as stupid as his name. In short, he visited D8 that year. At that time D8 was sending seeds (basically adult video files) out. Although such files are usually deleted instantly, as an adolescent teenager, he very willingly left his email address behind.

To his surprise, he received the file that afternoon. When he pulled shut his curtains, closed the bedroom door, turned off the sound and clicked on the small play button… He was then disgusted to the point of almost vomiting back out his lunch!

In short, please freely use your imagination! The film’s title was also very compatible: A Stimulating Night, SM Carnival Club.

The reason why he did not delete this film was because he had completely forgotten where the file was saved after he had violently closed the screen.

Unfortunately, the world is very unpredictable. In a literary and artistic point of view, the “seed” that Bai Lian Hua had planted in the past finally bore a vicious “fruit.”

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