Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 11 - Smile's Anger

[11. Smile’s Anger]

… Anyway, Bai Lian Hua’s earlier actions again earned him the reputation of a passionate and unrestrained friend.

The young man immediately issued an apology once he realised the truth of this ridiculous situation and said: “You can really blame me for this, its because this lady….uh I mean, this student looks too feminine…” If the young man didn’t offer to pay for their lunch, Bai Lian Hua would’ve thrown a punch at him to demonstrate his manliness.

”Hi~ White feminine!” Although Chu Zhongtian was just beaten up, seeing that the young man had walked far away, his old attitude was immediately restored.

”Don’t call me White feminine!” Bai Lian Hua roared as he indignantly smashed down his chopsticks and temporarily stunning Chu Zhongtian. “It’s Bai Lian Hua! Bai Lian Hua! Although I may look a little delicate, I’m still Bai Lian Hua!”

Bai Lian Hua had thought that the hype surrounding this nickname of his given by Chu Zhongtian would soon die down like the previous nicknames he was unceremoniously given….unfortunately, this time Bai Lian Hua had underestimated the cruelty of reality.

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: Hey~ White feminine, after not seeing you for so long, you have levelled up from 44 to 47?

[Nearby] White Lotus: Don’t call me White feminine! ! ! !

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: But you are called White feminine~

[nearby] White Lotus: Go die! Go die!

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: Pfft……White feminine…

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: Pfft……White feminine…

[Nearby]Nine Spring: I cannot describe…

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: Master are you really called White feminine?

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: Yup yup~

[Nearby] White Lotus: !!! Your sister!!! Lao zi is not called White feminine!! Lin egg go to hell!

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: …Lin egg your head!

If he knew that this would have happened, Bai Lian Hua would not have brought Chu Zhongtian along to level up. He sweared internally that in the future even if Chu Zhongtian held a knife to his neck and threatened him, he would not agree to bring him along anymore!

[Team] Hundred Days Red: White Feminine, White Master~

[Team] White Lotus: …

[Team] Hundred Days Red: Master don’t be upset, White feminine is a pretty nice name, like water, allowing a lotus to blossom beautifully.

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Chrysanthemums can also grow pretty well in water.

… There was a moment of silence. The only sounds that remained were the dying cries of monsters nearby getting killed.

Chu Zhongtian who was sitting on the upper bunk lifted his head and cried: “Bai Lian Hua! This Half-hearted Smile is an idiot ah!! Chrysanthemums don’t grow in water!”

”I know……” Bai Lian Hua silently covered his face.

The group of four men continued on for a while increasing their experience as they hacked away at monsters and occasionally stopped to have small talk. Unfortunately, there would always be a surprise lucking around the corner for the protagonist.

Just like… now.

[Nearby] Love Heart King: Useless people please make way. The peak of Yulong Snow Mountain is now [Tong Meng Hui]’s….Please leave immediately. We will send you compensation immediately; one pack of red medicine each….Thank you for your cooperation!

[Nearby] Love Heart King: Useless people please make way. The peak of Yulong Snow Mountain is now [Tong Meng Hui]’s….please leave immediately. We will send you compensation immediately; one pack of red medicine each….Thank you for your cooperation!

Red medicine is not considered very expensive, but it requires gold; 0.1 gold coin per bottle. You can also get them by refining potions and, although rare, some monsters can drop them as well. But…this is a pack, not a bottle! There are fifty bottles of red medicine in a pack…and that is 5 gold…and considering the number of players at the peak of Yulong Snow Mountain….It looks like the guild is breaking their banks…

[Team] Hundred Days Red: Smile, your wife told you to go down the mountain to eat.

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Don’t make these bad jokes, it’s disgusting.

[Team] White Lotus: Half-hearted Smile and Love Heart King has an unspeakable past….

[Team] Chu Zhongtian: Hey, I remember White feminine seem to have added Love Heart King as a friend. You should ask him to make us an exception.

The moment Chu Zhongtian’s words appeared, everyone in the team was lost for words. It was like a cold war.

[Team] White Lotus: That was in the past. Now, if he doesn’t kill me a few times it is already considered a good thing…

[Team] Half-Hearted Smile: You know Yi Ri?

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: I mean, you know Love Heart King?

[Team] White Lotus: En… What happened?

[Team] Half-Hearted Smile: Nothing much

Love Heart King brought Tong Meng Hui members and proceeded to clean up the scene. The other players didn’t’dare counterattack. Some were of lower levels and couldn’t possibly defeat them. Others just wanted to give them face, especially considering that the guild is ranked 10 in the guild rankings….

But for those like Half-hearted Smile whose level is much higher than Love Heart King’s….he would not obediently listen to them. Especially considering the fact that there seemed to be some grievances left between Half-hearted Smile and Love Heart King.

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: Yo, Love Heart King. I haven’t seen you for the past few months and you’re still as arrogant as ever.

[Nearby] Love Heart King: Smile, I am bringing guild members to level up. Give us a pardon.

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: This place is not yours. Why should we leave when you say so?

[Nearby] Love Heart King: I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I already asked for you to give us a pardon as I’m bringing the guild members here. Do you understand what I am saying?

Seeing that there was something going on, the people around them paused and stayed to watch the two famous people from the sidelines. Some were secretly looking forward to a duel as one is ranked second while the other is ranked twelfth …though the chances of it happening looked very slim.

Hearing Love Heart King’s words, the other players couldn’t help but protest —[Nearby] Graceful Blue Dress: Love Heart King, I respect you on a personal level and I also endured when you asked for us to leave the area but those words of yours were too selfish. Are we not also coming here to level up? Of course there are some who are here to complete tasks, but who you do you think you are acting all high and mighty?

[Nearby] Wine Between Flowers: What Graceful Blue Dress said is right. We are also here to level up. Are you saying that we are not worth levelling up and only your guild members are?


[Nearby] Love Heart King: I have nothing to say to those who want to start something.

[Team] Hundred Days Red: [Annoyed] Yi Ri wasn’t like this before. Look at what he’s become now.

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: I’m also getting annoyed seeing this -_-#

[Team] White Lotus: Who is Yi Ri? Love Heart??

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Be good little lotus. Don’t interrupt when the adults are speaking.

[Team] Chu Zhongtian: Pfft….

The situation before them appeared to slowly move towards a rather unpredictable direction.


[Nearby] Love Heart King: I can’t be bothered talking sense to you guys. Let’s PK. If you lose, you get lost. Does that sound good?

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: Good. Love Heart King, lets PK. If you lose, you get lost, you said that yourself. I hope you can last for three minutes.

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: No wait, it might be better if you die quickly. I need to level up Lotus young lady quickly.

[Nearby] Love Heart King: Smile, you know I didn’t mean it that way.

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: You said, ” I can’t be bothered talking sense to you guys. Let’s PK.” Sorry but I am also one of the “you guys” who you are too lazy to talk sense to.

[Nearby] Graceful Blue Dress: … White Lotus has a high click-through rate. . .

After Graceful Blue Dress’s words, everyone’s attention went to Bai Lian Hua.

[Nearby] Jianghu Citizens: … Half-hearted Smile is angry?

[Nearby] Wine Between Flowers: White Lotus used to be in Tong Meng Hui…

[Nearby] Blue Porcelain: I smell JQ (KKnote: AKA scandal)

[Nearby] Tang Sancai: What a coincidence. I also smell it…

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: White Lotus gets attacked even while lying down

[Nearby] White Lotus: I am innocent…

Bai Lian Hua truly felt wronged. Clearly just a moment ago, the two masters where pointing their swords at each other and onlookers were excited but now…in a blink of an eye…their attention was transferred. This is too unscientific! Bai Lian Hua racked his brains and still couldn’t think of the reason….

[Team] White Lotus: Smile, you don’t have to fight. I have already gone up 3 levels today, it’s enough.

[Team] Chu Zhongtian: I have upgraded elevenTUT

[Team] Hundred Days Red: Master, this is an issue of men’s dignity. Don’t worry about it!

[Team] White Lotus: … I am also a man!!!

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: I hold a little resentment against Love Heart King, don’t blame yourself White Lotus.

Bai Lian Hua’s face went red with embarrassment. The concealed meaning behind Half-hearted Smiles words were obviously: White Lotus, don’t be so self-obsessed. The reason why I want to PK Love Heart King has nothing to do with you. Understand?

[Team] Chu Zhongtian: Grievances and resentment….I wonder if it really is resentment or is it lingering attachment…

[Team] with a smile and half a step: Both.

[Team] Hundred Days Red: Ahahaha~~ Allow me to explain in a more literary style: The fate of Half-hearted Smile and Long Heart King intersected many games ago. Attachment and resentment couldn’t help but appear and entangle to the point that their relationship could no longer be cut with a knife and no-one could tell who was truly at fault. What went wrong was that moment you and I confronted each other and that period of gentleness…

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Vomit….

Although the conversation within the team was bright and joyful, the atmosphere outside the team was dark and suppressed. The pressure was intense to the point that breathing had become slightly difficult.

[Nearby] Love Heart King: Oh, do you want to PK here or go to a PK field?

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: Here is fine. I also want to let Lotus sister witness my heroic side.

At this moment, on the forum, a post with the name [Half-hearted Smile Angry: Great God or Smile? Which one would White Lotus choose?!] appeared….

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