Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 12 - Entering the After World

[12. Entering the After World]

White Lotus recently had been a very hot topic, especially in the forums. This truth cannot be denied but Roommate didn’t expect to see that for every 10 posts on the forum about White Lotus, nine would be filled with curses while the remaining one consisted of BL fanfictions…

This is really not scientific! Looking at his F5 refresh button and seeing that there were no replies to his help post, Roommate angrily selected the post marked as “HOT”.

Topic: [Half-hearted Smile Angry: Great God or Smile? Which one would White Lotus choose?!]

Posted by: Silently Watching with a Face of Blood


Recently White Lotus has been a hot topic. His click rates can be comparable to the likes of Great God and Bai Qing Rong! It’s incredible!

But the most incredible thing is that it looks like he is protected by the goddess of fortune—-

1. Flaming [Transfer Link] ← This is the first flaming post that started everything. At that time the situation couldn’t be said to be completely one-sided and the netizens opinions were generally widespread. Although White Lotus’s way of speaking was strange and a little awkward, he still had a good foundation for a gay player….I mean, he had a good foundation for a young male player.

The first point where things went wrong —– group chat screen shot. This was the beginning of the flaming.

The second point where things went wrong —— the justification post. This was the fuse for the flaming.

The third point where things went wrong —– the photo. this was the item that made the flaming completely one sided.

The fourth point where things went wrong —– when Great God accepted him as disciple – this is the result of being flamed!!

In summary, I can’t help but suspect that this is a conspiracy. But whether this is Great God’s way of promoting his disciple, or White Lotus’s desired purple ending, I don’t know. But what cannot be denied is that Bai Lian Hua was the one who benefitted the most from this! And the source of harvest was the Great God.

2. Entanglement.

Many people on the forum now call White Lotus as [Feminine Lady] [laugh]

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For now, let’s not talk about the title. Let’s talk about the helpers who have appeared ever since the lady became such a hot topic.

NO.1 [Great God] For many, the existence of Great God can be considered a legend [laugh]. This is also true for OP. Great God has never exposed his identity to the public and it is unknown whether he is skinny or fat, tall or short…but he definitely has the appeal and charisma. Even without speaking, he can cause damage to players.

NO.2 [Half-hearted Smile] This person has already been revealed and is known to be a “Shenzhou ShenLu” insider, possibly even a developer [laugh]. This person was once the Great God’s disciple so it goes without saying that he is strong. Come, let’s take a look at the attached screenshots.

1. [Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: Good. Love Heart King, lets PK. If you lose, you get lost, you said that yourself. I hope you can last for three minutes.

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: No wait, it might be better if you die quickly. I need to level up Lotus young lady quickly.

2. [Nearby] Love Heart King: Oh, do you want to PK here or go to a PK field?

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: Here is fine. I also want to let Lotus sister witness my heroic side.

If you say that this is not a demonstration of gay love, this OP has no words!

NO.3 [Roommate] I don’t know much about him. I only know that he is a hacker. Laughing to death. If you dare, come and hack my post!


The face of Roommate stiffened. The fingers started moving. F*ck…. his role in this was actually so little?! Knowing him….

The hand knocking on the keyboard paused and he suddenly gave an ambiguous smile.

Hack your post? Just hacking your post is not enough! Come, dear OP… Let me peel off your skin and reveal your little chrysanthemum~

—————————– —–

[System Tip: Players [Love Heart King] requests to PK, do you accept? ]

When Chen Tian selected the accept button, the green peace symbol next to the task icon suddenly became dark red.


[Private chat] White Lotus: Great God!!!!!

[Private chat] White Lotus: Great God!! Are you there?!! Please say something!! Don’t ignore me!!!

[Private chat] White Lotus: Wuwu… I have already aborted the child! You can relax and continue being Great God TUT!!

[Private chat] God: Need something?

[Private chat] White Lotus:!!!!! Half-hearted Smile is fighting someone!!!

[Private chat] Great God: What does that have to do with me

[Private chat] White Lotus: …

[Private chat] White Lotus: He is your disciple!!

[Private chat] Great God: Used to be

The subtext was: Now he is not. We are strangers now.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Wuwu~~~ This slave doesn’t know what to do anymore TUT

[Private chat] Great God: Then don’t do anything

[Private chat] White Lotus: One is slave’s new love, the other is slave’s old love! This slave finds it so hard to choose~~

[Private chat] Great God: New love? Old love?

[Private chat] White Lotus: One once took me along to level up, the other I once took along to level up TUT

[Private chat] Great God: Isn’t Hundred Days Red taking you?

[Private chat] White Lotus: He got Smile to help TUT

[Private chat] God: Ah

[Private chat] White Lotus:?

[Private chat] Great God: New love is just temporary fascination, old love is true love

[Private chat] White Lotus: …What I meant was, come and stop them fighting! TUT!! I’m worried that it will go from PK to a guild war. You are Great God, they will listen to you TUT!!

[Private chat] Great God: Coordinates

[Private chat] White Lotus: Just select my character from your friends list, its right there.

[Private chat] Great God: I don’t have you as friends, Feminine lady

[private chat] White Lotus: Pfft——

Bai Lian Hua spat a mouthful of blood onto his computer monitor! Feminine lady?! Is he referring to me?! And it came straight from Great God’s mouth?!!! Bai Lian Hua could only stare dumbfounded with his mouth wide open.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Great God… I’ll add you. Your account number is?

[Private chat] Great God: 1

[Private chat] White Lotus: ???

[Private chat] Great God: My account number is 1

[Private chat] White Lotus: … OTZ, my damn account number is 7574134!

[System prompt: Player [Great God] requests to add you as a friend, do you accept? ]

Bai Lian Hua clicked to agree. As expected, the system prompt sounded and banner appeared. [System prompt: You have successfully become friends with player [Great God]. We hope you become thick as thieves and that your friendship remains strong though thick and thin]

After a while, the Great God appeared shrouded in dazzling white light.

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: Hey White lotus, your cheated husband is here!!!

[Nearby] White Lotus: Your sister! !

[Nearby] Great God: It is master, not an cheated husband

[Nearby] White Lotus: What the Great God said is correct!

[Nearby] Graceful Blue Dress: Cheated husband+1 is correct

[Nearby] Hints of Snow Before Wind: Cheated husband+1 is correct

[Nearby] Dazzling Hurricane: Cheated husband+10086 is correct


[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: Cheated husband, your brother! Lotus is mine!

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: !!! Can you still type while PKing?!!

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: He is too weak

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: At the start I was eating a peach, so couldn’t type

At this moment, a line of words appeared on the screen:

[Current] System prompt: Player [Love Heart King]’s technique is poor and has been defeated by player [Half-hearted Smile]! A hero’s revenge! Please don’t give up warrior!]

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: HAHAHA, Love Heart warrior. Please do as you promised and get lost, ok?

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Looking at Love Heart King who had just used the resurrection scroll and is back to full health, Chen Tian casually typed the above sentence.

[Private chat] Hundred Days Red: Tian brother! Did you really fight Yi Ri with one hand??

[Private chat] Half-hearted Smile: Of course!

[Private chat] Hundred Days Red: Shocked!!

[Private chat] Half-hearted Smile: —- No. No matter how weak Yi Ri is, he shouldn’t be weak to this extent. It shouldn’t be like fighting against White Lotus.

[Private chat] Hundred Days Red: -_-|||……

[Private chat] Hundred Days Red: Say, are you interested in White Lotus?

[Private chat] Half-hearted Smile: No

[Private chat] Hundred Days Red: I’m glad….otherwise I would really have to call you Master’s wife.

[Private chat] Half-hearted Smile: Now that you said that, I am a little tempted.

[Nearby] Love Heart: Half-Hearted Smile, you dare! Wait for the guild war!

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: Making me laugh to death. Even if you attack as a group, I’m not scared.

[Nearby] Graceful Blue Dress: Love Heart King, your words are disgusting. You were the one who suggested to PK and for the loser to get lost. Now you want to take it back? Oh wait, from before I can only see a mutt before me barking like crazy. I don’t understand a thing it is saying~~~!

[Nearby] Graceful Blue Dress: Love Heart King, didn’t you say that you were going to leave? Why are you starting a guild war now?

[Nearby] Happy Warrior: Guild leader v5!! Once again I worship guild leader [Graceful Blue Dress] who can speak so harshly without needing to even swear!

[Nearby] Travelling before Moon Flowers: I also don’t quite agree with Love Heart King’s actions [points fingers together] Kind of feels like he is bullying others~


[Private chat] Great God: So what do you call me for?

[Private chat] White Lotus: … you are arrived too late OTZ

[Private chat] Great God: Next time I will come earlier. You level up first. Letting Smile take you to train is good.

[Private chat] White Lotus: OTZ.

Love Heart King’s arrival was like a whirlwind, and his departure was equally chaotic. The moment he left with his team, the player population at the mountain peak immediately halved.

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Come Lotus. Let’s continue to level up~ Today we will try to get you up to level 50 and then you can change profession~

[Team] White Lotus: Thank you but… TUT… but this slave is about log off…

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Why?

[Team] Hundred Days Red: Master! Don’t leave!!!

[Team] Chu Zhongtian: We have class this afternoon. A lecture…

[Team] White Lotus: Lin egg is right!

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: You can just stay online like this. Don’t worry. -v-~

[Team] White Lotus: Wuwu, Smile you treat me so well

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: That’s because I am your true love~

[Team] Chu Zhongtian: OH NO! White Lotus you and your ability to attract gongs!!

[Team] White Lotus: ← ←, Class is about to start, lets hurry and leave.

After that, Bai Lian Hua proceeded to turn off the monitor screen and left the computer running.

Chu Zhongtian also put down his laptop and walked out of the dormitory with his arms around Bai Lian Hua’s shoulder. The onlooking dormmates couldn’t help but comment:

Zhou Nanjiang: “Don’t you feel that Chu Zhongtian and Bai Lian Hua’s relationship is extremely good?”

”Do you envy and hate that?” Li Bei looked up from his soap operas and looked at Zhou Nanjiang.

”No,” Zhou Nanjiang shook his head. “It’s just that I get goose bumps every time I see it…”

When class had ended, it was 11 o’clock in the evening. Bai Lian Hua once again could not help but admire the old professors’ ability to chatter on, criticising every aspect of the building model project they had made. It gave him the urge to bash his head against the wall.

Bai Lian Hua sat in front of his small desk and happily turned his monitor back on.

“FUCK!!!!” Chu Zhongtian suddenly yelled, scaring Bai Lian Hua. “Why is Laozi dead?!!! F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck!!!!

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