Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 13 - Last night’s Broken Wishes

[13. Last night’s Broken Wishes]

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Why am I dead?!!!!!!!

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: Ah, sorry.

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: There were only two people here, one killed monsters, the other protected Lotus sister so….. [spreads hands]

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: F*ck NMLGB! (KKNote: Something along the lines of your mom’s a bitch)

[Nearby] White Lotus: How long has Lin egg been dead for?

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: Five hours…

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: So the moment I left I was killed off?!!

[Nearby] Half-hearted Smile: It doesn’t matter. Come, I’ll give you a resurrection scroll.

Not long after Half-hearted Smile said this, a trading icon appeared.

[System prompt: Player [Half-hearted Smile] used [Resurrection Scroll] [Resurrection Scroll] [Resurrection Scroll] [Resurrection Scroll] to trade with 0 gold 0 silver 1 copper. Do you accept? “].

Chu Zhongtian was even more angered. Who did this Half-hearted Smile person think he is?! The rebellion will start with me! You think that you can pay me off with four resurrection scrolls and I will be willing to give you Lotus sisters chrysanthemum??

[Nearby] Chu Zhongtian: I don’t want it!!!

As he said this, Chu Zhongtian selected the reject icon.

[System prompt: Player [Chu Zhongtian] rejected your transaction. ]

Chen Tian suddenly felt a little amused. If he doesn’t want them, then he won’t insist. What he did not know was how much Chu Zhongtian regretted his earlier actions—-A resurrection scroll! It was a damn resurrection scroll!! It costs 0.5 gold each ahhhhhh!! He actually rejected it —–it’s such a waste!

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Lotus, what level are you now?

[Team] White Lotus: Level forty-nine~ Almost level fifty TvT

[Team] Hundred Days Red: Master!!!

[Team] White Lotus: Disciple!!!

[Team] Chu Zhongtian: …this lonely man is going to cry.

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: I am also a lonely man.

[Team] Chu Zhongtian: Go die! If you shout on the world channel that you are looking for a wife, I can assure you a whole group of girls would respond!!

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Are you sure that the one I find in the end is a wife and not a leech?

[Team] White Lotus: Leech?

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Those that live off others…I hate those types of people the most. Didn’t receive proper education and spends all their time eating men’s rice…(KKNote: basically living off men while doing nothing)

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[Team] Chu Zhongtian: … Why do I feel that Smile is talking about Lotus?

[Team] White Lotus: … When did I leech?!!

[Team] Chu Zhongtian: You eat men’s rice

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: I am willing to feed the lotus sister rice [shame face]

[Team] Hundred Days Red: !!!Smile!!!! Have you lost your dignity?!! Where is your dignity?!! Dignity, where are you?! Come on, dignity!! Don’t leave Smile! If you leave him, he will die!!

Bai Lian Hua was amused by this interaction and smirked before his computer. At this moment, the friend notice which had not lit up in ages suddenly appeared.

[Private chat] Roommate: Lotus, I found something good!!

[Private chat] Roommate: I just hacked someone’s account and that person looks pretty rich. Lets go and secretly sell of their equipment! Sell their equipment and then sell this account!

[Private chat] White Lotus: pftt——

[Private chat] White Lotus: Who is so unlucky? You are so evil!

[Private chat] Roommate: ╮ (╯▽╰) ╭ That person wrote that scandalous forum post about you and even asked me to try hacking his post. I just thought that since I’m hacking his post, I might as well also hack his account and his computer…so I searched up his IP, stole his account and changed his password and even installed a virus onto his computer.

[Private chat] White Lotus: …

[Private chat] Roommate: He said in his post that you deliberately did all that just so that you can get some attention.

[Private chat] White Lotus: I just want to say, Roommate, what you did wasn’t in the wrong. It was just a pity that the poster is too ignorant and didn’t recognise your prowess and eventually fell into such a situation. It would be excellent if he had a change of heart after experiencing this, but he unfortunately was targeted by you…

[Private chat] Roommate: Speak human words!

[Private chat] White Lotus: You did well hacking him! This lady boss likes it!

[Private chat] Roommate: …

[Private chat] Roommate: Pay attention to your gender…

[Private chat] Roommate: The virus I installed was something I made myself. Every night at 12 o’clock, the computer will automatically turn on and play ghostly sounds and eerie videos for 30 minutes. Unless he cuts the power off, it’ll always be like that~~

[Private chat] White Lotus: Compress the virus and send it to this slave! This slave wants to use it to torment others!!

[Private chat] Roommate: How will you torment them?

[Private chat] White Lotus: This slave will change the name of the compressed file to: “Stunning GV/Falcons Production/1000GVset bag”, leave it on the desktop and next time someone tries to hack my computer….laozi will kill him!

[Private chat] Roommate: … you are so heartless… Hurry and come to [25,124,87] to distribute the goods~

[Private chat] White Lotus: Wait. This slave is still levelling up. I’ll go once I’ve reached 50.

[Private chat] Roommate: Ok, I will wait for you.

And so, Roommate waited….and he waited for almost three hours.

Bai Lian Hua sat in front of the computer with a sore back. Chu Zhongtian had already gone to bed and at two o’clock in the morning, only his computer screen was illuminating the room unrelentingly. Finally, accompanied with trumpet symbols, the system prompt finally came.

[System prompt: [Shenzhou Goddess] quietly said to you, congratulations to player [White Lotus] for reaching Level 50. Young man, let us run together to the sunset with “Shenzhou ShenLu”! What? You’re female? I actually don’t mind lily la~] (KKNote: Lily =百合=Yuri=Lesbian)

[Team] White Lotus: Spits blood. What is this Shenzhou Goddess?!!

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Have you not seen the official website? It is a new NPC that was updated in the new version yesterday. The main purpose of it is to sell meng. Can capture. Level ??? .

[Team] White Lotus: Isn’t it an NPC? How can I still capture it?

[Team] Hundred Days Red: Because it is said that the Shenzhou Goddess is actually a GM. (Game administrator/game master)

The faint sense of annoyance was then immediately replaced by his joy of levelling up to level 50! He, Bai Lian Hua, can finally change professions! So excited!!

[Team] White Lotus: Thank you Smile TUT. Thank you Hundred Days Red TUT. I finally Levelled up. Come, I’ll give you all a group kiss ~ ~ (╯ 3╰) ╮

[Team] Hundred Days Red: I have a partner so I don’t want it.

[Team] White Lotus: … Jeez, this slave just wanted to thank you guys~~

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Well then, you can give us an appreciation fee of 1 W ingot. Thanks

[Team] White Lotus: Talking about money hurts feelings…

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Talking about feelings hurts money

[Team] White Lotus: …

[Team] Half-hearted Smile: Just kidding. Let’s leave the mountain now.

Bai Lian Hua sent a nodding emoticon, opened his friends list and unexpectedly found that both Great God and Roommate are still online.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Roommate! I am level fifty now~ Let’s distribute the goods!

[Private chat] Roommate: I waited till my cucumbers became cold and soft…

[Private chat] White Lotus: Shut up! (#‵’) 凸

[Private chat] Roommate: I learnt it from you. My coordinates have not changed, [25,124,87]. Come quickly.

Bai Lian Hua typed in and entered: “I am going down the mountain! Soon…” But before he could finish typing, a new private chat message appeared forcing him to stop.

[Private chat] Jingzhen Abbot: This benefactor please halt!

[Private chat] White Lotus: You are?

It can’t be someone who wants to cut him down again right? Bai Lian Hua scrunched his brows together. Doesn’t this person see Half-Hearted Smile still standing beside me yet he still dares to come?

[Private chat] Jingzhen Abbot: The barren law is quiet.

Bai Lian Hua sweatdropped. Is this person sick in his head, sick in his head, or sick in his head? Why is he speaking with such old-fashioned language?

He wants to switch the private chat but found that, although other functions were working as per usual, the chat system could not be switched at all!

Bai Lian Hua’s heart went cold: This is…did he get hacked again??

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