Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 20 - Tao Hua Xi's Water Depth is a Thousand Feet

[20. Tao Hua Xi’s Water Depth is a Thousand Feet]

Tao Hua Yuan. This an instance that players had long anticipated for. Accompanied with the sound of a shrill scream, the instance opened – although this scream was only heard by players living in A University.

At 0:00 in the morning, the water in the river became dark and turbulent, reflecting the mood of the players who were waiting on the shore. No-one could tell whether the players standing beside you would suddenly turn around and attack you in the next second just for the sake of a bunch of virtual data….such is human nature.

Coming closer and closer… the small fishing boat that was usually not worthy of attention had become very eye-catching at this moment. An old fisherman with sharp eagle like eyes guided a small wooden boat whilst holding onto a scorpion towards the players. Above his head were blue characters that displayed the words: [Fisherman]. The speed of the boat was not slow, but the players waiting at the shore were impatient and anxious to the point of dying——–

There is actually only one boat? Just that small fishing boat? God! Are you kidding me? With this boat… the boarding limit is five people? Or does it have some secret to it?

The anxious players began to smash the dialogue box with the old man, but there was no response and the boat continued to travel forward.

[Nearby] Pepper Water: F*ck! What can’t I start it! Don’t leave old man!!

[Nearby] Suhomlinski: I can’t start it either! Suhomlinski did not bless me!!

[Nearby] The Dog who Checks the Water Meter: Me too… OTZ, This player is going to collapse!

[Nearby] Cold and Cool: Husband, have you started it yet? Wuwuwu……


[Nearby] Graceful Blue Dress: Don’t be in such a hurry. Look at what the fisherman is doing…

[Nearby] Before Flowers and Below the Moon: Understood

[Nearby] Before Flowers and Below the Moon Forever: Darling, didn’t you say that you’re not going to participate in the instance?

It was not until the boat had reached the dock at the middle of the river did it slowly come to a stop. For some time, many players desperately rushed and squeezed onto the dock. Fortunately this was just an online game and no one was trampled over. Even so, the current scene could only be described to be a sea of people. Each players ID all crowded tightly together only showing a small corner. In such an environment, even if you wanted to select a particular player, it would be a difficult feat.

Human’s crowd mentality is a very strange thing. They had subconsciously thought that as the old man stopped at the dockside, only players standing on the dock could board the boat, so they circled around the river to reach the dock on the other side. Bai Lian Hua, who still stood on the opposite side could only see the back of the old man. He clicked onto the old man and a dialogue box appeared.

[Fisherman: The current world is not good, you can’t make money by fishing. So unfortunate…. Young player, what are you looking for? ]

There were two options.

[1] Old man, how do you get to Tao Hua Yuan?

[2] Old man, can you teach me how to fish? (Learning life skills: fishing)

Bai Lian Hua did not know how many players had selected option one, but after reading the basic introduction on the official website, he basically held no expectations for the instance. Fifteen! This isn’t a matter of the difference between level 1 to level 16 but the difference between level 50 and level 65…

And so, it has been said that the furthest distance in the world isn’t the distance between heaven and earth, nor is it the distance between life and death, or the distance between you and I as we stand before each other and I don’t realise how much you love me; but the distance between the Tao Hua Yuan instance and yourself who is 15 levels away………

Bai Lian Hua had no choice but to choose the second option. Well, it was actually his original intention anyway.

[Fisherman: There are not many young people who are willing to learn to fish now. You pay me a gold gem and I will let you get on the boat, ok? ]

Gold gems are the game currency in this game. You can gain them by defeating monsters and completing tasks, or you can go to the mall to buy props. What is unfortunate is that most of the items in the mall need ingots, which is what we call gold coins and involves use of real money. A gold coin can also only be exchanged for an ingot… So to say, when playing games, do not get too serious, otherwise you would definitely empty your wallet!

Bai Lian Hua naturally didn’t think too much about it and clicked OK.

[Fisherman: Ok, you go on board. I’ll teach you how to fish.]

Bai Lian Hua then remembered: to learn fishing, you indeed need to board this boat…but…isn’t it time for the instance now?

A pair of red numbers suddenly appeared above the small fishing boat: (4/1).

What does this mean? Bai Lian Hua became dazed for a few seconds and before he knew it, his character appeared on the fishing boat. There was a moment of silence from the players standing on the shore however this silence did not last long. Suddenly, they exploded.

[Nearby] Invincible Sword: White Lotus boarded it?? F*ck! Laozi no longer believes in love!

[Nearby] ◇ˊ茈籹孓↘: With this can others still live?!!

[Nearby] lifetimeLOVESugar: How did he get on? Why can’t we do it?

[Nearby] Dead wood is also Spring: I clicked on “How to get to Taoyuan” and the reply was “Don’t know”! Am I the only one?

[Nearby] best instinct: Me too! I don’t know how to do it…

[Nearby] Flying Snowman: LS+10086! ! ! Did White Lotus bribe the GM? ! (GM=Game Master)


Bai Lian Hua gradually recovered from his initial shock and his heart felt turbulent. For a long time, he could only open and close this mouth and eventually spat out two words: “No way…”

He then remembered that he had not yet been enlightened by the Buddhist scriptures today… No, to be more exact, it should be yesterday. Bai Lian Hua suddenly regretted his carelessness and hurriedly opened his inventory and chose to open the Buddhist Scriptures.

[System Tip: You have opened the Buddhist Scripture and obtained: [Bodhi Rosary] x 1].

The item bar is occupied in the next second. A string of golden and radiant Bodhi rosary laid quietly at the very end. Bai Lian Hua stopped studying the Buddhist scriptures and clicked onto the Bodhi Rosary.

There were two options [1, wear] [2, discard]. He moved the mouse over it and a box displayed that the attribute is unknown, and level is unknown. The only thing that Bai Lian Hua knew was that Bodhi is a relatively important tree in Buddhism and so, with this word at the beginning, this item shouldn’t be that bad. Without thinking too much, Bai Lian Hua chose to wear it.

[System prompt: You have worn [Bodhi Rosary]].

[System Tip: Your profession has been promoted]

Bai Lian Hua opened the character profile panel incredulously.

Username: White Lotus

Occupation: Vajrasattva (has been transferred, can be promoted)

Title: Vajrasattva

Level: 50

Gender: Male


Strength: 450+1

Defense: 320+1

Speed: 695 (PS: Lotus sister before was an archer, so the points were mainly added to his speed.)

Mana: 410+400

Holiness: 15+300

Luck:? ? +1

To think that a small rosary could increase his Holiness and Mana by so much! And it also increased luck value! Bai Lian Hua really loved the Buddhist Scripture! Compared to this, becoming bald, getting killed by smelly socks, and becoming unable to wear the Defamed Emperor gear set was nothing! Bai Lian Hua was so excited he almost yelled out loud.

Controlling his excited emotions, Bai Lian Hua then chose to be enlightened by the Buddhist Scriptures. Perhaps because he had been promoted earlier, his holiness increased more than last time.

[System prompt: You have learnt from the Buddhist scriptures, Holiness +32].

The Bai Lia Hua who was very excited then looked at his empty skills bar and felt as if someone had just dumped a bucket of cold water over him.

Ah that’s right, he still had not learnt any skills yet and his previous skills… are not coming back anymore.

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