Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 21 - The Immortal under the Peach Blossoms

[21. The Immortal under the Peach Blossoms]

Not knowing how long it would take until the boat is filled, Bai Lian Hua let out a yawn and languidly logged onto penguin.

As soon as he logged in, the small icon in the lower right corner started shaking and its accompanied by its signature ringing sound. Bai Lian Hua glanced at the figure and immediately knew that it was from Roommate again –

Why is he saying ‘again’? In fact, Bai Lian Hua also doesn’t know why but although there are both private chat and group chat options, it seems that he always only receives private chats….such is a mystery.

Roommate 23:22:32

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Lotus come here quickly! This Love Heart King is crazy!

Roommate 23:28:09

Lotus, are you not there? Hurry and come here!

Roommate 23:41:33

Lotus sister, Love Heart King keeps insisting that I owe him money! I told him that I had just bought this account but he’s still not letting me off! What should I do?


Bai Lian Hua adopted a tolerant temperament and proceeded to type a line of words.

White Lotus 00:08:21

What happened with Love Heart King? I heard that he didn’t come to the Tao Hua Yuan instance too…

In the chat channel, he could see Moon is Round sending another love call to Love Heart King.

However, at this moment the portrait of Roommate’s profile is dark. Bai Lian Hua guessed that with Roommates low level intelligence, he probably didn’t know how to change his status to invisible. Bi Lian Hua is once again extremely bored. Speaking of which….he just realised that he had never seen Roommate offline ever since he had added him as a friend.

Today really felt like it was jinxed, to think that there would be a day where Roommate would be offline….He minimised the chat window and changed back to the game interface.

There are now two more people on the boat. That was very fast! And in a blink of an eye, there were now four people in total on the boat! The (4/1) above the boat turned into (4/4).

[Nearby] ABCD: F*ck! Why didn’t anyone tell me earlier that I was supposed to select the second option?!!

[Nearby] FireRed: I’m the one that should be saying that!! To think that those spots were taken by four trash players who aren’t even level 60!

[Nearby] Sinful Fox: LS+1

[Nearby] Devil, Not Satan: LS+1

[Nearby] Wuling Heroes Tomb: LS+1


[Nearby] Great God: My disciple is there, please show respect.

[Nearby] Unable to Land: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m standing right before Great God!!!!!

[Nearby] Innocent Little Sun: My first time being so close to the Great God!!!


In addition to these still abnormal messages, a different conversation also appeared in the chat box…

[Nearby] Residual Temperature: Really is getting pampered! >////<

[Nearby] Immersion Infatuation: I can feel the fluff~

[Nearby] If You are Well, Then it is Sunny: Get it together!! Think about that photo of White Lotus…

[Nearby] Mosquito Woman: … don’t mention such a sad thing at this exciting moment!!!

Bai Lian Hua had not had the chance to recover this thoughts as he questioned when Great God had arrived when he saw those comments. Although he couldn’t understand what they meant, he could sense that it was about something incredible…..he quickly pushed that thought aside and started assessing his companions on the boat.

There were three people; one female and two male. The usernames are respectively…[丶煋辉卟落艹_綄媄]【丶煋辉卟落艹_残蒛】【丶煋辉卟落艹_咏恒】……

Bai Lian Hua is speechless. At this moment, the boat started to move and began to bring them to the paradise countless players had yearned for.

[Instance] White Lotus: Sorry… Excuse me, are you three… adults?

[Instance] 丶煋辉卟落艹_咏恒: You and your mother are not adults!

Bai Lian Hua sweated buckets. He really cannot be blamed for this because…..the three players before him are too stupid. Disregarding their unusual usernames, just looking at their equipment’s would give you an impulse to wet your pants laughing…Simply put: A normal human would have never thought of equipping their characters in such an unconventional manner!

[Instance] White Lotus: I was just asking… Young man, don’t get so angry~

[Instance] 丶煋辉卟落艹 咏恒: Get lost you retard!

[System prompt: Players [丶煋辉卟落艹_咏恒] launched a PK request to you! ]

[Fisherman: Tao Yuan citizens forbids violence! 】

[System prompt: the player [丶煋辉卟落艹_咏恒] was attacked by [Fisherman]].

[System Tip: Player [丶煋辉卟落艹_咏恒] has died].

In just a few seconds, one of the four players had actually become cannon-fodder?? And it was through such a strange method too…The remaining players raised their alertness and secretly felt glad that they were not impulsive….In this game, once a player dies they can be resurrected if there is a healer or if you use a resurrection scroll. For [丶煋辉卟落艹_咏恒] who didn’t have a healer or a resurrection scroll, he could only angrily travel back to the city and resurrect there.

The remaining three players were not familiar and because of a certain idiot, the tension between the players became awkward. Fortunately, the time it took for the boat to travel from the dock to Tao Hua Yuan wasn’t long and after about 10 seconds, another dialogue box appeared…

[Fisherman: Oh… we seem to be lost.]

[System prompt: You have entered the Instance [Tao Hua Yuan]. I wish you a pleasant journey.

The boat once again landed on the shore. Bai Lian Hua yawned and internally complained that the people in the game development team must really be abnormal. They actually opened an instance so late at night….After Bai Lian Hua hopped off the boat, he selected the fisherman again.

[Fisherman: Oh… we seem to be lost. (Once)]

He unenthusiastically retracted the mouse. It looked like it isn’t possible getting information from the fisherman. But…what did it mean by (Once) at the end of that dialogue?

Just as he wanted to ask the other two members, he realised that they had already gone off and disappeared…..one look and it was obvious that they had not done an instance before, didn’t know how to cooperate and didn’t know how to work together! As Bai Lian Hua cursed them out with passion, he himself didn’t realise that he also had almost no experience with instances…

Bai Lian Hua clicked onto the fisherman again.

[Fisherman: Oh… we seem to be lost. (Twice)]


[Fisherman: Oh… we seem to be lost. (Nine times)]

What is with that counter at the end? Bai Lian Hua suddenly had an impulse to smash down his mouse. He could have just walked away like the other two but, as if he had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), he had continued to click away at the fisherman. He had continued to click obsessively as if he would not stop until the red counter at the end disappeared.

Finally, after the tenth click the fisherman said something different…

[Fisherman: My ancestor seems to have mentioned that this is place is Tao Hua Yuan… He said that there is a small thatched hut in the east of Tao Hua Yuan and in the thatched hut there lived in a Immortal. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Young friend can you go and investigate this?]

Bai Lian Hua is overjoyed. He didn’t expect that he would accidentally activate a task. He naturally chose [Accept]!

[System Tip: You have completed [Tao Hua Yuan] Task 1: Talk to the Fisherman. ]

Afterwards, he witnessed with his own eyes his experience meter rising up like a serpent on stimulants and channelling through. It continued to increase until he had levelled up once and finally stopped at 7%. Following this, a strong of golden numbers appeared above his head: +5000 experience.

To get so much experience from that casual conversation?

…… Bai Lian Hua could not help but wipe bitter tears. It’s no wonder so many people love to do instances rather than fighting monsters….

Sure enough, this is really exciting stuff!

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