Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 4 - The Great God's Charming Smile

[4. The Great God’s Charming Smile]

Bai Lian Hua has recently been having a headache which has led him to feel that his foresight and intelligence had plummeted.

He opened the penguin group chat and said to the only two members of the group.

[White Lotus: You two wait here, I will come back soon after I am resurrected. ]

After a while, Chu Zhongtian replied: [Chu Zhongtian: Ok, but this is the second time you have died. Are you sure you really want to take us? I think it is better for you to protect yourself. Look at you, you were level 47 this morning and now you’re level 45…]

[Roommate: Lotus sister, are you sure you want to take us? Why do I feel that I am playing better than you? ]

[White Lotus: [angry] Roommate go die! ]

[Chu Zhongtian: Lotus you’re acting so proud… Say Roommate, is you surname “mate” and first name “Room”? ](TLNote: Roommate in Chinese is SheYou, He asked if his surname is She and first name is You in this case)

[Roommate: How is it possible! You are too naive! ]

[Chu Zhongtian: … Could it be that we should not use our real name in this game?!?! ]

[White Lotus: Of course you shouldn’t! ]

[Chu Zhongtian: But you’re using your real name?!!]

[Chu Zhongtian: Made me think that we needed to use our real name to register!!!!]

[White Lotus:-_-#, there is also someone on the platform called “Cool Handsome”. You want to tell me that his surname is “Cool”and his name “Handsome”? ]

[Chu Zhongtian: NONONO, he may be surnamed “Cool” and named “Shuai”] (TLNote : Handsome = Shuai in Chinese)

[Roommate: … Is it only me that is shocked that lotus young lady is really called “White Lotus”? ] (TLNote: Not sure if it’s clear enough already but Bai Lian Hua = White Lotus)

[White Lotus: …]

Bai Lian Hua turned and looked at the figure behind him with a dark expression.

Chu Zhongtian could feel the daggers in his gaze stabbing into him . “Big Brother. I really didn’t mean it!”

Bai Lian Hua: “Mo Pan. Hold me tight.”

Chu Zhongtian rolled his eyes: “Go die!”

When they resurrected and returned to the place where they were killed off earlier, there was an extra person standing on the plain.

Bai Lian Hua was internally shocked. The screen in front became brighter as the player reached Chu Zhongtian and Roommate’s vicinity, almost blinding their eyes. This was how majestic the outfit worn was, especially the shiny light effect which caused Bai Lian Hua to want to pull out his eyes in jealousy.

The equipment in the game can be divided into six levels, from top to bottom, in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white.

In particular, to emphasize the rarity and preciousness of the red dress, all the red dresses have added light effects, so the red dress is also called “light effect clothes.” The red dress is also not sold in the market and can only be obtained through the lottery, synthesis or by defeating a BOSS. A dream of Bai Lian Hua was to obtain one of those “light effect clothes” before he dies.

Looking at the ID of the man again, Bai Lian Hua’s heart started pounding madly. He immediately made the decision to let the other two escape quickly!

[White Lotus: Roommate, Lin egg, if you two do not want to be reincarnated again quickly escape!]

[Roommate: Why? ]

[White Lotus: F*ck! That person is a Great God! In the Malang Gobi (马勒戈壁???), the Great God actually wanted to participate in fights between average players? Dammit, this slave is ready to be executed! (轮白) ]

(TLNote: 轮白 means killing a player continuously until they lose all their equipment and goes back to level 1. Couldn’t think of an appropriate term for this in English though…sorry guys!)

Bai Lian Hua’s thoughts were very simple. He still remembers his own statements in the forum post. The Great God once smashed him and even let the situation reach to this extent. He had thought that it was already a miracle that the Great God would actually appear in the forums but he did not expect to see the Great God here far from civilisation.

What? You’re saying that the god is only passing by chance? …… Bai Lian Hua swears on the time he had spent playing “Yinzhou Shenlu” that he had never heard of the Great God having a hobby of wandering around the novice village!

There was only one possibility…the Great God saw someone that was not pleasing to his eye and wants to vent his dissatisfaction.

[Roommate: Who is Great God? ]

…… Who is Great God. You actually have the nerve to ask who Great God is?! Bai Lian Hua really wanted to plunge him with a knife and check if there’s anything inside that head of his!

The name Great God, for anyone who plays online games, I am afraid it is all over the place. Great God is a legend in the online game industry. No matter what game he plays, his ID is called Great God. There once was a fool who used the ID of “Great God” in a new game… After a day, the ID of Great God disappeared. A few hours later, another ID in the game world called “Great God” appeared. Moreover, this ID did not die off. After two months, this ID ranked high among the top ten listings.

As for the identity of Great God, people also have different opinions. Some people say that the great god is a master of micro-manipulation, his hand dancing across the keyboard without retraint; some say that the god is a hacker, directly hacking the server to achieve its own unknown purpose; others felt that the god is a domestic leader, the successor of the enterprise has caused all online games to give the god a face.

Great God is a legend. When the great god became a legend, Bai Lian Hua was still in his first year of high school. Now, the Bai Lian Hua is in his third year of univeristy. It can be seen that the Great God is also the “old man” who had witnessed the rise and fall of Chinese online games.

The god is a god-destroying character, and this god-destroying character is now standing before him. Oh no wait, it’s the god is now in front of the game characters. This made the Bai Lian Hua sweat nervously.

[Nearby] Great God: White Lotus?

[Nearby] White Lotus: I am.

[Nearby] Great God: Are you the shemale White Lotus in the forum?

Bai Lian Hua started sweating buckets in front of the computer. Is this the great god? Why does he seem so different to his reputation of being distant and arrogant?

Even so, Bai Lian Hua had resigned himself to the words of the Great God. Even calling himself “slave” is useless. It was best to talk seriously to the leader.

[Nearby] White Lotus: Hello Great God, I am White Lotus, but I am not a shemale.

[Nearby] Great God: Oh. Explore with me, I’ll cover you.


Bai Lian Hua feels that his brain is working very slowly today. Otherwise, how can he still fantasize about this dream? Great God… said he would cover him? ! Did he read it wrong? The big god actually said to cover him?

Perhaps… is the god actually gay? No wonder the god never seem to be married in the game… No wait. Some of games that God has played, such as the Penguin, allowed malexmale marriage but because the god is not willing to get married it was difficult for him to complete some of the tasks.

For a moment, Bai Lian Hua felt that the “big god” in front of him might not be the legendary figure who is currently first in the “Shenzhou Shen Lu” ranking, first in level ranking, and sixth in the PK ranking! However, as he opened the “Jianghu List”. The first big god in the ranking list did not differ from the character standing before him. He only had a series of numbers in the rankings: 25,421 people worship him today, and 3,214 people despise him…

[Nearby] White Lotus: Great God… was your account hacked or virus-infected?

[Nearby] Great God: You think too much.

[nearby] Great God: Just thought that you are very interesting.

[nearby] White Lotus: This slave is grateful. When is the Great God ready to execute me (轮白)? Can you let me store my equipment in the warehouse first?

[Nearby] Great God: I didn’t say that I wanted to execute(轮白) you.

[nearby] White Lotus: Well then, this slave will go first. If Great God wants to kill this slave, you can call me any time.

[Nearby] Great God: Good.

[Nearby] Great God: Goodbye.

Bai Lian Hua spent a lot of effort to resist the urge to smash the keyboard. Are you telling me that the Great God came all this way to find me only to have this pointless conversation instead of focussing on levelling up, sweeping dungeons or PKing?! Scared him so much that he lost all his face in front of Chu Zhongtian and Roommate!

[White Lotus: Dammit, today’s encounter caused Great God’s image in my heart shatter into a million pieces.]

[Roommate: …]

[Chu Zhongtian: Who is Great God? ]

[White Lotus: …]

[White Lotus: … ..Come to “Malang Gobi’.I will take you to sweep poisonous scorpions. ]

[Roommate: Ok, coming. ]

” Malang Gobi”, real name “Loulan Desert”, is most suitable region for people level 10 to 25 to grind. Bai Lian Hua is now level 45 and so completing tasks such as killing poisonous scorpions and increasing experience points of his two friends is a trivial matter.

[Chu Zhongtian: Lotus, I just rose to level 10 and now need to choose my profession. You go ahead with Roommate first.]

F*ck, so fast?

Back when he had first started, it took him two and a half days to rise level 10! Once again, Bai Lian Hua lamented over how great it was to have another player guide you through the game. He calmed himself down and sent: [White Lotus: Nice job, what profession are you going to choose? ]

”Shenzhou ShenLu” is a slightly different game compared other games. The most significant difference was that although other games required players to select their profession when they first start, “Shenzhou ShenLu” instead only allowed it once players reached level 10. Before then, all players were dressed in a basic set of white novice garments and a blue weapon – Liu Er’s dagger.

Once you’ve reached level 10, you could then choose your first profession. There were five types of professions; namely archers, swordsmen, healers, mage, and assassins. You could also at this time choose your guild and become an apprentice. You can either become an apprentice of an NPC or another player that is of level 45 or above.

At the 50th level, you can later choose to change your profession. In total, there are 56 different professions to choose from. Taking away the 16 lifestyle professions, you have 40 different combat classes available.

As of now on the official website, there are 31 known types of professions and the remaining 25 are still represented with a question mark.

[Chu Zhongtian: What do you think I should choose? ]

[White Lotus: I think…]

[Chu Zhongtian:? ]

[White Lotus: For something like this, it’s best if you make your own decision.]

[Chu Zhongtian:-_-#! ]

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