Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 3 - Who Sent Roommate through the Cloud

[Who Sent Roommate through the Cloud]

Bai Lian Hua wanted to cry. He clamoured to explain, ” Roommate, it’s a misunderstanding!! What should I do now?”

Roommate deeply sighed and wrote “In fact, there were still some rotten women who supported you, but the hacker just broke out a photo saying that it was you, and then… you became a public enemy.”

Bai Lian Hua felt that today, he had suffered a lot of blows.

Many, many blows.

Holding his breath, Bai Lian Hua shakily started to type.

[White Lotus: Roommate, I have never saved photos in my computer! ]

[Roommate: I know. ]

[White Lotus: TUT, Roommate, you believe in this slave. This slave is very moved. ]

[Roommate: I hacked your computer before, of course I know… I’ll take a screenshot, you can see it for yourself. ]

Bai Lian Hua had not yet woken up from the shock of having his computer hacked by Roommate before he was stunned again by these terrible photos.

The photo soon arrived.

The person in the photo… his posture like a horse stance; wrapped in large sheets; hairstyle like a birds nest and … expression wretched and pervasive…

[Roommate: You look like you’re reaching fourty…]

[White Lotus: [vomits blood] This scum is not me! ]

[Roommate: If it’s not you then who is it! ]

[White Lotus: Please, this is obviously a weed on the wall, this slave here is a pure and innocent white lotus. ]

[Roommate: Stop being so disgusting! ]

[White Lotus: Roommate, didn’t you say that you believed me? ]

[Roommate: It was a lie dumbass! ]

[White Lotus: If you don’t believe me we can video chat! ]

[Roommate: I have no camera! ]

[White Lotus: I don’t need to see your ugly mug. Come on, come at me!]

Roommate decisively smashed the video request.

Bai Lian Hua only now panicked. Oh no…. did he get too emotional and end up take this too far?

Bai Lian Hua always felt he had a clear line separating reality with virtual life. Online friends will always be online friends; and real friends will always be his true friends. Real friends can see each other’s true laughters and cries, and can converse in person with one another. As such, Bai Lian Hua did not take the online flaming to heart and could still remain able to laugh leisurely despite the ruckus occuring online.

Aiyou, why beat himself up over something small that happened over the internet right?

”Chu Zhongtian, can you help me out a bit?” Come and help me record a video! These were the unfinished words of Bai Lian Hua.

”Bai Lian Hua, can you go die?”

And so, Bai lian Hua could only hurriedly choose to toss the idea away. “Sorry, I think I wasn’t thinking too clearly earlier.” After he entered this sentence into the dialogue bar, he quickly sent it out.

[Roommate: Hehe, that person in the photo is definitely you. ]

[White Lotus: This slave already said that it’s not me! Believe it or not I’ll leave it to you. Hmph! ]

Roommate no longer sent over a video request, but he had also stopped talking.

An inexplicable sense of urgency rushed into the heart of the Bai Lian Hua. He subconsciously thought that this might be because he was feeling pressured by the forum posts, as for the negative thoughts … it had been directly ignored by him. He once again looked at the flaming forum and could no longer restrain himself. He opened a post and began explain it for himself.

Post Name: Just wanted to clear things up

Posted by: N0.0 White Lotus


This slave is the White Lotus Flower that everyone has been talking about recently. These uncles are so obsessed with me, this slave feels delighted.

The officials always said that this slave is GAY. In this regard, let this slave explain. The reason why this slave always uses ‘slave’to refer to myself is purely because of my hometown language and habit. This slaves has also never depended on men to survive, and have never deceived for equipment and so on.

The way this slaves talks can be a little weird, but this is a hobby of this slave. This slave can only ask great uncles to overlook this hobby of mine. Also, there are hackers who posted photos of this slave and this slave can only say:

– That is obviously a weed on the wall. This slave is a pure white lotus!

Please don’t slander this slave. Thank you.

Bai Lian Hua thought that with this, it was finally the end. Unexpectedly, it has only just begun. Bai Lian Hua had just randomly refreshed the page a bit, and yet dozens of replies appeared in an instant.

[NO.5 Great God: Are you White Lotus? Speaking like this, you deserve to be flamed. I wonder if you have any explanations about the phrase “a group of NC showing lower limits”?]

After this post, the netizens downstairs could not help but respond.

[N0.6 God, My God,: Great God? LS this guy is really Great God? Seeking to see god up close! ]

[N0.7 Good boy: #¥¥#¥! #¥……I thought that the Great God never dabble with forums! What the Great God said makes sense! You should be flamed for speaking in such a disgusting manner…]

Anyway, Bai Lian Hua still logged onto penguin.

Roommate 17:17:54

Lotus girl… Did you write that forum post?

White Lotus 17:18:22

I wrote it…

Roommate 17:18:43

… Before you posted this post, I lied to you, in fact, some men expressed their understanding… but now… do you understand?

Bai Lian Hua really wanted to say…..bullsh*t! He angrily looked across to Chu Zhongtian who was happily reading a novel and suddenly reached out and looped his arms across Zhongtian’s shoulders.

”Tian Tian ah~~” Bai Lian Hua suddenly revealed a sly smile.

Hearing this, Chu Zhongtian could hear loud warning signals in his mind.


Bai Lian Hua smiled more and more widely revealing his white teeth: “Do you know “Shenzhou Shenlu”?”

Chu Zhongtian glanced at him as if he was an idiot: “You talk about it in the dormitory every day, it would be strange if I didn’t know!”

It’s good that you know… I was afraid that you didn’t know Bai Lian Hua calmed himself down and said to Chu Zhongtian darkly: “Play “Shenzhou Shenlu” with me!”

Chu Zhongtian: “You wish!”

Bai Lian Hua silently rolled his eyes, he was encountering obstacles one after another. ” I don’t know if a certain someone can continue to get free drinks in the future or not have anyone sign it for him for class… The slave is really worried, hehe.”

Chu Zhongtian’s fingers slipped as he browsed through pages of the pirated book on his phone and accidently clicked onto a small advertisement on the page. His face darkened as he quickly closed the ‘bad’ advertisement page. “I got it. I’ll play with you tomorrow OK?”

Bai Lian Hua smiled happily, opened the penguin, and eagerly told the Roommate this good news.

Roommate 17:20:02


Roommate 17:20:17

Are you ready to delete the account?

White Lotus 17:20:39

[Eye Roll] If I deleted the account then how will this slave guide the new ones?

Roommate 17:21:05

Then that’s good, I also want to play that broken game. Take me on as well?

White Lotus 17:21:45


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