Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 6 - Naturally Inspiring and Hard to Give Up

[6. Naturally Inspiring and Hard to Give Up]

Bai Lian Hua may have cried bitter tears yesterday but his willpower and tenacity is very commendable to the point that Chu Zhongtian could only look upon in awe. Finally, on a morning where high winds blew ferociously…cough, I mean, on a bright and sunny morning, he once again logged into “Shenzhou ShenLu”.

Some things could not be given up even if you wanted to. The moment you become addicted, nothing could save you from the bottomless pit.

Watching him continue to fearlessly log into the game, Chu Zhongtian could only sigh helplessly. He tapping away on his own laptop, closing many of his forum webpages and finally changed to the game interface. He once again glanced at Bai Lian Hua who had shamelessly logged back in.

[Private chat] Chu Zhongtian: Lotus, where are you? I’m looking for you to be your apprentice

[Private chat] White Lotus: I’m at Malang Gobi. I’ll come and find you. Give me your coordinates!

[Private chat] Chu Zhongtian: 12.166.417

After a several minutes of waiting, not a shadow appeared. Chu Zhongtian could not help but turn his head to Bai Lian Hua who was sitting at the computer desk and ask: “Lian Hua, why have you still not arrived?”

Only then he heard Bai Lian Hua grumbling, “His grandmother, I don’t even want to talk about it. I had only just got onto the road and now I’m getting ambushed!”

Not long after that he heard Bai Lian Hua swear loudly: “Shit! Died!”

Chu Zhongtian curiously asked: “Did you destroy the enemy?”

“Go die! I’m the one who died!” Bai Lian Hua then muttered angrily and spoke in very resentful tone,” Son of a bitch …… I no longer believe in love!”

Bai Lian Hua had no idea who he had offended recently. How could be be so unlucky to the point that he is getting attacked one after another and even have countless strangers rushing to kill him and vent their anger. There was even a “Great God” who wanted his head! This really is…a woeful tale.

Bai Lian Hua let out a long sigh. Watching himself dropping down another level, his fingers started moving and a line of words appeared online.

[Private chat] White Lotus: I’m afraid I can’t be your master.

[Private chat] Chu Zhongtian: Why??

[Private chat] White Lotus: Laozi dropped another level, why do you think?!

[Private chat] Chu Zhongtian: …what are you now?

[Private chat] White Lotus: Level forty-four! At this level, I wcan only be someones disciple. I can’t even dream of becoming a master.

[Private chat] Chu Zhongtian: Brother, I send my condolences. How about I wait for you to level up.

It wasn’t a question but a positive statement. The sleek period symbol at the end expressed the speakers’ sincerity. Inevitably, Bai Lian Hua felt a little touched.

[Private chat] White Lotus: I think its best not to…you should find someone else == Levelling up from 44 to 45 is super hard….

When he first started, he took two weeks! Two weeks of no rest or sleep!

Seeing this, Chu Zhongtian did not persist and just sent:

[Private chat] Chu Zhongtian: Oh ok….Lotus sister, you take care of yourself.

These words…..why did Bai Lian Hua feel that they didn’t sound right?!

[Private chat] White Lotus: -_-#. Thank you, this slave will comply.

Bai Lian Hua is now a true loner. He had already left the guild and if the friends on his friends list weren’t removed by him, they had taken the initiative and removed themselves from it. The friends list that was originally 2-3 pages long now only left three names: Roommte, Chu Zhongtian, Love Heart King.

Love Heart did not delete him. Bai Lian Hua actually found this very unexpected. But it probably was because they had forgotten to delete or was waiting for Bai Lian Hua to take action….Bai Lian Hua also thought about deleting Love Heart King but if he removed another one…the list would look even more empty. Sure enough, he couldn’t bear to delete another friend.

Bai Lian Hua sighed and moved the mouse away from the delete button. He ran back to the safe zone to avoid getting killed again but there was a downside to this. There are no monsters in the safe zone to kill so staying here wouldn’t help him with gaining experience ah!

[Private chat] White Lotus: Roommate, what are you doing?

[Private chat] Roommate: Just upgraded to level 10, now looking for a master in the world channel.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Wuwu, I am also at the level where I should also become someone’s disciple.

[Private chat] Roommate: Shocked…(核电???)

As soon as he returned to the safe zone, Bai Lian Hua went straight to the pharmacy and bought several bottles of red medicine. In the game, the medicine for filling blood is called red medicine. Although its real name is called A Day of Death, it is called red medicine and although its real name is called Half Hearted Smile, the medicine that returns to the mana is called blue medicine.

[Private chat] Great God: On?

Seeing the ID of the Great God, Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but tighten his chrysanthemum.

[Private chat] White Lotus: I am. I am busy now, wait.

Once this sentence was sent, White Lotus almost poked his eyes out. For someone like Great God, he actually dared to ask him to wait? Do you think he will listen to this slag and just dry up standing outside? Bai Lian Hua ‘tatata’ typed into his keyboard and immediately explained:

[Private chat] White Lotus: I will put my equipment in the warehouse and then be executed by you ok?

[Private chat] Great God: What a coincidence, sounds good.

Bai Lian Hua felt that the Great God is very strange and the moment he saw Great Gods next words, he face was filled with black lines.

[Private chat] God: Today I hired those people to kill you

[Private chat] White Lotus: …

Great God, you are so honest! Is it because you didn’t want dirty your own hands? F*ck F*ck F*ck. You slag gong, slag gong, slag gong!

[Private chat] God: Where are your coordinates, I will find you.

[Private chat] White Lotus: 24.11.268

Not long after this sentence was sent, the game interface started brightening. Obviously Great God had spent 1 yean RMB and used the transmission skill.

…to be killed by the Great God, and to let the god use the transmission skill, Bai Lian Hua felt that he could now die without regrets.

[Nearby] Great God: White Lotus.

[Nearby] White Lotus: Great God.

Next to the warehouse, Bai Lian Hua sent out this line. Suddenly he felt that life had been f*cking with him. What is Great God doing? Shouldn’t he race over and make the most of his time and kill him?

[Nearby] Great God: White Lotus, take me as your master.

[Nearby] White Lotus:……………………

Bai Lian Hua once again felt that he did not sleep well yesterday. Otherwise, why would he be seeing something like this on his computer screen?! This is unscientific!

——All should know that the Great God rarely accepts apprentices in online games, and that the apprentices he had accepted had all become big gods themselves. The classic example is “Half Hearted Smile” who began as an insignificant follower of Great God, and after disappearing for a few years, returned to become a god in the online game industry. Now he is constantly competing with Great God for first place in the rankings. It’s a pity that Half Hearted Smile had always remained second.

[Nearby] Great God: Or I can search you up on the system and accept you as my disciple

[Nearby] So Shameful: Hey Great God, I can’t help but interrupt, please accept this slave as your disciple! For you, I can call myself a slave in the future!!

[Nearby] Oscar Winner: This slave too!!

[Nearby] Erhuang You Are So Cute: Don’t tell me Great God is actually gay?! My Great God! Why are you like this!

[Nearby] Color Like Spring Flowers: Speak up! Who are you? How can you hack Great Gods account! -皿-!!!


[Nearby] Great God: White Lotus hurry

Great God had only said White Lotus hurry. The glittering light effect surrounding the Great God was beautiful and dazzling yet the words the Great God said were even more fantastical. Bai Lian Hua however could feel his scalp go numb. In the eyes of the public, the Great God actually said such words…could it be that Great God felt that ** pain was not enough and opted for psychological torture instead?

I give up. Bai Lian Hua gritted his teeth and thought, if he is going to die sooner or later, he might as well die in a more majestic way….Although he currently has not opened the world channel, he can already imagine the commotion going on there.

Chen Tian sat at the computer desk and took a sip of his coffee. He suddenly had an inexplicable feeling in his chest. He had originally planned to diligently sweep a few dungeons to raise his level and be able to surpass a certain individual but his plans were quickly disrupted by the speakers on the world channel.

[World] Color Like Spring Flowers: Come and see!! At coordinates 24.11.268 the Great God is taking the f*g White Lotus as disciple!

[World] Beautiful Green Dress: Oh, my Great God!

[World] Love Heart King: Flop….

[World] Rules: I am also one of the onlookers, LSS+10010!

Great God accepting disciples? Chen Tian put down the coffee cup, opened his own inventory, looked at the coordinates Colour Like Spring Flower sent and clicked on the transmission skill…

But very quickly, he couldn’t help but laugh at himself and his actions.

”That guy accepting disciples…what does that have to do with me” He murmured. After hesitating for a few seconds, he selected the transmit button and was transmitted away….

A system prompted appeared on the screen.

[System Message] The player “Half Hearted Smile” have successfully transmitted to [24.11.268] [Liu Village, Warehouse]

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