Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 7 - Accompanying Spring and Night Outings

[7. Accompanying Spring and Night Outings]

The scene at the warehouse is chaotic. Players buying medicine, players storing items, players begging Great God to accept them as disciples and onlooking players all surrounded Bai Lian Hua. Compared to the chaos occurring around him however, Bai Lian Hua’s mind was even more of a mess and had gone offline. He couldn’t even remember how he ended up becoming Great Gods disciple.

The only thing that he could remember clearly was that Great God did not kill him and instead gave him heaps of things. …Heaps and heaps of it….

[Private chat] Great God: Are the items stored in the warehouse?

[Private chat] White Lotus: Stored…OTZ.

Just after sending the reply, he received another notification. “System prompt: Player [Great God] requests to trade with you.” White Lotus hesitated for a moment and clicked to accept.

”System Tip: Player [Great God] used [Defamed Emperors Top] [Defamed Emperors Bottoms] [Defamed Emperors Gloves] [Defamed Emperors Ring] [Defamed Emperors Crown]… to trade with 0 gold 0 silver 1 copper. Do you accept?”

Simply put, this is just gifting an entire set of gear. Bai Lian Hua was excited to the point that his face became slightly flushed. You can’t really blame him for becoming so excited, as he had a very valid reason….

The Defamed Emperor set is an orange tiered gear set and to wear them, the level requirement is be at least level 40. The main method of obtaining them was to defeat monsters. You could also buy them from the stores but the price was shockingly high. If he based it off Roommates words, even 2 month worth of his salary would not allow him to buy it! And Bai Lian Hua’s annual living expenses totalled up to Roommates one month salary….

And so, unless Bai Lian Hua goes and robs the bank, there is really no way for him to gather so much money in such a short time. By the time he had gathered all that money, he probably won’t be playing this game anymore…Bai Lian Hua could only feel disappointed.

To collect this equipment, you would need to defeat the level 50 BOSS “Bai Xiaosheng”. In every game, there is always a Bai Xiaosheng who is good at sending tasks and gathering information. Bai Lian Hua guessed that the reason why Bai Xiaosheng would drop an equipment called Defamed Emperor would be because his occupation was equivalent to those of a reporter. A level 50 Boss isn’t actually hard to defeat. All you needed is a level 55 master and it can be defeated in a few minutes.

But – Bai Xiaosheng is an NPC. Yes, he is both a BOSS and an NPC. In the game, killing an NPC will increase sin by 10 points which can make a white name directly become a red name with black background. The system will also send out hunters to hunt the player down and put wanted notices throughout major cities in the game.

Usually this isn’t a big deal. There is a item in the market called “Zhao An Ling” and as long as two you spend two gold coins, you can instantly reduce your sin little by little…

But the main issue was that the red name could also affect the players character. Once you get the red name, the chance of receiving the hidden task is reduced by 0.5%, the record of the success of the refiner is down by 2%, and the success rate of the other skills such as alchemy and quenching is reduced by 5%…

Although it can eliminate the value of sin, it can’t restore the completely damaged character!

In summary, the ” Defamed Emperor” set had undoubtedly become an unachievable dream in the hearts of a group of players.

And now, the Great God sent him that? And not just one! An entire set! Even if he was lucky and had the boss drop an equipment every time and each time the equipment dropped was different, he would have had to play it through seven times! And he would have had the red name seven times….

[Private chat] White Lotus: Great God… I-I… What do you mean by this?

[Private chat] Great God: …

[Private chat] Great God: The 40-level red gear is not appropriate for you. There is only one set of those in this whole region and you can drop them easily if you get attacked. Orange gear can be bought from the markets so you can buy them again if you drop them.

Bai Lian Hua’s heart sped up rapidly. In the trading column, each piece of equipment is gleaming and the orange font below it looked very tempting. For Bai Lian Hua who was only wearing yellow gear, the equipment there was very tempting! The words ‘Defamed Emperor’ jumped out of the screen and flew directly into his heart and made his heart itch as if there was a bug gnawing at it.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Great God… I cannot accept this. They will gossip…

[Private chat] God: I don’t know them.

[Private chat] White Lotus:? ?

[Private chat] Great God: I mean, you are my apprentice so I have the right to treat you well. It’s none of their business.

Bai Lian Hua wavered… No, Bai Lian Hua is lost. His understanding of the Great God is very little. Most of what he knew was through word of mouth and it was always about how Great God was a strong and admirable character. His only interaction with Great God was that one time through the forum post and when they had that pointless conversation at the novice village.

What’s more… he was even more insignificant now with the tarnished image that he held….

Could it be that the Great God took an interest in him after seeing that photo in the forum? But that photo clearly showed a wretched and lecherous grocery shop uncle….

[Private chat] Great God: You add another copper coin, I will trade with you.

… Defamed Emperor, priced at 25,000 gold coins, was sold to Bai Lian Hua by the Great God with two copper.

Roommate 14:01:38

This is really a dream transaction.

White Lotus 14:01:57

I think so too… What on earth did the Great God see in me?

Roommate 14:02:59

Maybe he thinks that picture of you looks very affectionate…

White Lotus 14:03:23

Pei! This slave already said that the photo is not me!

[Private chat] White Lotus: Great God… Are you still there?

[Private chat] Great God: Un.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Great God… I… This slave should return you the equipment. I am too scared to accept it.

Bai Lian Hua remembered hearing a story about a poor man who suddenly got a lot of money. He was consistently anxious; couldn’t eat or sleep at ease, and didn’t dare to live a good life. He eventually scared himself to death….

Bai Lian Hua had once complained that the story was ridiculous and he vowed to Chu Zhongtian: “If I am the poor man, I would have spent it all immediately!”. But now he felt that he could finally appreciate the story!

[Private chat] God: Why?

[Private chat] White Lotus: Even I held onto it, I don’t dare to wear it. And if I don’t wear it, I’ll feel bad.

[Private chat] God: Oh. Wait.

For some reason, Bai Lian Hua felt a little disappointed. He had debated for a very long time about returning the equipment to Great God and after receiving his quick acceptance, Bai Lian Hua felt even more reluctant to part with it. After all, he knew how good the equipment is! Speed can be increased 50%, strength increased by 20% and the critical hit rate is increased by 10%… and most importantly, luck value increases by 2%.

This meant that the chances of Bai Lian Hua receiving a hidden mission could have increased by 2%! Everyone’s luck value is basically randomly allocated by data and cannot be seen through at all. It is difficult to increase, but he did not expect that this set of equipment actually had such a magical function!

Just when Bai Lian Hua internally struggled with himself, a system message was sent to everyone’s mailbox at the same time.

[System SMS: White Lotus is under my care. Kill him once and I will execute your whole family. Signed, Great God.]

Bai Lian Hua naturally also saw the message. He didn’t know what to feel after seeing it……Great God, isn’t he treating him too well??

Roommate 14:15:24

White Lotus, I am so jealous of you ahhhhh! ! ! ! !

White Lotus 14:15:52

You still have the nerve to say that! Great God is more like a hacker than you and you still have the nerve…

Roommate 14:16:40

I… I usually only demonstrate my prowess at times of crisis.

Roommate 14:17:14

In fact, the game system of Shenzhou Shenlu is very difficult hack and I don’t know how the god did it.

White Lotus 14:18:04

Don’t make excuses. The Great God clearly loves me more… ying ying

Roommate 14:18:50

After a few seconds, a system message appeared. This time, it wasn’t a system text message and it appeared directly to the front of each online players’s screen.

[System News: Lotus sister is Laozi’s pet. If you kill my empress, I will directly hack your account. To those on the forum, I will slowly deal with you. I hope you have no secrets on your computer. Signed, Roommate.]

Roommate 14:22:47

How was it~ Lotus, for you, I worked hard on the game for two and a half days!

White Lotus 14:23:31

Roommate, go die! Who is your empress! Empress your head!

Roommate 14:24:09

F*ck…I did exactly the same thing and yet your attitude is so different!!!

Chen Tian did not say a word during the whole event. He had just received the news from the game development department that system was attacked twice in a row and they still couldn’t trace the IP address. His brows creased up.

Leaving the Great God aside, who is Roommate?

[World] Half-hearted Smile: Great Gods people are my people. You should all know what I mean, regards.

[World] Half-hearted Smile: Great Gods people are my people. You should all know what I mean, regards.

[World] Half-hearted Smile: Great Gods people are my people. You should know all what I mean, regards.

Looking at the red text that had just been boldly sent by him, Chen Tian stretched his back and then turned off his computer.

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