Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 8 - Flower Viewing in the Fog

[8. Flower Viewing in the Fog]

Bai Lian Hua had unknowingly lit another fire! And looking at the posts in the forum: Ten of them were all about the lovely lotus sister –

[Discussion] What is with White Lotus in the end?!

[Picture] Looking for the Lotus Girl

[Help] How to be recognised like White Lotus and then become Great God’s disciple??! [2] HOT

[Misc] [Pinned] The most most disgusting person in this game! Mom said the title should be long, long, long! [2][3]……[7] Hot

Sure enough, it really was like what Love Heart King had said … he was beaten from pink to black to purple… and he didn’t feel happy at all. Looking at the empty guild bar, his heart was inevitably filled with a bit of sadness. Suddenly, the chat system icon flashed.

[Private chat] Roommate: White Lotus help!!! I’m f*cking about to be executed!!!

[Private chat] White Lotus: What happened?

[Private chat] Roommate: Didn’t I say that I was going to avenge you? And now, because they’re jealous of you but cant defeat Great God or dare to attack you, they’ve turned around and attacked me….Laozi dropped 6 levels!! Now I’m back to level 8!!

[Private chat] White Lotus: It doesn’t matter… You can’t play anyway.

[Private chat] Roommate: Everything happened because of you! Don’t you feel even a little bit remorseful??

[Private chat] White Lotus: Hey… If you had hacked that pinned post from the very beginning then all this would not have happened.

[Private chat] Roommate: It is said that brothers are like your own hands and feet….and yet you are so ruthless…f*ck, I dropped another level!

[Private chat] White Lotus: Good job! This slave is satisfied!

[Private chat] Roommate: …

Although Bai Lian Hua said that on the surface his actions were obviously the opposite. He clicked on the friends bar to find the coordinates of the Roommate. He then proceeded to spend a gold coin and transmitted himself directly to Roommate.

A string of notice indicating blood loss instantly appeared. The system prompt in the lower left corner also wrote: You have been attacked by the player [Nonconventional Fragments], you get 555 damage.

In the overwhelming siege, the little Roommate dressed in white attire looked small and pitiful.

[Nearby] Roommate: Hey lotus sister, you came! I am so moved ah…

[Nearby] White Lotus: This slave has arrived late. Master your appearance now is so good, so brave and fearless. This slave likes~

After seeing Bai Lian Hua arrive, without a word everyone all stopped the attack. The warnings of Great God were still vivid in their minds and no one could be sure that they can 100% defeat the Great God… No matter which game – even a game that Great God had never played.

[Nearby] White Lotus: What? Not fighting anymore? Is it fun bullying little children? If you have the ability, come and fight me! Are you dissatisfied?

[Nearby] Nonconventional Fragments: Seeing you really disgusts me.

[Nearby] White Lotus: Laughing to death. Isn’t it just because you don’t have the face to see others! Envy, jealousy, hate? Don’t blame others for your own bad luck! Seeing all you NC showing your lower limits really makes me feel sick and want to vomit.

[Nearby] Fahai, You Don’t Understand Love:-_-||| I’m the one that wants to vomit. Are you bearing a child? Is that why you want to vomit? Is it Great Gods or Roommates? Or is it Half-hearted Smiles? Or could it be from all three? No, that’s wrong. Including you that’s four people right?

[Nearby] White Lotus: I dare you to get pregnant yourself! The child in my stomach is Great Gods! ah~ I am so ashamed~

[Nearby] Great God: Mine?

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: Eh! Great God spotted!!!

Bai Lian Hua lost his soul and almost sprayed blood onto his computer screen. No, it was actually like he was struck by lightning. The angry retorts he had said earlier was actually seen by the Great God! Why is he here?? —this is not scientific ah!!! But no matter what, Great God had seen his words…

Bai Lian Hua’s face went red with shame and fortunately no-one could see his expression through the computer monitor. Now the most crucial thing to do is to explain to the Great God – This is a misunderstanding! A very horrible misunderstanding!!!

[Nearby] White Lotus: That… Great God, I didn’t mean to say that.

[Nearby] Great God: What does that mean

[Nearby] Roommate: Great God, it was actually this stupid monk who triggered White Lotus first!.

[Near] Fahai, You Don’t Understand Love: I am not a stupid monk!

[Nearby] White Lotus: Great God, sorry I shouldn’t speak nonsense TUT…

[Nearby] Great God: ……

He’s done! Done! It was another Great God-esque set of 6 ellipses. Could Great God actually be angry now? Bai Lian Hua really wanted to cut off his own hands and die as retribution ah!

Of course, that is only limited to his thoughts and he wouldn’t actually do it.

[Nearby] Non-Conventional Fragments: We were actually just passing by. Right guys? Come, let’s head off first…

[Near] Fahai, You Don’t Understand Love: I’m also just passing by….

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: The scenery here is good, hahaha. Isn’t it Great God?

Everyone there internally cursed at Hundred Days Red, he still didn’t forget to associate with the Great God in this situation!

Nice scenery? Song Qingge slightly narrowed his eyes in front of the computer screen, not knowing what he was thinking. “Shenzhou Shenlu” is a 3D game that took six years to make and involved a large sum of investments. Only then was this 3D game created. Even game companies have configured 3D glasses to achieve a more realistic experience… although the fundamental purpose of launching 3D glasses is to earn extra money.

At this point, listening to Hundred Days Red, Song Qingge quickly held the shortcut button and flipped through a few pages.

[Nearby] Great God: Un, the scenery is really good.

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ~!!!! I am so excited!!!!! I was replied to by the Great God!!!!

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: Great God! I am your hardcore fan!!!I know you from the game “God of War”! ! I used to be with you at a World of Warcraft… Can I add you as friends!??

God of War was launched five years ago and now there are not many people playing it. The days when the number of people online was the highest was the day when Great God announced his retirement from the game. The whole God of War, although it cannot be said that it was made popular by the Great God, but because the Great God left, its popularity declined. It was undeniable that since Great God had left, the other masters of the game also soon followed including Half-hearted Smile. It was actually through this game that Great God had first accepted Half-hearted Smile as a disciple.

Outsiders always thought that the relationship between Half-hearted Smile and the Great God should be good, like teachers and like friends. But afterwards, the two for some reason split apart. Since then, Half-hearted Smile and Great God had become like strangers in the online game industry. In the first few games, Half-hearted Smile and Great God were rivals. When Great God established a guild, he also established a guild, focussing on digging holes in his defence…though the Great God did not care. Apart from his loyal fans, most people ended up leaving the guild and Great God eventually disbanded the group. A lot of people were confused about the interactions between Great God and Half-hearted Smile.

The rotten woman in the online game industry were elated. For a time, if you Google Great God, things like [Great God X Smile] [Smile X Great God] [Gong Gong (Great God, Smile)] emerged causing admins to feel helpless.

[Nearby] Great God: Un.

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: Really Great god? ? ! ! ! Then can I worship you as a master? !

[Nearby] Great God: You are fifty-seven, cannot be a disciple.

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: I… I can commit suicide and return to level 44!

[Nearby] Great God: Then at that time, you can the disciple of my disciple.

This was not a question and did not ask for his opinion. It was simply a statement, a command, and he could only accept.

[Nearby] Hundred Days Red: Thank you, Master!!!

[Nearby] White Lotus: … The mind of the Great God is always so hard to understand…

[Nearby] Roommate: … I’m spilling blood

Song Qingge pleasantly lifted the corners of his mouth.

[Nearby] Great God: White Lotus, take your disciple to help you level up. Find me once you have changed your profession.

Congratulations Bai Lian Hua… He had become the first master in history where the disciple helps the master level up.

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