God Emperor

Chapter 1248 - Ripples From The Ancient Well

Chapter 1248: Ripples From The Ancient Well

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In the Earth God Temple, all women who became Spiritual Power Saints would be conferred the title of Goddess.

Siming Goddess was the leader of them all. Her status was very high and her authority was strong. She was at the same level as the Heavenly Kings of the other eight departments.

The Fairy was the Earth God Temple’s Goddess and also one of the Nine Heavenly Maidens. Her fame wasn’t any less than that of Martial Saint Canglan and Saint Lady.

Zhang Ruochen lowered his eyes, thinking hard. Then he smiled. “The imperial court coming to the Yin Yang Sea indeed has something to do with the Earth Heavenly Pavilion.

“The Fairy’s Spiritual Power isn’t any weaker than the Saint Lady. Once she discovers you and I, she’ll definitely try to capture us. With our current cultivation, we’re not her match.”

Huang Yanchen wanted Zhang Ruochen to leave. After all, the three forces underground—the imperial court, Immortal Vampires, and Ancient Dragon Mountain—all viewed Zhang Ruochen as their nemesis. As soon as Zhang Ruochen showed himself, he’d be besieged.

Before so many strong cultivators, even ten Zhang Ruochens would be destroyed.

Zhang Ruochen’s goal for entering Dragon Fire Island was to take the Nanling Dragon Fire.

If he backed off because he feared danger, then he wouldn’t only miss an opportunity. His mindset would also be affected.

“The imperial court, Immortal Vampires, and Ancient Dragon Mountain are filled with strong cultivators,” Zhang Ruochen said. “They also view me as an enemy. However, they’re also enemies of each other. They won’t unite against me. Plus, I also have hidden cards. I won’t be easily toyed with by them.”

After a pause, Zhang Ruochen’s eyes hardened and met with Huang Yanchen’s gaze. “Go and meet up with Blackie. Wait for me to get a beam of Nanling Dragon Fire. Then we’ll leave Dragon Fire Island together.”

“You want to push me away?” Huang Yanchen’s starry blue eyes shone with light. She bit her lip and complained, “You tossed me into the Pluto Sword Tomb and came to the Yin Yang Sea alone. I still haven’t talked to you about that, and now you want to push me away again?”

Zhang Ruochen rarely saw Huang Yanchen act so pitiful. His heart wavered, but his attitude was still unwavering. “It’s very dangerous now. After getting the Nanling Dragon Fire, I can use the Spatial Move to leave at any time. You staying will distract me.”

The pitiful look disappeared. Huang Yanchen lifted her snow-white chin and said a bit proudly, “You look down on me. I have the Heir Stamp. You’ve seen how powerful that is. Am I really as weak as you think I am? Plus, if I hadn’t saved you just then, you probably would have been captured by the imperial court. You’re not as strong as you think. You still need help.”

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t refute it. He just stared at Huang Yanchen’s face with an odd look.

“What are you looking at me for? Am I not correct?” Huang Yanchen glared at him coldly.

“No, I was just thinking that your personality is always changing,” Zhang Ruochen said. “Sometimes, you’re a soft girl in love. Sometimes, a spoiled and unreasonable princess. Other times, you’re like a powerful queen.”

“Really?” Huang Yanchen froze. Seeming to sense something, she quickly lowered her head and grew thoughtful.

Zhang Ruochen was caring. “Tell me truthfully. Did you run into problems in cultivation? Did you improve too quickly, so your mindset isn’t stable and created a demon in your heart?”

Huang Yanchen raised her head. She rolled her eyes and hit Zhang Ruochen’s chest. “Even if there is, it’s not about cultivation, but because you anger me. I don’t care. You want to get the Nanling Dragon Fire, and so do I. I’m not going to leave.”

A crisp voice sounded behind her. “Me too. I want to get Nanling Dragon Fire too.”

Qing Mo walked out of the red lava. She seemed clumsy. Her face was red and she fluttered her lashes. Qing Mo seemed weak, but Zhang Ruochen sensed a very strong aura on her.

“Qing Mo, you entered the Xuanhuang Realm?” Zhang Ruochen was shocked.

Qing Mo pursed her lips like she’d done something secretive and said, “Yeah! I finally broke through.”

Qing Mo could already counter Xuanhuang Realm Saints as an upper-level Saint. Now that she was in the Xuanhuang Realm, just how powerful could she be?

If she utilized her power well, she might be a strong aid. However, seeing how timid Qing Mo was, Zhang Ruochen shook his head. Qing Mo was already in the Xuanhuang Realm and had become a top figure, but she was still so timid. She couldn’t do anything great.

If Zhang Ruochen had her cultivation and abilities, he would have definitely charged forward. He wouldn’t need to hide like this.

Basically, it was still because her cultivation was too low. Even as a mid-level Saint, he could still sweep across.

Actually, it was still because the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and nine Heirs were too close behind. They all knew that not going forward would be going backward. They all worked hard on cultivating.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t have the help of the Universe Spiritual Map and was cultivating the physical body, Martial Way, Spiritual Power, Sword Way, time and space at the same time. He didn’t have any advantages in terms of speed. It was hard to widen the gap.

“Okay!” Zhang Ruochen said. “You two can stay, but you must listen to me in how to act.”

“As long as you don’t force me away, anything you say goes.” Huang Yanchen’s lips curled up in joy.

Under the alter, the Goddess Siming Fairy looked away and hid back in the white fog.

Wan Huayu stood beside the fog and asked, “Goddess, did you discover something?”

A thought entered Wan Huayu’s mind. Other than the imperial court, Ancient Dragon Mountain, and Immortal Vampires, there’s another strong cultivator hidden in the darkness. He is very powerful.

Wan Huayu looked around the lava with a grave expression. If the Siming Godess thought that he was “very powerful,” then he obviously was an important figure. Who could it be?

Then Wan Huayu sent this message to Chi Wansui, Sui Han, and Bu Qianfan. The various Saints of the imperial court immediately grew alert.

Chi Wansui took three steps forward. Each step was 300 feet in distance. After stopping, he said, “Everyone came to Dragon Fire Island to take the Nanling Dragon Fire. There’s no reason for the stalemate, right?”

“Oh? What great idea does King Taisui have?” Crown Prince Qitian smiled. Carrying the Destructive God Cross, he made heavy steps forward and stood across from Chi Wansui.

“Lead the Nanling Dragon Fire out first,” Chi Wansui said. “And then use our own abilities to collect it.”

“So we call a temporary truce?”

“At least, we can’t have a chaotic fight underground. This is the Yang center of the Yin Yang Sea. If the Holy Qi ripples are too strong, who knows what dangers will occur? By then, we’ll all die here.”

Hearing this, Crown Prince Qitian had a solemn expression too and he nodded. Then they looked toward the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon.

The dragon huffed. “I have no objections. However, if Zhang Ruochen appears, I’ll definitely attack him. If you don’t want to die, you better run at that time.”

“Didn’t Zhang Ruochen die from the Life-Death Trial?” Wan Huayu asked.

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon scoffed. Instead of answering Wan Huayu’s question, he opened his mouth. “The Nanling Dragon Fire is nurtured under that ancient well. It groups all the sharp Qi of the Yin Yang Sea and Divine Dragon Qi. It already has a spirit and intelligence. The typical methods won’t be able to guide it out.”

An upper-level Blood Saint of the Immortal Vampires said, “Why don’t we enter the ancient well to take it directly?”

“Directly enter the ancient well?” The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon looked at him as if he was stupid. “You can try.”

The Blood Saint obviously didn’t dare to. He shut his mouth and didn’t say anything else.

“I’ll try!”

A cloud of white fog flew out of the imperial court’s group. One could vaguely see a beautiful figure standing in the fog. She landed on the altar and walked toward the ancient well.

The Saints of the Ancient Dragon Mountain and Immortal Vampires all stared at the Fairy.

There was a Saint Beast in human shape from the Ancient Dragon Mountain’s camp. He had a pair of silver wings. He was the young lord of the Winged Dragon clan. His name was Ye Huang.

Right now, Ye Huang’s eyes were filled with shock. “The altar is terrifyingly hot. Before this, I was forced back before I even got onto the altar. Who is she? She can fly onto the altar and approach the ancient well?”

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon also widened his eyes in disbelief. According to legends, even a True Saint would be turned to ash if they approached the well. Could this human woman be even stronger than a True Saint?

Because the temperature was too high, the white fog around the Fairy thinned. It revealed her flawless figure. Her waist was thin and her legs were long and slender. She wore a white palace dress and had an ethereal feeling.

She held a jade bottle in her left hand and a white pearl in her right.

“A drop of Thousand-year Nether Winter Water,” she murmured. “It is enough to fully awaken the Nanling Dragon Fire from its millennial slumber!”

The white pearl had a drop of water within it. It was the legendary Thousand-year Nether Winter Water, something extremely frigid.

She raised her arm and flicked her finger. The white pearl immediately flew forward and landed in the ancient well.


It was as if a drop of cold water had fallen into a boiling pot of oil. There was an earsplitting explosion below the ancient well. The entire underground space shook violently.

More accurately, the entire Dragon Fire Island was shaking. One could even vaguely hear a group of dragons roaring.

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