God Emperor

Chapter 1249 - Blue Fire

Chapter 1249: Blue Fire

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Hua La!

Blue light gushed out of the ancient well at the center of the altar, and then, the temperature immediately surged.

Even the Fairy didn’t care to stay on the altar. She tiptoed and fell like a white petal.

At the next moment, a blue fireball rushed out of the ancient well.

There were dragon scale inscriptions on the blue flame, which gave out enormous blazing forces, turning the independent space blue.

“Nanling Dragon Fire came out of the ancient well!” Ao Dao yelled.

The eyes of a blood saint with four wings on his back gleamed with greed. He flapped his wings and rushed toward that Nanling Dragon Fire.

That blood saint was fast like a lightning, and he rushed to Nanling Dragon Fire faster than any other creature. His eyes were gleaming, and he reached out his claws to grab the blue flame, which was the size of a fist.

Qitian Crown Prince yelled, “Don’t touch it! Come back!”

However, it was too late!


The body of the blood saint started to burn the second it touched Nanling Dragon Fire.

“Ah! This is… Help…” he yelled.

After a moment, that blood saint was burned into ashes, dripping from the sky.

Nanling Dragon Fire was so terrifiying that it destroyed both his body and saint soul. The only thing left was a saintly source floating in the sky.

All the saints were terrified, and they calmed down immediately.

They all suppressed their greed as they didn’t dare get close to Nanling Dragon Fire.

An upper-class blood saint was immediately burned to ashes. How could that not be terrifying?

Although the treasure was invaluable, it required an immense amount of power to get it.

“Even the divine dragon babies might be killed if they try to get the Nanling Dragon Fire. Who here can rival divine dragon babies?”

“Nanling Dragon Fire is indeed an indispensable valuable, but we should put our lives first.”

The Fairy stood on the ground like a divine lotus. Many saints from the imperial government surrounded her like she was the moon.

Her eyes gleamed with starry light. She said, “The divine dragon babies tried to get the mature Nanling Dragon Fire, which is why they were in danger. That Nanling Dragon Fire is only a new flame. It’s far less dangerous than mature Nanling Dragon Fire. If we use the correct method, we might stand a chance.”

The Fairy reached out her hand, and a ball of light emerged on her palm.

Those light spots flew toward the saints from the imperial government.

Suddenly, those saints learned something new about how to get the Nanling Dragon Fire.

“I’ll go try.”

Two fiery clouds gushed out of Wan Huayu’s back, turning into a pair of wings that were more than a hundred feet long.

She flapped her wings and flew toward Nanling Dragon Fire.

She didn’t touch the flame directly, instead, she stopped when she was ten feet away from the flame. The sacred mark was opened, and saintly way rules gushed out of the mark, enveloping the flame like threads.

All the creatures were staring at Wan Huayu.

Qitian Crown Prince said, “They’re not just communicating. She’s also using her saintly way rules to merge with Nanling Dragon Fire so that she won’t burn herself even after she putting Nanling Dragon Fire into her body.”

“It’s still very dangerous though. Normal saints can’t withstand Nanling Dragon Fire with their body constitution and saintly way rules. That human is definitely impressive.”

“None of the creatures who came here are mediocre,” Motian Crown Prince snorted.

Wan Huayu put her hands together, and the saintly way rules surrounding Nanling Dragon Fire flew toward her.

All the saints held their breath, staring at her.

Did she succeed or fail?


Nanling Dragon Fire flew into Wan Huayu’s head and into her lower abdomen.

At the next moment, Wan Huayu’s body trembled, and her face turned blue. The blue spread toward her entire body.

Blue flames started to flow on the surface of her skin and her hair, giving out terrific destruction Qi.

“She did it. She’s using Nanling Dragon Fire to refine her holy Qi and saintly soul.”

Sui Han stepped forward, standing beside Wan Huayu to protect her.

Other creatures at the state of saint all stared at Wan Huayu with envy and jealousy. Obtaining a Nanling Dragon Fire meant her power would surge. She would accomplish a great deal in the future.

“There seems to be fiery phoenix bloodline in her body. She’s of fire characteristics. It must be easier for her to take the Nanling Dragon Fire.”

The Fairy’s voice sounded dim and free as she said, “Think twice before you go try Nanling Dragon Fire. If you can succeed, it’s going to be your great opportunity and improve your power, but if you can’t, you might get killed.”

Blue light rushed out of the altar again.

Thirteen Nanling Dragon Fires rushed out of the ancient well, giving out blazing destruction Qi. Thirteen beings rushed forward from the imperial government, Ancestral Dragon Mountain and the immortal vampire race, trying to get those Nanling Dragon Fire.

In the end, only four of them succeeded. They were Sui Qianfan from the imperial government, Manlong Dragon Lord and Yi Long Dragon Lord from Ancestral Dragon Mountain, and Motian Crown Prince from the immortal vampire race.

The other nine saints all failed and were burnt to ashes.

The casualty rate was so high that the other saints all suppressed their desire. They didn’t dare try anymore.

“It’s not easy for us to reach the state of saint. We can’t just lose our lives for our greed. I won’t go get Nanling Dragon Fire. There must be other valuables in Yin and Yang Ocean.”

“It’s so terrifying. They’re gambling their lives.”

“Look, Motian Crown Prince is trying to get the second Nanling Dragon Fire.”

“What? He dares to go try the second Nanling Dragon Fire?”

Even Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, Chi Wansui and Sui Han were dazed. They looked to Motian Crown Prince, who went to get the second Nanling Dragon Fire.

Qitian Crown Prince smiled and said, “Motian Crown Prince has eight blood spiritual bloodlines in his body, and he has sanctified his body. It’s not strange that he’s trying to get a second, or more Nanling Dragon Fire.”

The saints from the immortal vampire race all looked proud. Obviously, they shared the glory from the performance of Motian Crown Prince.

The immortal vampire races were born with great body constitution, and the human beings and savage beasts were no comparison to them.

At this moment, there came an astounding sound from the imperial government team. “Sui Bufan is also trying to get a second Nanling Dragon Fire.”

The smiles on the immortal vampires all froze. A human being dared try to get a second Nanling Dragon Fire?

“He’s overestimated himself. He’s being suicidal.”

“Human beings don’t have great body constitution. How can they bear two Nanling Dragon Fires?”

Aside from immortal vampires, the saint beasts from Ancestral Dragon Mountain also sneered. They didn’t believe that Bu Qianfan could get the second Nanling Dragon Fire.

However, they were soon stunned. Bu Qianfan not only took the second Nanling Dragon Fire, but also went to get the third one.

“Interesting. I can’t believe there’s someone as powerful as you from the human race aside from the nine heirs and Zhang Ruochen.”

Motian Crown Prince shot a glance at Bu Qianfan and dashed toward the third Nanling Dragon Fire.

Manlong Dragon Lord and Winged Dragon Lord took a look at each other. They both looked surprised and said, “Maniac.”

Both of them knew how violent Nanling Dragon Fire was and how difficult it was to tame.

They had tried everything, but they could only take one Nanling Dragon Fire. They couldn’t imagine that someone could take two, or even three Nanling Dragon Fires.

Qing Mo looked anxious. She said, “Mr. Zhang, why aren’t we grabbing the Nanling Dragon Fire? What if they take them all?”

Zhang Ruochen looked calm. He said, “No need to rush. Didn’t you see that Qi Sheng, Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and Chi Wansui still haven’t made a move yet?”

“That’s right. Why aren’t they doing anything?” Qing Mo was confused.

“These are only the newborn Nanling Dragon Fire flames, but they’re waiting for the mature Nanling Dragon Fire. It’s said that mature Nanling Dragon Fire has great intelligence, and it’s formed dragon shapes. These flames are much more powerful than new flames. The divine dragon babies from the ancient times were trying to obtain the mature Nanling Dragon Fire,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Qing Mo pouted and asked, “What’s the difference?”

“Of course, there’s a difference.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “The newborn flames can only be used to refine holy Qi and saintly sources. As for mature Nanling Dragon Fire, it can be nurtured by holy Qi, making it stronger. Eventually, it’ll become a terrific attack skill.”

Qing Mo’s eyes gleamed. She said, “Like the flames breathed out by the divine dragons?”

“Kind of like that… Oh? Another group of great beings entered the underground. Which power are they from?”

Zhang Ruochen frowned and looked up. He smiled, as Yin and Yang Ocean was bustling and becoming more chaotic.

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