God-level Bodyguard in The City

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Tom Yum Goong VS Spicy Hot Pot

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Outside the Emergency Building of the best hospital in Linhai City, Li Changxiu stopped his car before the doorway with a drift. And before he opened car door, Fang Shiquan, who was standing on the back, had already rushed out and ran inside along the signposts, and even slipped.

And when seeing that Fang Yuan whose head was bandaged like a ball was eating some food, he felt much relieved.

"Hello, uncle." Lin Fan greeted him politely beside the bed.

Fang Shiquan actually knew he was Fang Yuan's senior, so he nodded as a response.

"Does it still hurt? Do you feel uncomfortable? Is this the patients' set meals? It looks so disgusting. I asked auntie Yang to make you some soup. She'll send it later. Besides, the environment is so bad. Is the bed sheet new? Why is there blood stains on it? Nurse! Where is the nurse? I want to get my daughter transferred! I want a single room!"

"Forget it. Even a single room wouldn't be good enough in such a shitty hospital. Let's go home. I have contacted experts in the capital. They are flying here with the nurses. Let's go home now. We've got enough servants and maids. And it's both clean and bioclean." Fang Shiquan kept nagging. And seeing him, one would know why Fang Yuan couldn't eat the 20 yuan beef noodles.

"Hey! Can't you calm yourself down? The doctor said I'm OK. I just had three stitches on the back of my head. And I can leave the day after tomorrow." Fang Yuan looked her dad with contempt. But seriously, she felt quite warm in her heart on seeing him so worried about her.

While the father and daughter were bickering, Li Changxiu already walked to Shen Ming's side, leaning on a pillar not far from the bed.

"Is that you? The explosion at the parking lot in IKEA? The police caught an armed hooligan, but the casualty was zero. You're still so powerful like a monster as before. If it had been me, I wouldn't have been able to get myself out of it." Said Li Changxiu, with a smile.

"Who is that man?" Shen Ming wasn't listening to Li Changxiu at all, but watching that jacket man beside her bed.

"It's Lin Fan, Yuan's senior in her Muay Thai class. He left three years ago. I heard he went to challenge the king of Muay Thai in Thailand, but lost. That boy is not bad, has nice kung fu. We could only break even if we have a real fight."

"About three years ago, one month before he left, a mob of hooligans kidnapped Yuan, and thanks to Lin Fan, she was saved." Lin Changxiu talked about the past, "The boss likes this kid. He meant to train him. But he knew nothing but Muay Thai. And cultural classed sucked. Even not qualified to be a bodyguard. So he boss gave him some money and let him leave."

"Got it." Shen Ming said no more. Then he happened to have eye contact with Fang Yuan. Angry Fang Yuan immediately looked away like he was a stranger. But Lin Fan said hello to Shen Ming, smiling.

Shortly afterwards, Fang Shiquan came before Shen Ming, and said with gratitude, "Thank you so much for taking care of my daughter these days. I've heard of it. Without you, my daughter wouldn't have survived in IKEA."

Speaking of which, Fang Shiquan took out the check book, "But since you has exposed your identity, I think we should terminate the contract ahead of time."

"But what about Xin Lian Sheng" Shen Ming asked.

"Xin Lian Sheng is not a threat now. I asked a friend to talk to their boss. So they dare not make trouble for us anymore. Here is a million, as your pay." Fang Shiquan slipped the check in Shen Ming's pocket.

"I never do my job halfway. And I won't accept extra pay." Shen Ming took out the check and tore the one million check into pieces in front of Fang Shiquan.

"Why are you so stubborn? Let me put it straight. Yuanyuan said she hates you and wants you to leave her alone. For the sake of both of you, you'd better take it and cancel the contract." Fang Shiquan then was writing another check.

"It's 15 days on the contract, so I will protect her 15 days. It wouldn't be 15 days even with one second less. Don't pay me now. I will go to you for the 300,000 after I fulfill my job. If you don't like me, you can ask someone to take me down. But for your record, you should find someone who can do that."

Speaking of which, Shen Ming sat on the floor with his arms crossed, wearing an indifferent face.

"Are you nuts? You don't want a million but three hundred thousand?" Fang Shiquan felt like a fishbone stuck in his throat. He had seen so many people all his life, but none of which was this kind who didn't like money.

Finally Fang Shiquan had learn to compromise, promising to let her daughter stay in hospital, and also not to drive Shen Ming away.

Shen Ming was sitting on the floor like a still rock, staring at the Fang Yuan's bed.

Whenever Fang Yuan did some checks, he'd follow her five meters behind. And when she went to the bathroom, he'd wait at the door. Fang Yuan ever blamed him, beat him and even kicked him, but he still wouldn't leave.

Finally she called the securities and tried to use force. But Shen Ming hit his head on the pillar beside him, even with a tile knocked out, and his head was immediately covered in blood. Now he was also a patient, and had a reason to stay in hospital.

He was like a sticky candy which she could never get rid of. One day later, Fang Yuan just ignored him.

"Why would you do this? Why are you trying to humiliate yourself?" said Xiao Yi on the phone after heaving a sigh.

"That man…is a spy from Xin Lian Sheng." Shen Ming was pulling at a bottle of glucose. That was his supper.

"Do you have any proof?"

"The proof is the coincidence. That guy happened to be there. It's not a film. There wouldn't be such an idle hero."

"But according to what you said, they could kill Fang Yuan directly. Why bother to send a spy?" It was the first time Xiao Yi doubted Shen Ming's judgment.

"No idea for now. Maybe their boss likes watching Infernal Affairs." Shen Ming fell asleep leaning on the pillar.

On the morning of the third day, Fang Yuan was finally discharged. Fang Shiquan was too busy to come, but still he asked someone to send her flowers.

Lin Fan had been with all these days, as thoughtful as her husband. After packing up all her stuff, he sent Fang Yuan home. And the ghost-like Shen Ming had been following her. He even stinks after not having brushed his teeth, washed his face or changed his clothes for three days, like a junkman.

Fang Yuan arrived at the door of her house, but Shen Ming didn't mean to leave at all.

"You wait here." Fang Yuan said to Lin Fan and then turned to Shen Ming, "Hey! Are you done of your drama? I'm not in the mood of playing games with you. I'm begging you. Could you please leave me alone?"

"No. Before the contract expires, I will always be your bodyguard." Shen Ming said with a flat tone.

"I don't need your fucking protection? Ever heard of the prompt tone of an ATM? Problem solved, and you are a useless dog now. Get out of here!" Fang Yuan shouted.

"I'm not a dog. I'm just doing my job."

"You know I wanna slap you right in the face" Fang Yuan shouted.

"As you like. But don't use the right hand, OK?"

"Why is that?"

"Your right shoulder is wounded, so don't try to do physical work recently, or it may leave sequel." Shen Ming's words shocked Fang Yuan.

"Who the hell are you?" Fang Yuan was so angry that she even lost her tongue.

"The best bodyguard ever!" And speaking of which, Shen Ming sat at the door leaning on the guard bars and kept playing as her raunchy bodyguard.

"Idiot! I don't have time for you." After getting into her own room, Fang Yuan shut the door, "I wanna take a bath."

Speaking of which, she had already rushed into the bathroom without taking any change of clothes. She stood in the shower room, leaving her tears flowing away with the hot water.

After an hour's shower, Lin Fan had already prepared all the dishes. It was "Tom Yum Goong", a kind of spicy and sour hot pot from Thailand.

"Come on. Have a try of the cooking skills I have learnt these years." Lin Fan laid all the bowls and chopsticks with a charming smile on his face.

Fang Yuan went to her room to get changed. Sitting before a short desk she bought with Shen Ping, she picked up the china bowl Shen Ming bought. Even the chopsticks were complimentary, which Fang Yuan didn't like at all.

"Come on. Eat some mushrooms. It should be cooked well now." Lin Fan put a slice in her bowl.

Fang Yuan had a bite. It tasted sour and spicy, just like what she ate in Bangkok. But…it also reminded Fang Yuan of the spicy hot pot which had ever made her cry.

"Fang Yuan, have you got something on your mind? Tell me if anything is bothering you, just like before. You've never kept anything from me. Is it because of the guy outside? I'm gonna take him down now. I don't care whether he is a bodyguard or a commando! I'm gonna break his legs now." Speaking of which, Lin Fan put down his bowl and chopsticks.

"Don't!" Fang Yuan grasped Lin Fan's hand nervously, "Don't bother about such a useless dog. I'm just a little scared, and I feel a little tired after staying in hospital the days."

"Then eat some more. Here. Eat some shrimps." Lin Fan kept refilling her bowl.

"Oh, how was everything in Thailand in the past three years?" Fang Yuan asked while forcing a smile.

"No bad. I learnt some cooking skills, and plan to be a cook."

"Stop it! How could be any other job except boxing?" Fang Yuan punched on Lin Fan's hard chest slightly while smiling.

"To be honest, it was really not bad, but I'm really not used to the food out there. I missed home. So that's why I'm here."

"Actually my mom and I went to see that match between you and the King of Muay Thai. We were in the VIP room. You could've dodged his last deadly punch. It was really a shame." Fang Yuan heaved a sigh.

"Alas, forget about that. When I first went there, I often had a running stomachache because I was not acclimatized. And I was not feeling well that day, so I lost."

"But anyway, I am all good now." Lin Fan made a pose of Muay Thai then. If he threw this punch, it'd be so fast that the wind it made would split the Tom Yum Goong noodles, "And I've made friends with some Muay Thai masters, and I've become stronger now."

"If our master were here, he would be very happy for you." Fang Yuan said sadly. Their master was her most respected man.

"Don't mention that man!" Lin Fan suddenly shouted, but immediately calmed down, "He has passed away. Let's talk about something else."

Yuan thought he just couldn't accept the fact that their master was dead, after all he was their master's favorite disciple.

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