God-Like Extraction

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Here Comes The Simp


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All of them?

Su Jingxing was momentarily stunned. Then, coming back to his senses, he lowered his voice and said, “Sure, but you have to pay for the transfer fee.”

“No problem!”

The tubby man seemed slightly anxious. “Can we get to the transferring already?”


“Alright,” granted Su Jingxing. He swiftly packed up his wares and headed to the management committee with the tubby man.

Su Jingxing had returned to the management committee to settle the payment after an extremely fast deal, but the staff there didn’t ask anything.

Such was nothing but an everyday occurrence.

This was one of the features of the black market.

Once somebody sees an item they fancied, they would often close the deal in seconds.

Su Jingxing’s case was by no means an exception.

After confirming the transaction amount, the tubby man paid the transaction fee and transferred 90,000 Great Yu dollars to Su Jingxing’s card through the bank’s secure payment service.

Each pill cost 300, and he sold a total of three hundred pills, amounting to exactly ninety thousand Great Yu dollars!

Upon receiving a text notification, Su Jingxing immediately handed all the Essence Energy Pills to the tubby man.

The man inspected the pills to make sure the number was right, then strode away.

After leaving the black market, Su Jingxing boarded a bus.

He alighted after a few stops to board another bus, and repeated this process twice. When he was sure that he wasn’t being followed, he removed his cloak and mask and headed for the Western District.

90,000 Great Yu dollars was enough for Su Jingxing to rent a room and live on for a while.

The money had come to him like a free lunch.

As to the intention of the tubby man who bought all of Essence Energy Pills—whether he was going to consume or resell them—Su Jingxing couldn’t care less.

The sooner he got rid of it, the sooner he could be at ease.

Buses in Qinghe City ran until 11 pm.

After closing a fast deal and changing two buses, it was only 10 pm.

There was no hurry for him to return to the dormitory at this time.

After putting away his cloak and mask, Su Jingxing came out of an alley and strolled towards a nearby bus stop.

There weren’t many people waiting at the bus stop, since it was far from the main road.

Including Su Jingxing, there were only five people.

No one spoke, and they all stood under different memorial arches, gazing at the distant road.

As they waited for the bus…

“That bast*rd Wei Zhongting finally died.”

A hushed voice suddenly came from the street lamp ten meters to the left of the bus number sign.

The mention of “Wei Zhongting” made Su Jingxing look over his shoulders subconsciously.

Three people stood beneath the street lamp, smoking and whispering.

One of them was a tall, muscular man with a fierce face. His aura was slightly overpowering.

A martial artist!

“Heh, it’s long overdue. Now that he’s dead, everything in his house belongs to us.”

“Hey, is the chick coming out soon?”

“Probably. Dumb girl made a secret trip here to plead for help. Thinks she found herself a protector. Bummer! The person she’s looking for isn’t Wei Zhongting’s good brother anymore. Not since he died.”

“Well, duh. I heard he’s also trying to get a piece of the Wei family’s business. Stupid girl’s walking into the wolf’s mouth like a lost sheep.”

“Rather than letting someone else enjoy her, why not let us have the honors instead!”

“Heh heh heh…”

The three of them laughed sinisterly.

Moments later, the fierce-looking man received a text. He motioned to the others and shouted, “Get moving! She’s coming!”

With that, the three of them walked away from the street lamp and headed for a small alley.

Under the bus stop sign, Su Jingxing’s eyes glimmered. He had overheard the conversation between the three men.

Wei Zhongting?

The rightful owner of the Seven Steps Fist—Wei Zhongting’s descendant—was being targeted?

Su Jingxing took stock of the situation for a brief moment, then decided he would go take a look.

Immediately, he left the bus stop and walked towards the alley.

“Huff… Huff…”

Wei Jiajia, who was running away with all her might, could not feel the cold at all. However, the pain in her chest was intensifying, and her knees were growing more numb with each passing second.

Her body was swaying in rhythm with her rapid breathing, and the road ahead of her felt endless.

Just as she was about to throw in the towel…


A huge force struck her from the back.

Wei Jiajia lost her balance and fell forward. She fell on the hard ground, scraping her palms in the process.

Before she could scream in pain, another heavy blow came to her back.

A foot was stepping down hard on her back, and heavy breathing came to her ears.

“F*ucking… B*tch… Let’s see… how you escape now!” said the fierce-faced muscular man bitterly, gasping for air as he drove his foot into Wei Jiajia’s back.

His lackeys—equally out of breath—were bent over with their hands on their legs.

“B-Boss, we can’t… we can’t let this b*tch off easy.”

“Yeah, let’s make her pay!”

“Huff…” The fierce-faced muscular man had caught his breath. As he slowly straightened his body, an evil smile formed on his face. “You don’t have to tell me. She’s definitely paying. I mean, such a pretty little face… Wouldn’t it be a shame if I don’t show her some love before sending her to reunite with her dead father?”

“Hehehe…” The two subordinates laughed vilely.

“Don’t… don’t you dare touch me!”

Pressed to the ground, Wei Jiajia’s expression changed drastically upon hearing their words. As she struggled, she hurriedly yelled, “If you dare touch me, when Eldest Senior Brother returns, he will definitely make you pay with your lives!”

“Eldest Senior Brother?” sneered the fierce-faced muscular man. Smiling, he said disdainfully, “By now, your Eldest Senior Brother should be laying in his grave!”

“Nonsense! Eldest Senior Brother wouldn’t die!” said Wei Jiajia defiantly, clutching tightly onto her last hope.

“Heh! Even if he’s alive, he won’t be here to save you!” said the fierce-faced muscular man coldly. A sinister smile flashed across his face as he swung his hand down to signal his henchmen.. “Hold her still. After I’m done, I’ll let you guys have your turn!”

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