God-Like Extraction

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Eldest Senior Brother

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“Thanks, boss!”

The two henchmen rushed to her sides with vile smiles on their faces.

“Be patient, sweetie. We’ll show you a damn good time later!”

“Heh heh heh…”


The two of them got down to pinning Wei Jiajia—who was screaming and struggling—to the ground.

“Keep her there,” instructed the fierce-faced man, grinning wickedly as he started taking off his trousers.

When his pants were halfway down, he suddenly froze.

Whirling around, he lifted his head up to look.

A person wearing a black cloak had popped out in the alley. No one knew when he got there.

Only his eyes were revealed through a mask.

“Who are you?” asked the fierce-faced man as he put his trousers back on. He then thundered in a low voice: “I’m with the Dagger Gang. You better think twice about messing with us!”

Su Jingxing remained silent.

Wei Jiajia, who was pinned to the ground, heard the commotion and looked over her shoulders with an effort. When she saw the cloaked Su Jingxing, she couldn’t contain her joy.

Struggling, she shouted, “Kind sir! I thank you for saving…”

“Saving my ass!”

The fierce-faced man stomped her viciously on the head, provoking a scream. Half of her face was pressed against the ground, and she dared not move again.


Seeing this, Su Jingxing took a step forward.

“Back off!” warned the fierce-faced man.”You better back off before I f*ck you u… F*cking hell, get him!”

Seeing that Su Jingxing was unfazed, the fierce-faced man swung his hand down forcefully, signaling his henchmen to intercept Su Jingxing.

The two of them roared a war cry and charged at Su Jingxing with daggers in hand.

“Go to hel…”

Thud! Thud!

With two dull thuds, the two men who were rushing towards Su Jingxing were sent flying back before they could even touch him. They crashed to the ground, groaning in pain.

“Son of a b*tch!”

The fierce-faced man was livid. Letting out a bellow, he produced two daggers and charged at Su Jingxing, leaving Wei Jiajia on the ground.

He was much stronger than his henchmen.

Not only was he close to reaching the eighth-grade, his dagger techniques were well-cultivated. He let out a ferocious aura as he ran.

Su Jingxing took him face-on, tensing his body and adjusting his footwork.

One step, two, three…

In the blink of an eye, he had taken five steps!

It was so fast that it exceeded the speed of the fierce-faced man.

While he was taking the steps, he nimbly dodged the dagger and unleashed all of the power that had accumulated in his fist at the chest of the fierce-faced man who was about to reach him.



The sound of bones breaking resounded through the alley.

The fierce-faced man spat out a mouthful of blood as his large body was propelled into the air. He flew over Wei Jiajia and a couple more meters before crashing into the ground. Trembling uncontrollably with blood flowing out from the corner of his lips, it was difficult for him to even let loose a scream.

A yawning hole had opened up in his chest, exposing his entirely-cracked bones and shattered inner organs. Blood was spurting and flowing out in gushes.

One punch!

He had 3000 catties of strength, and with the multiplier from Seven Steps Fist, he was able to exert ten thousand catties of strength.

A single punch had put the fierce-faced man at death’s door.

His two henchmen who were howling in pain earlier were stunned by what they saw.

They stopped yelling and lay on the ground blankly, looking at Su Jingxing in fear.

Wei Jiajia was equally shocked.

Even Su Jingxing himself was shocked by the power of this punch.

He had practiced the “Seven Steps Fist” for ten years in the Martial Arts Practice Space, but since this was his first time in actual combat, he did not hold back and unleashed the maximum power of ten thousand catties.

This amount of power was enough to deal with a seventh-grade martial artist.

Still, he didn’t expect the fierce-faced man to go down in just one punch!

“Seven… Seven Steps Fist!”

In the silence, Wei Jiajia snapped back to her senses and got up from the ground. She shifted her gaze to Su Jingxing and exclaimed in surprise, “The move you just used was Seven Steps Fist! Are you a student of my Wei Family’s dojo?”

Su Jingxing remained silent.

Retracting his fist, he turned around and left.

“Wait,” requested Wei Jiajia, catching up to him.

Su Jingxing broke into a run.

Saving a mistress in distress was one thing, but Su Jingxing wanted nothing to do with Wei Family dojo.

Ignoring Wei Jiajia, he sprinted away.

Before long, Su Jingxing got rid of Wei Jiajia. After removing his cloak and mask, he hailed a taxi instead of taking the bus, and headed straight to the crematorium.

Huff, huff, huff…

After a long chase, Wei Jiajia stopped in her tracks, realizing that her target was nowhere in sight. She leaned against a street lamp and gasped for air.

Who was that? Who could it have been?

Not only was he able to use the Seven Steps Fist, he took five out of seven steps! Just who was he?

Is he one of Grandpa’s disciples? A student from the dojo?

Wei Jiajia let loose her imagination as she panted.

Students were different from disciples.

Students could learn a martial art by paying a school fee, and were free to leave anytime they inclined to.

Of course, such people were not allowed to learn advanced martial arts.

Disciples were different; they were considered part of the lineage, giving them access to authentic secret manuals.

A teacher for a day, a teacher for a lifetime.

If the Wei Family did not have any descendants, a disciple even held the power to carry on its legacy.

When Grandpa Wei was still alive, he had taken in two disciples.

One of them, after mastering the fist technique, left for the world outside. He hadn’t returned in more than ten years.

The second was a vain man who enjoyed brawling. He was assaulted and beaten into a cripple after Grandpa Wei passed on.

When Wei Jiajia’s father was head of the dojo, he had also taken in a disciple.

Wei Jiajia’s Eldest Senior Brother.

Her Eldest Senior Brother was very talented, and was already an eighth-grade martial artist at the young age of twenty. However, when Wei Jiajia turned ten, he left for the outside world and never returned.

If Uncle-Master and Eldest Senior Brother were still around, the Wei Family dojo would be in safe hands even if Wei Zhongting died.

But now, the dojo had been deserted by all its students, and a bunch of people coveted Wei family’s business.

These vile people… when Eldest Senior Brother returns…

But wait, he’s already back!

Recollecting how Su Jingxing had fatally wounded the fierce-faced man with a single punch, Wei Jiajia’s eyes lit up. She made up her mind.

Eldest Senior Brother is back!

The Seven Steps Fist user was definitely Eldest Senior Brother!

At the time of the Wei Family’s Dojo’s crisis, Eldest Senior Brother had returned to stand up for them…

No, it was more than that. He was ready to become their supporting pillar!

To be able to take five steps while executing the Seven Steps Fist—how could any ordinary person boast of such talent and perseverance?

It had to be her Eldest Senior Brother!

With the crippled fierce-faced man as evidence, Wei Jiajia was certain she could convince others about her theory.

Su Jingxing, who had returned to his dormitory, had no idea about his newly-imposed identity as the Wei Family Dojo’s “Eldest Senior Brother” and future “supporting pillar”.

With only 90,000 Great Yu dollars in hand, buying a house was out of the question; but it was more than enough for him to rent a place.

He had no need for a villa; a small courtyard located in the Western District would suffice.

To that end, after handing over his shift the following afternoon, he went to a real estate agency in the Western District to search for a suitable house.

After getting the details from Su Jingxing, the agent brought him to view a few places in person.

The small courtyards in the Western District were mostly owned by locals.

It was spread across a large area, where the population was quite dense.

Su Jingxing had specially requested for a corner area. After viewing three places, he finally found a suitable one.

However, he grew a little hesitant when he learned the identity of the landlord…

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