God of Fishing

Chapter 1717 - Heavenly South Auction

Chapter 1717 Heavenly South Auction

Han Fei had participated in auctions before.

Han Fei had participated in auctions when he was on the Scattered Stars Island. He spent so much money that he almost had a nosebleed.

However, the standard of the Scattered Stars Island was very different from here.

The auction here was held underground. Whether it was from the Myriad Treasure Pavilion or the Myriad Treasure Tower, there was a direct passage to the auction house.

Han Fei and the others took the “elevator” directly from the Myriad Treasure Tower.

Tian’er said, “Sir, because you made a big deal in the Heavenly South Myriad Treasures Pavilion, the manager specially arranged an independent auction room for you. The room has an independent shield array that even Venerables can’t detect. Of course, if you don’t mind, you can remove the array.”

Han Fei smiled. “Great.”

Han Fei thought to himself, As expected of a big city. The specifications are indeed different.

When Han Fei arrived at the so-called private room, he found that although the room was not big, it was quite elegantly-furnished. There was tea on the table.

Tian’er said, “Sir, this is Heavenly Treasure Dew and Vein Opening Tea specially bought from the Medicine King World. Please enjoy. If you have any orders, please call me.”

However, Han Fei frowned slightly and said casually, “Give me a new tea set. This pot of tea is yours.”


Tian’er was stunned. This pot of tea was worth a hundred ultra-quality spiritual stones! How could he throw it away so easily?

However, Tian’er was indeed delighted.

These days, Han Fei and the others didn’t need her at all, so they didn’t give her any tips.

Unexpectedly, when the auction began, the other party felt that the Medicine King World’s precious tea was not good enough and gave it all to her…

At this moment, Tian’er knew why the steward asked her to serve Han Fei and company. She was new to the Myriad Treasures Pavilion and was still too weak. If she served such a guest, this pot of tea would be enough for her to enter the Law Enforcer realm. Perhaps she could even quickly stabilize the Law Enforcer realm.

A moment later, a brand new tea set was served.

Han Fei waved his hand and the Earth Vein Spring Water appeared in the pot.

As for Nian’er’s cup, Han Fei specially put a few drops of demonic energy essence in it. Then Han Fei began to drink the remaining bottle of demonic energy essence.

Perhaps it was because of the improvement of his bloodline that his life level and potential had improved too. The power that Old Yuan had given him previously was slowly being absorbed.

At this rate, only about a month later, he could ask Old Yuan to release a little more.

Tian’er was shocked. Is that… Earth Vein Spring Water?

She felt that she was crazy. She had only seen a small bottle of Earth Vein Spring Water in the five months she had been in the Myriad Treasures Pavilion, but Han Fei drank it as tea? Was this the world of the strong?

The Heavenly South Auction House was divided into three levels.

Among them, there were countless private rooms. Those with status were basically on the top floor with a total of 36 rooms. There were 72 rooms on the middle floor, and the bottom floor was the hall.

In fact, there were many rich people who were in the hall. These people purely came to seek treasures.

A skinny old man was hosting the auction. His strength had actually reached the peak of the Venerable realm. Obviously, this also showed the power of the Myriad Treasure Pavilion in Thunder City.

To be able to control such a big scene in the Myriad Treasure Pavilion, he certainly had a Half-King behind him. Perhaps it was even related to the Master of Thunder Fire.

The old man introduced, “Everyone, I’m Zhou Qinglei from the Myriad Treasures Pavilion of the Thunder City. Today, I’ll host the Heavenly South Auction. Today, there are a few extraordinary treasures about to be revealed. You may feast your eyes on them.”

This old man was so mysterious.

Immediately, someone said, “Master Qing, can you tell us what the treasures are?”

The old auctioneer smiled faintly. “Don’t worry. Even if I tell you, you don’t know what they are!”


Many people in the hall laughed. Someone said, “You’re only a Half-Venerable. Can you afford a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure?”

Someone sneered. “Forget about the Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure. You might not be able to buy an ultra-quality Divine weapon with all your wealth.”

Han Fei couldn’t see the situation in other private rooms, so he glanced at Tian’er. “Go out and wait. I’ll call you if I need you.”

Tian’er said, “Yes! Customer.”

Han Fei sat at the table, drinking and waiting. The auction started in advance.

Zhou Qinglei said, “Everyone, we can’t be slow today. The Heavenly South Auction always has treasures to tell. Please pay attention. Next is the first item…”

A platform covered in red silk appeared in front of Zhou Qinglei.

Someone immediately said, “It’s indeed the usual auction style. It’s an ultra-quality divine weapon.”

Zhou Qinglei smiled and raised the red silk.

Immediately, green light flashed and thunder arcs flashed. Zhou Qinglei shouted, “The first auction item is an ultra-quality divine weapon, the Purple Lightning Green Fire Hook. It’s an offensive weapon that can break through evil aura. It has a powerful suppressing effect on undead creatures and evil energy. The starting price is 10,000 ultra-quality spirit stones.”

Someone said with a smile, “It’s always like this. The ultra-quality Divine weapon should have been worth at least 20,000 ultra-quality spiritual stones, but they only bid 10,000 in the beginning. Isn’t the atmosphere here hot enough? Let me warm it up. I’ll pay 20,000.”

Someone sneered. “Humph, Add ten thousand ultra-quality spiritual stones at one go? You think you are rich? Twenty-one thousand.” Someone shouted, “Twenty-two thousand…”

“Twenty-three thousand…”

“Thirty thousand.” Seeing this scene, Han Fei felt that he was too stingy before. Were the people in the outside world so rich? ultra-quality spiritual stones! Spend twenty to thirty thousand of them at a time. How much spiritual energy was that?


In the end, Zhou Qinglei shouted, “Purple Thunder Green Fire Hook, 38,000 once, 38,000 twice… Deal.”

After the deal was made, the atmosphere was even more heated. Zhou Qinglei raised his head and looked up. The people above did not bid, especially the people at the top floor. Until now, no one had bid. It seemed that the treasures were still not good enough. Zhou Qinglei waved his hand, and a purple fishing rod appeared. “The second auction item is the Purple Dragon Void Shattering Rod. This rod is forged with the blood-colored Purple Dragon Bone, with the Heavenly Thunder God Iron as the hook and the Heavenly Carp’s whisker as the silk. It was forged in 49 days by a six-star refiner in the Thunder City. The starting price is 20,000…”

“Hiss! Heavenly Thunder God Iron as the hook? Isn’t it said that the Heavenly Thunder God Iron is forged by the Master of Thunder Fire?”

“Damn, I’ll definitely take this rod. I’ll pay 25,000.”

“It’s rare to see a blood-colored purple dragon. This pole is good for cultivating a Hook Kill Technique. I’ll take it. Thirty thousand.”


This time, someone from the top level made a move.

Anyway, Han Fei didn’t know who it was. As soon as the man opened his mouth, he offered 50,000 ultra-quality spiritual stones, which shocked everyone and the fishing rod was easily taken by him.

Logically speaking, although the fishing rod was good, as one became stronger and stronger, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to use such a strong fishing rod unless they encountered extremely strong fishing techniques and hook killing techniques. However, Han Fei couldn’t help but sigh. Refiners made so much money! They seemed to be making money even faster than him.

Han Fei couldn’t help but click his tongue in wonder. In the end, he knew too little of the world before. Fortunately, he had been in the outside world for a while. If it were before, he would have been shocked by the massive amount of resources.


As if to attract the upper-class guests to make a move, this auction started with five ultra-quality Divine weapons. In order to take care of the people in the hall, more than 20 high-quality Divine weapons, heaven-level ultra-quality cultivation techniques, Venerable-level cultivation techniques, and top-quality spiritual fruits were thrown out.

But Han Fei was getting impatient. When Zhou Qinglei saw that someone on the top floor had activated the array, he frowned and knew it was time.

The old man shouted, “Guys, what’s next is really rare.”

A small bottle appeared on the platform.

Zhou Qinglei spread out his hands and looked around. “There are three pills in this bottle. These are the Heavenly Power Pills refined by a Half-King in the Medicine King World. After taking them, within three months, your understanding of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and your affinity with the power of the Great Dao will double. Whether it’s practicing cultivation techniques, great techniques, body tempering, or absorbing the power of chaos, the effect will double. Seeing is believing. In order to prevent any loss of medicinal effect, it will be specially displayed for ten breaths.”


“Heavenly Power Pill? That’s a divine medicine for Venerables!”

Someone said, “What do you know? That’s a divine medicine for those below the Venerable realm. It’s said that anyone who consumes it can definitely break through a realm.”

Someone said, “However, it’s also very useful for Venerables. It’s said that this one can save ten years of hard work.”

Zhou Qinglei opened the box, and a golden pill floated in the air, and information appeared in Han Fei’s eyes.

<Name> Heavenly Power Pill

<Introduction> An auxiliary cultivation pill refined by an alchemist with a wisp of Chaotic Qi and 300 precious materials. After taking it, your potential will be stimulated and you can cultivate quickly in a short period of time.

<Level> Venerable

< Quality > Ultra-Quality <Chaotic Qi> One wisp

<Note> The effect on advanced Venerables and above is average.

When Han Fei saw the last description, he smiled. It was useless even for advanced Venerables, let alone him.

Moreover, this thing looked expensive. It would cost at least 50,000 ultra-quality spirit stones. He couldn’t buy it and give it to Xiao Se, right? After all, Old Yuan didn’t need it. Old Yuan was an emperor. Han Fei was not interested, but the audience was shouting crazily. Even on the top floor, more than half of the private rooms had begun to bid.

Someone shouted, “Sixty thousand.”

“Seventy thousand.”

“Seventy-five thousand.”

“Eighty thousand.” “A hundred thousand.”

Suddenly, someone shouted in the private room next to Han Fei.

The three pills were directly quoted at a sky-high price of 100,000 ultra-quality spirit stones, shocking everyone present.

A young man walked out of the private room. There was a line of fire between his eyebrows and five colors spinning behind him.

“Hiss! It’s a Five Elements Disciple.” “What? Such a heavenly talent is also participating in the Heavenly South Auction?”

“He has already shown himself. It seems that we can’t compete for the Heavenly Power Pill.”

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