God of Fishing

Chapter 1718 - Spend Money Like Water

Chapter 1718 Spend Money Like Water

The auction of the Heavenly Power Pill pushed the auction to its climax.

In the end, the Five Elements Disciples obtained the three Heavenly Power Pills.


Han Fei called out, and Tian’er immediately walked in and said respectfully, “Sir, what can I do for you?”

Han Fei said casually, “Tell me about the Five Elements Disciples.”

Tian’er was slightly stunned. She thought to herself, Since the guest is so rich and strong, how can he not know the Five Elements Disciples?

However, she was just a waitress. If a customer asked, she would answer.

Tian’er said, “The Five Elements Disciples are disciples of the Five Elements World. In the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds, some kings of the Heavenly Palace personally teach disciples. This Five Elements Disciple is called Ban Yi, and he has the strength of an intermediate peak-level Venerable. It is said that he can fight across realms and control the five elements at the same time. He is recognized as a Heavenly Talent in the thirteen worlds in the outer domain for close combat and long-range combat. Even in the thirteen worlds in the inner domain, some people say that he can be ranked in the top ten in his realm.”

“Huh? How many people are like this guy in the Five Elements World?”

Tian’er said, “I don’t know about that, but there are three Five Elements Disciples who have appeared.”

“Okay! Alright, you can leave now!”

“Yes, Customer.”

After Tian’er left, Nian’er said, “Brother, it sounds awesome. He can control five elements. But I can only control time…”

Han Fei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You can control time. Even if he can control a hundred elements, he will be no match for you. Nian’er, you have to remember that the Great Dao of Time is one of the most powerful Great Daos in the world. Don’t underestimate yourself.”



While Han Fei listened to Tian’er’s explanation, Zhou Qinglei took out another bottle of pills.

Amidst the exclamations, someone was shocked. “What? Triple Dao Pattern Pill?”

While Han Fei was wondering about the pill, Zhou Qinglei said with a smile, “It seems that you’ve long heard of it. As the name implies, the Triple Dao Pattern Pill is a supreme pill that has experienced the Pill Tribulation. Also, the triple dao patterns mean that it has experienced triple pill tribulations. It’s only one step away from four dao patterns. You can evaluate its value. This pill has a spirit and can’t be displayed. Its effect is mainly to improve one’s physique, strengthen one’s Qi, blood, and physique, which will greatly help one break through. You can trust the credibility of the Myriad Treasures Pavilion… The starting price of this pill is 100,000 ultra-quality spiritual stones.”

“Hiss “

Han Fei gasped. F*ck, is alchemy so profitable? The starting price is 100,000? Then won’t it be 200,000 in the end?

Spending hundreds of thousands of ultra-quality spirit stones in exchange for a pill? Was there something wrong with his brain?

However, the old turtle suddenly said, “Buy


Han Fei immediately said, “No, isn’t this a bit expensive? He didn’t even show it to me.”

The old turtle said, “This Triple Dao Pattern Pill should be a third-level Tribulation Pill from the Age of Gods. It contains the rules of the Heavenly Dao, and the power of the Great Dao is rich, which is not comparable to ordinary pills. Although I don’t know which aspect this pill focuses on, it can’t be wrong to buy it.”

Han Fei asked, “What is the Pill Tribulation?”

The old turtle said, “If you are that pill, then the Pill Tribulation represents the Heavenly Tribulation.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. “So it’s a pill that has passed the Heavenly Tribulation?”.

The old turtle sneered. “This is nothing. If a pill transcends six Pill Tribulations, it can even transform into a living creature. Therefore, in the Age of Gods, alchemists made much more money than refiners.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was speechless. Old Jiang seemed to know how to refine pills too. However, he didn’t know that refining pills could be so profitable! If he had known that refining pills was so profitable, he might have changed his profession.

However, this time, many people in the hall looked at the private rooms upstairs. Ordinary people couldn’t afford such a divine pill.

Next to Han Fei, the disciple of the Five Elements World shouted, “For such a treasure, you only need to auction within a small range. I offer 150,000.”

The audience was in an uproar.

However, most people had already expected this outcome.

If one didn’t have money, he couldn’t participate in such a high-end auction.

As soon as Ban Yi finished shouting, someone said, “160,000.”

A woman added, “It’s meaningless to raise the price like this. 200,000. Don’t bid below this price.”

Then, Ban Yi shouted, “210,000.” At this moment, one private room on the top floor directly removed the seal. A familiar voice sounded, “250,000. I want this Triple Dao Pattern Pill.”

This was none other than the Heavenly Talent of the Golden Crow World, Jin Quan.

The pupils of the Five Elements Disciple were immediately constricted, and he cupped his hands. “I didn’t expect the Holy Maiden of the Snow God’s Temple to come in person. The other one is probably Fellow Daoist Jin Quan from the Golden Crow World, right?”

Jin Quan smiled faintly. “Yes.”


“Even a strong master from the Golden Crow World is here?”

“Is that Ice Snow World’s Holy Maiden? Oh my, it’s said that she’s engaged to a man from the Golden Crow World. With this person’s status, I’m afraid we have no chance to get this pill.”

However, someone also sighed. “It’s already 250,000 ultra-quality spiritual stones. Even if you want to keep bidding, you won’t have the capital to do it!”

Zhou Qinglei looked around and sighed in his heart, shouting, “250,000, once. Anyone else?”

“Two hundred and fifty thousand, twice…”

When Zhou Qinglei was about to shout again, Han Fei said casually, “Two hundred and sixty thousand.”

Instantly, everyone looked at Heavenly Thunder Room 9 where Han Fei was.

Jin Quan’s smile disappeared in an instant. He said in a cold voice, “Don’t you know that our Golden Crow World has already bid?”

Han Fei said leisurely, “I know! You bid your price, and I call mine. What’s wrong?”

The entire auction house was silent. The Five Elements Disciple looked at the private room next door and thought to himself, Who is this big shot? He actually openly challenged a Golden Crow powerhouse?

Others didn’t know Jin Quan’s identity, but he knew a little about him. He was one of the candidates for the Palace Master of the Golden Crow World. How could ordinary people dare to provoke such a person?

Jin Quan said, “270,000.”

Han Fei said leisurely, “280,000.”

Jin Quan: “Three hundred thousand.”

Han Fei said casually, “310,000.”

Jin Quan suddenly stood up and looked straight at Heavenly Thunder Room 9. “Why don’t we meet? Even if you want to continue bidding, you have to prove that you have the money, right? 320,000. Do you dare to continue to compete with me?”

Han Fei laughed. “OK, then 330,000.”

Hearing it, Jin Quan’s eyes were about to spit fire. Ice Snow Chuling frowned. “Forget it. This pill is already too expensive.”

However, how could Jin Quan listen to her? He said, “Do you really have the money? 330,000 ultra-quality spiritual stones are enough to buy ten ultra-quality Divine weapons.”


All of a sudden, a three-meter-wide broken shell that looked like a door shot through the auction platform from Room 9.

Han Fei asked leisurely, “Is this enough?” Jin Quan sneered. “What makes you think this shell fragment worth 330,000 ultra-quality spiritual stones?”

It had become a contest between Jin Quan and Han Fei.

Even the Five Elements Disciple was willing to wait and was watching with interest.

Han Fei said leisurely, “What? Such a large piece of King Shell can’t even be worth hundreds of thousands of ultra-quality spiritual stones?”


When Han Fei said “King Shell”, the entire auction house exploded.

Zhou Qinglei half-squatted in front of the shell. “This, this is… a King’s Shell? Wait a minute, I’ve never seen a King’s Treasure before. Let me call someone…”

“No need. I’m here.”

A figure suddenly appeared in the auction house.

This person was 2.5 meters tall and carried a golden hammer. After landing, he flashed to the side of the shell.

Someone was surprised. “Is this Master Yue Qianchui, a seven-star refiner in Thunder City?”

“That’s right. In the entire Thunder City, there are only a handful of seven-star refiners. Lord Yue Qianchui is one of them.”

“It’s undoubtedly Lord Yue. One of the three great refiners of the Myriad Treasure Pavilion, the Heavenly South Myriad Treasure Pavilion is in the charge of Lord Yue.”



Yue Qianchui flicked his finger, and waves of air rolled. Even Explorers present ouldn’t stand steadily.

Yue Qianchui’s eyes lit up. He narrowed his eyes and his hands lit up.

The King Shell was a peerless treasure for refining Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures. If one could refine a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure, its value could never be measured with ultra-quality spirit stones.

A moment later, under Jin Quan’s threatening gaze, Yue Qianchui nodded. “Yes, this is a king’s shell. If I’m not wrong, this shell is at least an ancient mutant, which is extremely rare. Such a big piece, if converted to the market price, is worth at least 250,000 ultra-quality spirit stones.”

After all, this was only a shell fragment, and it was impossible to refine a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures with only mutant materials. Therefore, the price of 250,000 was already extremely high.


Han Fei casually threw out another shell of about the same size.

As soon as he threw out the two pieces of shell, Han Fei said leisurely, “Hey, the guy from the Golden Crow World, do you want to continue bidding? It’s fine. You can continue…”

Jin Quan couldn’t have felt worse. How could he continue? These two pieces of shell were worth nearly 500,000 ultra-quality spiritual stones. What if Han Fei still had more? If he kept bidding but Han Fei took the shell fragments back, he would suffer a great loss!

Immediately, Jin Quan snorted. “Humph, why don’t you show your face? You must have found a secret realm somewhere, right? Just wait and see…”

Facing Jin Quan’s threat, Han Fei didn’t care at all, nor did Yue Qianchui. He simply said, “Fellow Daoist from Heavenly Thunder Room 9, are you selling the king shells?” Han Fei said, “Yes.”

Yue Qianding was overjoyed. “In that case, our Heavenly South Myriad Treasures Pavilion can buy them for 500,000 ultra-quality spirit stones. It’s definitely higher than the market price. What do you think?”

Han Fei smiled. “OK.”

Han Fei was happy to make more money.

Once his life level increased and he found a body-tempering technique, the consumption of resources would definitely not be small.

Besides, he still had a bunch of such shell fragments.

However, the moment Han Fei took out the king shell, Jin Quan, the Five Elements Disciple, and some others had already set their eyes on Heavenly Thunder Room 9.

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