God of Fishing

Chapter 1719 - How Much Do You Think It’s Worth?

Chapter 1719 How Much Do You Think It’s Worth?

In fact, Han Fei didn’t care what these people thought.

Would these people target him? Then so be it!

The people present today were all very rich. A few hundred thousand ultra-quality spiritual stones was like a drizzle to them. If they didn’t target him, how could he earn money?

In the following auction, another seven or eight ultra-quality Divine weapons were taken out. And then the auction ended.

After all, the level of this auction was not high. At this moment, people had already left one after another. The auction house was not stupid. There were not many people left, so they wouldn’t take out anything good. After all, the more people there were, the easier it was for the price to be raised. If they wanted to make money, they would only wait for the next time. When everyone present had spare money, they could cut another wave of leeks.

Han Fei drank the Earth Vein Spring Water in his cup and held Nian’er’s hand. “Let’s go back.”

Xiao Se whispered, “Master Han Fei, if we go out now, I’m afraid…”

Han Fei grinned. “Don’t worry. These fish can’t eat me.”

Less than an hour later.

Someone came to Jin Quan’s side and said in a low voice, “Master, this person’s name is unknown. He lives in the southern half of the Myriad Treasure Tower’s top floor. His background shouldn’t be weak. He has a seven or eight-year-old girl and an intermediate Venerable with him.”

“It’s him?”

Jin Quan’s pupils were constricted slightly. He happened to meet someone who took a little girl. That person’s arrogant aura really annoyed him.

Jin Quan sneered and smiled coldly. “Inform Old Eight to be on standby.”

“Yes, Master.”

Jin Quan laughed in his heart. “Brat, how dare you sabotage my relationship with Chuling? You deserve to die! Poor you, your king-level materials will be all mine.

Then, Jin Quan continued, “Are you sure you can’t find out his identity?”.

The man nodded. “Young Master, I only know that this person seems to have come from the Thunder Fire Bazaar Island. As for why he is there and what his background is, I have no idea.”

Jin Quan nodded slightly. “Let’s change the direction of the investigation and see if any big ships have come to the Thunder Fire World recently. If there is, find out which heavenly palace it’s from and what level it is.”

On the other side.

The Five Elements Disciple, Ban Yi, was also listening to his men’s reporting. He murmured, “He took a little girl with him? His background unknown?”

At this moment, Han Fei was playing with a small bottle, which contained the Triple Dao Pattern Pill. In order to see what kind of pill was worth such a high price… Han Fei opened the bottle without hesitation.


The moment the bottle was opened, the fragrance filled the entire room. Han Fei felt refreshed. Just smelling the fragrance, he felt extremely comfortable from head to toe.

The pill was light red in color. Other than a strange four-sided symbol on the pill, there were three strange Dao patterns.

Information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

<Name> Third-Grade Tribulation Pill

<Introduction> An ultra-quality pill refined by an alchemist that is to transcend the heavenly tribulation. This pill contains a lot of energy and the power of the Great Dao. It can help you break through the cultivation barrier and quickly increase your strength. If you take it during the heavenly tribulation, you may be able to resist one heavenly tribulation.

<Level> Venerable

< Quality > Ultra-Quality

<Chaotic Qi> 8 wisps

<Remarks> It has miraculous effects on breaking through realms and transcending tribulations.

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. This thing is so powerful? It can even resist the Heavenly Tribulation? It seems to be a waste to use it now. I’d better keep it for now… Anyway, I don’t need to use it now.

Knock, knock, knock!


Han Fei put away the third-grade tribulation pill and replied casually, “Come in!”

In the next moment, the manager of the Myriad Treasures Pavilion walked in with Tian’er with a smile.

As soon as he came in, the manager felt that something was wrong. The medicinal fragrance here was astonishing! It seemed that Han Fei was looking at the Triple Dao Pattern Pill just now!

As for Tian’er, she immediately felt dizzy.

Han Fei casually pointed. “You’re about to make a breakthrough. Don’t hold on.” The manager said, “Thank you for your consideration.”

Then, the manager sent a voice transmission to Tian’er. The girl sat cross-legged on the ground and began her breakthrough.

The manager said, “Sir, I’m here to deliver ultra-quality spiritual stones to you. There are still 170,000 ultra-quality spiritual stones left from the two pieces of King Shell you paid earlier. In addition, Master Yue Qianchui said that after the auction, all the big ships will start to return. If you need, the Myriad Treasures Pavilion can arrange a route for you to ensure your safety.”

Han Fei thought to himself, I never need anyone to ensure my safety. Han Fei said, “Well, I just want to know how many ships in the Thunder Fire World are going to the inner domain? Which Heavenly Palaces are they going to?”

The manager thought to himself, Han Fei is indeed from the inner domain. He decided to go to the inner domain without thinking.

The manager immediately said, “Sir, after all, the Heavenly South Auction is not a large-scale auction. Therefore, there are not many ships from the inner domain this time. Currently, there are only ships to the Medicine King World and the Golden Crow World.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Does the Thunder Fire World have a ship to the Glazed Glass World?”

The manager couldn’t help but say in surprise, “The Glazed Glass World? Sir, the big ships of the Glazed Glass World, the Immeasurability World, the Sword God World, and the Supreme Mystic World are very few. They rarely come to the outer domain. However, if you go to the Medicine King World or the Golden Crow World, it’s another story.”

In other words, if you want to go to these places, you have to go to the inner domain first, because these Heavenly Palaces seem to only have intercourse with the Heavenly Palaces in the inner domain.

Just as Han Fei was considering whether he should go to the Medicine King World first or not…

Suddenly, Han Fei felt Snowmourne move slightly.

Han Fei immediately looked at the door and said to the manager, “Okay, I got it. I’ll ask Miss Tian’er to find you if I need it.”

“Okay, Sir.”

The manager seemed to have noticed Han Fei’s eyes and guessed that someone was coming. However, he didn’t release his perception to investigate. The Myriad Treasure Pavilion only did business and wouldn’t get involved in customers’ personal affairs.

For Han Fei’s convenience, the manager grabbed Tian’er and left through the void.

After the manager left, Han Fei hooked his finger and opened the seal on the door, only to see that Ice Snow Chuling came alone.

Han Fei smiled. “Please come in.”

Nian’er called, “Pretty Sister.”

Ice Snow Chuling smiled shyly at Nian’er. “You must be very beautiful when you grow up.”

After Ice Snow Chuling entered, Han Fei extended his hand and a green liquid appeared in the cup.

“Huh? Earth Vein Spring Water?”

Han Fei smiled. “I thought you wouldn’t come. I didn’t expect you to come when I was about to leave.”

Ice Snow Chuling: “May I know your name?”

Han Fei smiled. “I’m Fan Datong, a wandering refiner.”

Ice Snow Chuling: “…’

Ice Snow Chuling was lost for words. Why is there someone with this name? Also, a wandering refiner? Do you think I’m stupid?

However, it was meaningless to expose Han Fei now. So, whatever Han Fei said!

Ice Snow Chuling said, “Fellow Daoist, you said in a voice transmission that you might be able to treat my illness… Can I take it seriously?”

Han Fei glanced at the teacup in front of her, then picked up his own cup and took a sip. “How many years do you have left?”

Originally, this kind of privacy was the last thing she would tell outsiders.

However, Han Fei seemed to know her condition very well, so she didn’t hide it. She said, “About 300 years, if my condition doesn’t worsen.”

Han Fei frowned and pressed down the Snowmourne that was trembling in Forge the Universe, thinking, If I’m not mistaken, the last wisp of Ice Snow Chuling’s soul should be related to Snowmourne.

In Snowmourne, it was either the human-shaped soul body that he had forcefully absorbed, or Snowmourne itself hid secrets.

Han Fei asked, “How powerful is the Holy Maiden of the Snow God’s Temple?”


Ice Snow Chuling was dumbfounded. What does that mean?

Han Fei said, “You need to pay a lot to cure your illness.”

Ice Snow Chuling was shocked. “What? If you can heal me, I can get anything for you.”

Han Fei smiled casually. “Don’t speak too soon. At least, you will owe me a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure.”


Ice Snow Chuling looked surprised, but then said, “If you can cure me, I can think of a way to get a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure for you.”


Han Fei waved his hand and Snowmourne floated in the air.

Ice Snow Chuling lunged to her feet. A rare blush appeared on her face, and Snowmourne came up to her.

Ice Snow Chuling looked at Han Fei in shock. When she touched Snowmourne, she no longer felt weak.

At this moment, Ice Snow Chuling knew what Han Fei meant when he said that she would owe him a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure. So, his Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure could cure her illness… Then she couldn’t let him lose a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure for nothing, right?

Moreover, this Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure seemed to be very different to him.

She felt that she had seen this sword somewhere. It was a strange feeling.

She seemed to feel a sense of echo, as if something was calling to her.

She had a feeling that if the Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure recognized her as its master, her illness might be cured immediately.


Han Fei extended his hand and forcibly took back Snowmourne. No matter what, this was his sword. It almost sucked him to death when he found it.

Putting away Snowmourne, Han Fei asked, “How much do you think it’s worth?”

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