God of Slaughter

Chapter 20 - Steel Himself

Chapter 20 - Steel Himself

Stars were illuminating the dark sky, surrounding the bright crescent moon. The cool moonlight went through the tree leaves and scattered around, illuminating the quiet and dark forest.

Di Yalan and Hu Long were patrolling around, while Zhao Xin was having a rest, leaning against the tree with stable breaths, eyes closed.

Luo Hao was standing next to another ancient tree on alert, never relaxing his vigilance.

Among the dense leaves of that tree, Mu Yu Die was sleeping quietly. After a long day's journey, she was exhausted, for she couldn’t operate her Profound Qi at will.

Luo Hao looked up at Mu Yu Die, who was resting among the leaves, now and then, showing a rare tenderness in his eyes.

“Daa! Daa!”

Luo Hao’s thick eyebrows frowned, as he saw Shi Yan approaching nearby. He asked in surprise, “Still awake?”

“Yeah.” Shi Yan nodded and answered in a low tone. He stood still beside Luo Hao, and asked under his breath, “Wouldn’t it be easy for them to spot us here?”

“Of course not.” Luo Hao smiled, “There is no settled route through the forest, and demon beasts and warriors are always showing up now and then, so those from the Dark World will find it hard to distinguish our tracks. In this area, those demon beasts and warriors are whom we need to pay more attention to.”

“That is to say, they won’t find us easily.” After pondering a bit, Shi Yan asked again, “Uncle Luo, do you need to consume too much Profound Qi to release your gravitational field?”

“Why do you want to know this?” Luo Hao was puzzled.

“I want to steel myself with the help of your gravitational field. Under the gravitational field, I will have to bear a huge pressure, which will strengthen my body. I want to know my limits.” Shi Yan replied seriously. He didn’t go with the conventional path. Usual training didn’t excite him, so he seeked out passion desperately.

“To steel yourself by using my gravitational field...” Luo Hao’s eyes lit up, and he nodded, “Great idea, but are you sure you want to try it? If those emissaries found us while you were exhausted, you couldn’t even fight back.”

“I don’t plan to use my Profound QI.” Shi Yan smiled.

“To steel yourself using merely with your body?” Luo Hao was shocked.


Luo Hao fell in a deep thought for a long time, and said, “You have just reached the Nascent Realm, so it is beneficial to train your body in a proper way and get used to it. But you haven’t strengthened your body before. It is crazy that you want to train in my gravitational field without operating your Profound Qi. You’re sure you can endure that?”

“I want to try.” Shi Yan replied calmly.

“Good! Follow me.” Luo Hao nodded, and walked away without making a sound. Shi Yan followed him.

After they left in silence, Mu Yu Die, who was sleeping on the leaves, slowly opened her eyes.

Gazing at the two people beside the river from afar, Mu Yu Die was taken by surprise and puzzlement. She murmured to herself, “Just reached the Nascent Realm and he wants to steel himself under the gravitational field. Is this guy insane?”

Mu Yu Die became more and more confused as she thought about it, so much that she couldn’t fall asleep any more. Out of curiosity, she slipped down the ancient tree dexterously, and sneaked over to Shi Yan and Luo Hao, in order to see what would happen next.


“Let’s start with the gravitational field at five times normal gravity first. Generally, a Nascent Realm warrior’s body can only endure this after undergoing specialised training. You have to do what you are capable of. When you feel it is unbearable, stop the procedure at once.”

Standing still, Luo Hao added, “Since it’s your first training, run laps around me first. If you can run ten laps without using your Profound Qi, your body will strengthen. Remember, do within your limits!”

After his speech, a violent wave broke out from Luo Hao’s body all at once.

In an instant, centering about Luo Hao, the gravity surged by five times! The area around him seemed to have collapsed. The air had become so heavy that one could hardly breathe.

An invisible pressure suddenly surrounded him all over!

Shi Yan felt as if sand had filled all his cells, and his body was carrying hundreds of pounds of weight. The tendons of his knees tightened, and his heart was beating at a faster rate. Under the effects of the increased gravity, all his muscles were under tremendous pressure.

His body slowly adapted to the invisible pressure from the increased gravity. However, he found it hard to breathe, even when merely standing still.

Holy crap!

Shi Yan was too astonished when he felt that overwhelming pressure. He thought to himself that, anyone who went into Luo Hao’s gravitational field would be severely influenced by it. They wouldn't be able to use their abilities at their best.

It was only five times of gravity. What would happen if it was increased by ten times?

Realizing the horrifying part of this Martial Spirit, Shi Yan took a deep breath, and drove all the distracting thoughts out of his mind. He yelled, and then began to run around Luo Hao.

His body shook as the pressure increased. His feet seemed to be filled with metal, and were heavier than a thousand pounds. Normal running also became the most terrible torment.

In the gravitational field, his body couldn’t move easily. He felt as if being pressed by a giant. He could hardly breathe.

One lap. His speed had slowed down by half.

Three laps. He slowed down by half again.

Five laps. Shi Yan was not running, instead he was walking...

On the sixth lap, Shi Yan’s face was as red as an apple, while the blue veins on his arms were trembling like small snakes, about to jump out of the skin.

On the seventh lap, Shi Yan looked like a beast, as his eyes were almost on fire from the lack of oxygen.

On the eighth lap, Shi Yan staggered. Every step exhausted him. After every step he would quiver.

At that time, Luo Hao couldn’t stand it anymore. He shouted, “It is your first gravitational field training. Don’t try too hard! You have reached your limit here! Enough! Stop! Or you will be dead tired.”

Shi Yan raised his head, while his eyes looked as if they were bleeding. He said in a grave tone, “Hehe. That was interesting, let’s go on!”

Luo Hao stood aghast, and could only come up with the idea conclusion: ‘this guy went insane!’

In the bushes not far from them, Mu Yu Die was speechless, her mouth covered by her hand. She had never met someone like Shi Yan before.

Shi Yan didn’t reply Luo Hao. After another beast-like haul, he continued to step forward. With his face showing extreme stress, he finished another lap.

By the last lap, his body was swaying. He had a quiver in each step, and could fall any time, as if he would die at any moment.

With his body in that state, he finished another lap, step by step. After that, he got a weird smile on his face.

Waking from his astonishment, Luo Hao was relieved when he saw Shi Yan was ok. He was about to withdraw the gravitational field before advising Shi Yan.

Mu Yu Die pressed her mouth with her hand, and had an amazed look in her attractive eyes. She had never thought that Shi Yan would achieved this extreme challenge, even if he was at the Nascent Realm.

“Another lap.” Shi Yan yelled.

“What?” Luo Hao’s body shook greatly, and his eyes grew as sharp as knives. He shouted, “Enough! Don’t fool around!”

Before Luo Hao withdrew the gravitational field, Shi Yan continued to walk unexpectedly. He was staggering, and finally dropped on the ground.

Luo Hao was just about to shout, when he found Shi Yan was using both his hands and feet, crawling like a demon beast. He seemed to be seeking death on purpose.

After about half an hour, Shi Yan finally made it to the end, as slow as a snail.

Mu Yu Die stared at him from the bushes, completely stunned.

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