God of Slaughter

Chapter 21 - Pervert

Chapter 21 - Pervert

Shi Yan lay on the ground on his back with his limbs spread. His face was red, as though he were bleeding. He was panting heavily and his body was twitching every now and then.

Looking at the sparkling stars above, Shi Yan could feel every cell of his body trembling. As his body twitched, his muscles, veins, and bones were all expanding and contracting regularly.

Not using his Profound Qi, he closed his eyes slowly, and began to feel the fantastic shift in his body, the amazing quivers in the muscles and ribs, the destruction and reconstruction of cells, and the slow increase in strength.

As a wild fanatic for extreme sports, Shi Yan knew that reaching his this limit this time was merely the beginning of next adventure.

The limit of a human body could always be broken, and be surpassed time and time again. The potential of human body was infinite.

Those extreme sports experiences had taught him that only by breaking the limit could he obtain rapid progress.

With his eyes closed, he could clearly sense the changes happening in his muscle fibres, even without operating his Profound Qi.

Sensing it carefully, Shi Yan soon found the Immortal Martial Spirit in his body beginning to work. It was repairing his body in an incredible way, reconstructing and strengthening his torn muscles.

Rigorous training under increased gravity enhanced one’s explosive force. Only when the muscles tore under these extreme conditions could they become bigger, more powerful, and more explosive after reconstruction.

As a fanatic for extreme sports, Shi Yan was so aware of the truth, which had been verified by his repeated practices. He knew the fastest way to strengthen his muscles.

Feeling the effects of his Immortal Martial Spirit beginning to reduce the pain in all his muscle fibers, Shi Yan struggled to sit up. He took the food out of his bag and began to wolf it down, feeling happy with his progress.

Intensive exercise consumed too much of his energy. He had to eat a lot of food to recover quickly and improve his power.

The dry meat was eaten and slipped into his guts where it was quickly digested and became nutrition.

In a very short time, he had finished enough food for five people.

As he felt the changes in his body, his smile became broader. After exercising his limbs for a while, he closed his eyes and began to circulate his Profound Qi quietly.

As the Profound Qi moved, Shi Yan felt a slight quiver in his body.

Just as he had expected!

The Profound Qi was flowing in his meridians virtually 30% faster than normal.

His body became more sensitive after the extreme stress and likewise, his meridians became abnormally dynamic. His weak meridians seemed to be absorbing the Profound Qi flowing through them, and with that energy, his meridians expanded and became firmer.

Shi Yan had presumed long ago that strengthening the body was as important as training the Profound Qi; the two were complementary.

Once the body was strong enough, the Profound Qi would condense faster. The stronger the body, the more beneficial it was when operating and condensing Profound Qi. So maybe, the two Martial Spirits hidden in his body would enhance as well.

His first attempt had successfully verified Shi Yan’s hypothesis, so he was grinning from ear to ear.


In the thick grass far away.

“Die, why are you here? You should have a good rest. Get plenty of sleep, so your Martial Spirit recovers.” Luo Hao had noticed Mu Yu Die when he was training Shi Yan with his gravitational field. As Shi Yan was sprawled on the ground exhausted, Luo Hao came to Mu Yu Die secretly and complained.

“I couldn’t sleep so I am just walking around. I just happened to see you training.” Mu Yu Die smiled gently in fear.

She paused, and said with a naughty smile, “Uncle Luo, was it too much for him? I remember that when you trained Zhao Xin, you had just tripled the gravity. Zhao Xin was at Second Sky of the Nascent Realm them, and had the experience of body strengthening before. Why did you quintuple the gravity for this guy?”

Wearing a bitter smile, Luo Hao shook his head and sighed, “I used the quintuple gravity at the very beginning to stop him from wasting energy and make him quit. Who would have known that he was insane! I was shocked in the end too! I tried to stop numerous times but he wouldn’t agree!”

“You mean, you just tried to scare him in the beginning? So he won’t ask you to train himself later on?” Mu Yu Die rolled her eyes and felt quite speechless.

“Yup.” Luo Hao sighed again. “You know, to control the gravitational field consumes a lot of Profound Qi, and during that, I can’t be distracted. I neither wanted to waste my own Profound Qi, nor wanted him to be paralyzed tomorrow, which would slow our journey. Who would have known that he is a lunatic.”

“So, Uncle Luo, how many laps did you presume that he could have managed?”

“Four laps!”

Luo Hao lifted four fingers and said in a heavy voice, “Average warriors who have just stepped into the Nascent Realm without any systematic body training can only manage four laps in the quintuple gravitational field, five laps at most. That guy is so small and thin, so I thought he would ask me to stop on the fourth lap.”

“Hmm... but he finished eleven laps.” Mu Yu Die got a weird expression on her face. She couldn’t help but take a glance at Shi Yan from afar, who was sitting there as firm as a mountain and training again. “God! He, he is upright again!”

“What? He can still move?” Luo Hao was stunned as he glanced over at Shi Yan. He shook his head and said, “Lunatic! This guy is a lunatic! Too reckless! I guess he couldn’t even move tomorrow! With this intensive training, he would find his body hurting everywhere tomorrow. I bet we will have to adjust our plan tomorrow.”

“Well, let it be. What an unruly guy!” Mu Yu Die shook her head and smiled subtly.


The next morning, before the sun rose, there was very heavy fog.

“Die, come down. It is time to set off.” Under the ancient tree, Luo Hao called out to Mu Yu Die softly.

“I want to sleep more.” Mu Yu Die murmured as if in dreams, “Why so early today? Weren’t you sure that he couldn’t move today...”

“He is waiting for you.” Luo Hao said in a very low voice, his face still trying to control his surprise.

Ten minutes ago Shi Yan came to him asking for enough food for three people.

Right in front of them, Shi Yan wolfed down the food and patted his belly, sighing with satisfaction, “Let’s go.” Luo Hao was totally astonished; he glared at Shi Yan with frightened eyes for a few minutes before he murmured to himself, “Pervert!”

“That guy is waiting for me too?” Mu Yu Die murmured, rubbing her eyes unwillingly.

“Yes, he is more energetic than anyone.” He smiled bitterly.

“What?” Mu Yu Die suddenly woke up, astonished. She looked for Shi Yan under the tree, to find him sitting straight like an arrow with bright eyes. The same as Luo Hao, she murmured, ”Pervert!”

Shi Yan scrutinized his own wearing and was sure that there was nothing strange. He frowned, “Uncle Luo, and Miss Mu, which part of me looks like a pervert?”

“Your whole body!” Mu Yu Die chuckled and got in a joyful mood.

Her chuckle seemed to bring a spring that made the beautiful scenes in the Dark Forest seem dim in comparison.

Zhao Xin and Hu Long were fascinated with goo-goo eyes; but the soon realised their misdemeanour and lowered their heads to cover it up, not daring to look into Mu Yu Die’s eyes directly.

Shi Yan narrowed his eyes and wandered his burning eyes on Mu Yu Die’s beautiful face audaciously, “Miss Mu, if I were a pervert, I would put my hands on you first. So be careful tonight, I would be unable to control myself. You should scream loudly then. I love women’s crazy screams so much!”

“How dare you!” Di Yalan sniffed.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot there is another pretty woman. Maybe you are angry because I ignored you. Trust me, I will go for you too, don’t be jealous now.” Shi Yan pretended that he just realized that and patted his head to show regret, as if he had forgotten something important.

“Haha! Hahaha!” Mu Yu Die held her stomach and burst into laughter in the tree, almost falling down. She pointed at Shi Yan and giggled, “You funny guy! Why are you so hilarious? Haha...”

Di Yalan was dumbstruck, and then chuckled too, feeling helpless when it came to Shi Yan.

Zhao Xin and Hu Long were taken over by confusion too, and their facial expressions couldn’t be stranger.

They just couldn’t understand that even when they always acted politely with the two girls, and didn’t dare to do anything to offend them, they two girls scarcely smiled at them.

While Shi Yan showed not the slightest hint politeness towards the girls with his giddy words, but the girls smiled at him a lot. What the hell is with that?

“Oh!” Luo Hao glanced at Shi Yan strangely and smiled, “Well, stop it now, let’s move.”

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