God of Slaughter

Chapter 28 - The Blast

Chapter 28 - The Blast

Mu Yu Die’s slim body shook and she leaned against the tree trunk weakly, tears welling up in her eyes and flowing down her face.

All along the way, Luo Hao and Zhao Xin had protected her wholeheartedly. She had only survived until now because of Luo Hao who was like her spirit.

Hearing that Luo Hao and Zhao Xin were both dead, Mu Yu Die was filled with so much grief that she didn’t even want to think about escaping.

Di Yalan’s eyes were almost on fire as she clenched her teeth and asked in trembling voice, “Who the hell did that?”

Hu Long choked with sobs, and quickly explained the details, then he added, “Apart from the Dark World and the Tush Mercenary Union, there were also people from the Mo family from the Merchant Union. That guy released the power of lightning which was not refined from Profound Qi; it should be the Lightning Martial Spirit of the Mo family.”

“The Tush Mercenary Union! Dark World! Mo family!” Di Yalan clenched her teeth and uttered word by word! Then she yelled, “They all must pay for that!”

Shi Yan frowned as he heard about the Lightning Martial Spirit. He realized quickly that the target of Mo family was him!

An odd scent suddenly went into Shi Yan’s mouth and nose, which made him stand up quickly and walk around Hu Long. He turned pale and said, “Brother Hu Long, you have a strange fragrance on your body… you shouldn’t have escaped alive… ahh...”

“Kid, what do you mean?” Di Yalan stared at him, “You wish Hu Long was killed?”

But Hu Long realized what he meant after a thought, and he answered with a bitter smile, “So it is. They didn’t kill me because they wanted to find you. I thought I got lucky. Haha.”

Then, before Di Yalan could stop him, Hu Long kneeled down in front of Mu Yu Die and kowtowed three times; he said, “Miss Mu, please live on happily and avenge us!”

He then stood up and ran away quickly as his lamenting voice came afar, “Leave soon! Take the other way! I will distract them and earn as much time as possible for you!”

“Hu Long!” Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die wailed loudly.

“We should leave right now! Miss Mu, remember the grief and live on well!” Shi Yan looked serious as he stretched out his hand to Di Yalan, “Give the Star Bombs to me. You leave with Miss Mu. I will catch up to you soon.”

Di Yalan’s mind became blank because of her friends’ deaths. She was dumbstruck for a while, then she handed the three Star Bombs to Shi Yan, and asked in husky voice, “What are you going to do?”

“For now, to ask for some interest for Uncle Luo!”

Shi Yan went up to Tumu’s body quickly with an icy face and cut open Tumu’s belly with his dagger and then put two Star bombs inside it. After that, Shi Yan wiped the Seven Snake Saliva on the belly carefully, and turned over Tumu’s body; now his body was lying face down.

“People get curious. Once the people of Tush Mercenary Union come, they won’t be able to help but turn over Tumu’s body they see him like this. Thus the Star Bombs will explode. Guess what will happen if his body was turned over heavily?” Shi Yan smirked.

“I got it.” Di Yalan looked vicious too, “The more of them being killed, the better!”

“I also put some poisonous powder on his body. After the Star Bombs explode, the powder will stick to the blades and once the blades cut people, they will definitely die!” Shi Yan looked cold, “Let’s go, we should live on! Or else we can’t avenge Uncle Luo!”

“I hope Hu Long is fine.” Mu Yu Die murmured with hazy eyes.

Shi Yan was a little sad, for he knew there was no possibility of Hu Long surviving. Still, he comforted her, “Don’t worry, our trap may damage them badly. Maybe we can still meet up with Hu Long.”


Mu Yu Die asked weakly; though she knew it was not realistic, she still wished someone could give her an answer, even if it was a lie.

“Sure, he will be alright.” Shi Yan nodded with certainty, and made eye contact with Di Yalan.

Di Yalan understood what he meant, as she carried Mu Yu Die and ran into the woods.

Shi Yan took a deep breath, summoned all of his energy and caught up in a hurry.


A quarter of an hour later.

The three parties; the Dark World, the Mo family and the Tush Mercenary Union, appeared together. They reached here by following the scent on Hu Long.


At the sight of the axe beside the body, Bernard realised at once that it was Tumu! He was so shocked that he cried, “It’s impossible! How could they kill Tumu!?”

“Didn’t you say we would just need to collect the people we want when we get here?” the Crescent Emissary grunted with cold eyes, “Luckily I had left the Dark Moon Fragrance on that guy, or else we would’ve needed to search for them everywhere.”

Bernard was rather confused as he ordered, “Zuo Song, turn Tumu over and check him.”

“It was that boy who killed him!” Mo Yanyu reminded Mo Chaoge in a very low voice, “Everyone who was killed by him will be drained. There must be poison on that boy’s weapon!”

“That boy is something.” Mo Chaoge nodded and reminded her, “Be careful later. Don’t become impulsive.”

“Got it.”

As they were talking, Zuo Song, a member of the Tush Mercenary Union, had already run to Tumu’s body on Bernard’s order.

Zuo Song grasped Tumu’s shoulder and turned his body over, and was just about to examine it...


The back of Tumu’s body kicked on the ground heavily.

“Bang! Bang!”

A severe blast exploded out!

Tumu’s body ruptured into thousands of pieces in an instant!

Thousands of blades mixed within Tumu’s flesh and blood flew out from his body like stars!

As the blast was unexpected, those blades covered with flesh and blood shot toward everybody directly.

As the Tush Mercenary Union stood closest to Tumu, they were hit first!

Due to the flying blades, three mercenaries turned into honeycombs, with bloody holes appearing all over their bodies.

Zuo Song, who had turned Tumu over, was blasted apart and his flesh and blood was mixed with Tumu’s, flying in all directions.

The Dark World Emissaries and people from Mo family didn’t expect such a development, and thus they also didn’t escape from it!

Though they were dozens of metres away, the warriors were injured as well, especially those of the Elementary Realm from the Mo family. They were cut by blades before they could defend themselves.

Miserable screeches continued. The blast from the two Star Bombs made it hell in this area. Flesh and blood filled the air. Limbs and entrails were spread all over on the ground.

Amidst the terrifying howls, everybody was panic-stricken.

Seeing that picture, Mo Yanyu, who was protected by Mo Chaoge, couldn’t stand anymore. She turned pale and vomited.

Some warriors from the Dark World and Mo family were only cut by blades; they thought themselves lucky. But soon they felt pain in their body and began to lose their vision...

“Damn it! Poison on the blades!” Mo Chaoge looked as if been stomped on by someone. He stared at the warriors from Mo family and shouted, “Cut off your wounded flesh! Fast! Fast!”

The huge man Johnson’s arm was cut by a blade, so it was bleeding badly.

Johnson was so terrified that he clenched his teeth and cut half of his left arm off. He howled and kneeled down, “Miss Mo, please bind this up for me!”


When Mo Yanyu stood up and saw Johnson’s dismembered arm, she got sick and began to vomit again.

Looking at the flesh, entrails, limbs and green bodies on the ground, Bernard boiled with rage, and his eyes were filled with murderous desire. He will eat whoever did all this alive!

Among them, the Dark World lost three people, while the Mo family lost five.

Since Bernard was closest to Tumu, he suffered the biggest loss, for all his people were dead! He was on his own now!

“I’m gonna kill them! I’m gonna kill them! I’m gonna kill them!” Bernard kept howling like a crazy demon beast.

“Humph!” The Crescent Emissary grunted and said to Mo Chaoge, “Let’s keep chasing. Leave him alone.”

He lost people and blamed Bernard for it. If Bernard didn’t order Zuo Song to turn over Tumu’s body, there wouldn’t be such a crazy blast.

“Let’s keep chasing.” Mo Chaoge nodded and left with the people from the Dark World, not bothering to deal with Bernard, who was raving like a lunatic.

“I will kill them!” Bernard panted as he looked in the direction where the Dark World and Mo Family people went. After a long while, he chased after them with a murderous look.

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