God of Slaughter

Chapter 29 - Eating Human Flesh

Chapter 29 - Eating Human Flesh

In the thick forest, while carrying Mu Yu Die on her back, Di Yalan was moving with Shi Yan.

Being on alert, Shi Yan was observing the surroundings carefully. Once he found trails of demon beasts, he would tell Di Yalan in advance; thus she could change her direction to avoid meeting demon beasts.

Time flew by. Quickly it became dark and there was the bright moon hanging in the sky.

Terrible howls could be heard in the serene forest now and then. Those demon beasts who loved to move around at night began to hunt at this time after resting during the day.

And at night, Shi Yan’s eyesight worsened, making it hard for him to distinguish a safe area from a demon beast occupied area.

Some demon beasts didn’t even make a sound when they were hunting.

Thus, where there were howls of demon beasts would be an unsafe place; but where there were no howls, didn’t mean it was safe either. It might be hiding an even greater danger!

After three hours of running, Di Yalan and Shi Yan were both tired.

Though they killed Tumu together at dusk, they paid a price. Di Yalan had lost too much Profound Qi defending against Tumu’s fierce attack, and she continued consuming her energy by running non-stop in the woods with Mu Yu Die on her back.

Di Yalan was extremely exhausted now. It was only her strong willpower that was supporting her along.

Shi Yan was in no better state either, his shoulder was wounded, and though it was bound up and the Immortal Martial Spirit was helping him recover, it still needed more time.

The side effect of operating [Rampage] was a great loss of energy. Also, Kinmo and Tumu’s Profound Qi which he had absorbed was still being purified, and the desire for blood was welling up now and then, but he still needed to observe the surroundings cautiously.

He was even more tired than Di Yalan.

“Let’s have a rest.” Mu Yu Die advised softly. According to Di Yalan’s heavier steps and slower actions, Mu Yu Die realized that she was going to hit her limit soon.

“Ok.” Shi Yan took a breath and replied calmly, “Let me find a comfortable place.”

Immediately, he climbed up an ancient tree like a monkey to find dense foliage to hide himself.

Standing on that ancient tree, Shi Yan was examining the surroundings. Dancing from tree branch to tree branch, he moved to a nearby withered tree.

The ancient tree had thick, dry trunk: it must have been dead for years.

Shi Yan examined the dry branch of that withered ancient tree, and was surprised, “This tree is hollow from the inside, and its bottom is spacious enough for us three to sit down. A good place. You two have a rest first, then come up.”

The upper part of that ancient tree was thin and was only wide enough for one person to slip in, but its bottom was rather thick. It was ten metres tall, which was easy for Shi Yan and Di Yalan to slip down, and also wide enough for Mu Yu Die to climb with the help of a rope.

Hearing that there was such a good place, Di Yalan couldn’t bear it anymore, and urged, “Then let’s get in soon. Demon beasts haunt this area. If we bump into one, it would become trouble.”

“Ok, hand that rope to me. I will pull Miss Mu up first.”


Two minutes later.

The three of them sat down together in the hollow bottom of that ancient tree trunk.

The starlight fell into the empty center of the trunk. Outside, the demon beasts were howling ominously.

There was total silence inside.

Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan were filled with agony.

All along the way, those two had stuck with Luo Hao and helped each other through many difficulties. But now, only the two of them were alive, and it was still uncertain if they could survive.

Their friends had died and bad guys kept chasing. Maybe tomorrow the people of the Dark World and the Tush Mercenary Union would catch them and harass them...

The feeling of hopeless for tomorrow made Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan quite worried.

Shi Yan’s state was better, for he hadn’t been together with Luo Hao for a long time, so he wasn’t so emotional. Although the three of them died, he felt far from grieved and could still think straight.

Well, he also felt regret for Luo Hao’s death. Luo Hao had treated him well and had trained him within his gravitational field every night, which consumed a lot of Luo Hao’s energy. He owed Luo Hao a lot.

Especially when he heard Luo Hao’s death was connected to the Mo family, he thought he should take responsibility.

He engraved the three parties; the Dark World, the Tush Mercenary Union and the Mo family, in mind and was determined to take revenge someday.

After glancing at Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die, Shi Yan frowned. They looked dull and hopeless, without any fighting spirit.

He knew they were hurt deeply by Luo Hao’s death, but it was still a long way to the Merchant Union; they wouldn’t survive if they lost their fighting spirit!

Pondering for a while, Shi Yan considered doing something. Gazing at them, he came up with an idea...

In the center of the hollow tree, the three of them sat down cross-legged. However, due to limited space, when the three of them all sat together, there was only a small space between them. Their legs were so close to each other that they could even feel the warmth from each other’s body.

At first, Shi Yan kept his legs together, with a tiny gap between his and the legs of the other women.

But he suddenly spread his legs a little, with his left leg touching the leg of Di Yalan, and his right leg touching the leg of Mu Yu Die. He could clearly feel the difference between the muscles of the two women. One’s thigh was strong and solid, while the other’s was smooth and soft; he liked both of them.

Shi Yan’s little action seemed unintentional, but the two girls both had reaction in their bodies.

Di Yalan raised her head and glared at him, but didn’t say anything. However, Mu Yu Die was apparently a little embarrassed. She blushed, and she tried to move her left leg secretly in order to keep a distance from Shi Yan’s right leg.

But every time she moved her leg, Shi Yan would move his right leg as well, taking every opportunity to touch her soft leg.

After several times, Mu Yu Die was a little irritated. She realized that Shi Yan was doing this on purpose to take advantage of her, but there was nothing she could do. Her face turned red and she blushed, calling Shi Yan a bastard in secret.

But due to the drama with Shi Yan, Mu Yu Die forgot her sorrow for a while. She was so focused on cursing Shi Yan that she forgot the terrible death of Luo Hao and others.

On the other side, Di Yalan saw through the little tricks Shi Yan was playing with Mu Yu Die. She seemed to have realized something, and so she didn’t jump up to stop him. On the contrary, she was staring at Mu Yu Die with a mocking look, as if she was saying that Mu Yu Die was taking this too seriously.

Noticing Di Yalan’s look, Mu Yu Die was even more embarrassed, and her face was becoming even redder. She was so angry on the inside that she rolled her eyes at Shi Yan with a look of shame.

Shi Yan closed his eyes, pretending that he was not doing all this on purpose. He breathed in and out naturally, as if he was sleeping.

“Endure! Endure it! I won’t let you go peacefully when I recover!” Mu Yu Die was cursing Shi Yan on the inside. She could feel Shi Yan’s body temperature on her skin, and her face had turned completely red. But all she could do was to curse him on the inside.

Of course Shi Yan wasn’t sleeping.

With his eyes closed, he was feeling and comparing the touch of their thighs. The muscles on Di Yalan’s leg was strong and vigorous, while Mu Yu Die’s felt soft and bouncy. Both of them were so attractive. After comparing for a while, Shi Yan decided that both of their thighs felt good. He felt so wonderful that he could barely tell which of them was better.

However, while he was focusing on comparing those thighs, Shi Yan started to feel a burning sexual arousal. His primitive desires were out of their cage.

From within his meridians, threads of negative energy started to seep out secretly. Shi Yan could feel his pants getting tighter and tighter.

His breath became shorter and shorter. From deep within, he didn’t have the crazy desire for killing. Instead, he could only feel one simple, but strong desire. The more he suppressed his lust, the more he was about to lose control.

Shi Yan lost control of himself gradually...

Mu Yu Die suddenly noticed this change. She called out in a low voice, “Sister Lan, this guy looks a little strange. It seems… it seems he is returning to the beast he used to be.”

Shi Yan was breathing heavily, with sweat covering his forehead. His body was trembling slightly. It looked like he was trying very hard to fight something from the inside.

Because the two, Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die, were sitting next to him with their thighs touching each other, they both noticed the strange reaction on Shi Yan’s body.

Glaring at Shi Yan for a moment, Di Yalan blushed as she said, “This time he is different. He wanted to kill before, but now he… he...”

“Now what?” Mu Yu Die was confused.

“Now he wants to eat human flesh...” Di Yalan answered briefly. She looked a little embarrassed as well, and couldn’t finish her sentence with a more detailed explanation.

“Eat human flesh?” Mu Yu Die’s face turned white as she heard this. She screamed with terror, “This is even worse! How come? Will he also turn into those demon beasts? Sister Lan, is he gonna eat us both? What should we do?”

Apparently she didn’t understand Di Yalan.

“You silly girl, what are you thinking about!” Di Yalan cursed with embarrassment, “He is turning into a horny beast.”

Mu Yu Die froze for a while before she realized something. Her pretty face got even redder. She mumbled, “Sister Lan, just let me play the zither for a while to help him release his energy. How about you go out for a while? I… I want to go out as well.”

“OK, I will show you out.” Di Yalan nodded. Her eyes lit up with a flash of light, and was about to fly up…

Just then!

Shi Yan suddenly opened his eyes. With bloodshot eyes, he grabbed Di Yalan like a horny beast.

The tree hole was not that big. When she was pinned by Shi Yan, Di Yalan could barely move her beautiful body. There was no way she could escape.

“Bastard! Take your hands off me!” Di Yalan screamed, “You dumb girl, pull him away! Quick!”

Mu Yu Die was taken over with panic. She tried to pull Shi Yan away, but his body was as heavy as a rock. No matter how hard she tried, his body just wouldn’t move.

Di Yalan was extremely exhausted these days. With her Profound Qi not yet recovered, she could barely struggle against Shi Yan’s beastly force.

“Chi-la!” A loud sound of clothes being torn broke the silence in the tree hole.

Di Yalan felt a little chilly around her hip. She instantly realized that her leather skirt was gone. But before she could even defend, she felt a giant hand reaching between her thighs and rubbing her hip insatiably.

“Bastard!” Di Yalan couldn’t help but scream. She shouted to Mu Yu Die, “Quick! Stop him! He has been overtaken by his genitals! ”

“I, I can’t stop him.” Mu Yu Die punched on Shi Yan’s back with all her might and cried out in panic.

“Hmm...” With her sensitive parts being touched and rubbed by those fingers, Di Yalan gradually lost her defenses. She couldn’t find any strength to fight back, and couldn’t help moaning. Her arms gave up the fight as well.

Mu Yu Die was astonished. She whispered in a low voice with blushed face, “Sister Lan, why… why are you screaming?”

“I am not screaming. Do something, ouch...” Di Yalan felt weaker and weaker, and her voice were getting softer as well.

“Sister Lan, it’s too la… late!” Mu Yu Die mumbled with her eyes filled with fear.

“Wha… What’s too late?” Di Yalan was stunned.

The next moment, she felt a hard thing inside her body. With her body trembling with the thrill, Di Yalan realized that it was too late to put on a fight.

A miraculous feeling pervaded in her body and drowned her sanity...

Aw well, well, maybe we will all be dead tomorrow. I will just let you take me this time.

The continuous pounding she felt from that guy had completely crushed her defenses, both physically and mentally. Di Yalan covered her mouth with one hand. She couldn’t help but scream with pleasure, as Shi Yan continuously twitched inside of her.

Mu Yu Die’s pretty face was covered in panic. She stood there like a statue, watching the two of them getting all sweaty.

Right in front of her, Shi Yan was working hard on Di Yalan. Apparently, under his mighty force, Di Yalan couldn’t put on much fight. She gradually got lost in his passion as well, and even moved her hips to match Shi Yan’s rhythm.

“You, you, you two...”

Mu Yu Die’s pretty face was also bloodshot. She couldn’t do anything but stare at the two of them lying within such a narrow space, doing it right in front of her eyes. The hot picture of them was mind blowing for her.

Mu Yu Die was dumbstruck, and didn’t know what to do at all.

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