God of Slaughter

Chapter 31 - Blue Magic Flames

Chapter 31 - Blue Magic Flames

Mu Yu Die did as she was told, and shut her mouth.

However, with Mu Yu Die staying quiet, the atmosphere between Di Yalan and Shi Yan got a little embarrassing. The two of them just lay there facing each other. Neither of them knew what to say.

“It’s about dawn.” Shi Yan looked up at the sky, trying to make some casual conversation. “How are you feeling? Has your Profound Qi recovered?”

“Not only has my Profound Qi recovered, but it has also been enhanced.”

Di Yalan checked her body in secret. Her eyes suddenly lit up in excitement. She said in a low voice, with a blush on her face, “Back then… back then it seemed like there was some strange energy streaming into my body. That strange energy merged with my own Profound Qi, and even altered something in my chest.”

She frowned a little, trying very hard to recall the feeling. She thought that the strange stream of energy seemed to have come from Shi Yan, or was originated from the Profound Qi that he had shot into her body.

Shi Yan thought for a while, and whispered to himself, “It really is that…”

Di Yalan’s gorgeous eyes lit up with an exotic charm again. She insisted, “Is it because of you?”

Shi Yan nodded, and explained with a smile, “I once received some pills from an Alchemist, but when I took them I never managed to absorb them entirely. However, those pills, as well as their power, still remain inside my body. Back then… back then it seemed as if the power of those pills merged with my Profound Qi and got planted into your body as well. ”

The thing about absorbing Profound Qi from dead people was too creepy and scary to talk about, and Shi Yan didn’t want anybody else to know about his secret. Therefore, he was using Master Karu as an excuse, and claiming all his strange power due to those pills.

“Those pills must have been extraordinarily precious.” Di Yalan nodded. She seemed to have bought Shi Yan’s story. Along their travels, Shi Yan had resorted to using poisonous medicine powders several times. Therefore, she had already suspected that Shi Yan had some kind of relation with an Alchemist.

“Yeah, I guess.” Shi Yan smiled without elaborating too much on his relationship with Master Karu. He thought for a while and said with a frown, “You mentioned that there was a strange stream of energy which seemed to have changed the muscles and blood vessels within your chest. Can you try to operate your Profound Qi around your chest and see if there are any reactions?”

Shi Yan suddenly thought of the miraculous awakening of his Petrification Martial Spirit inside his body. It seemed that the strange flow of energy could not only enhance one’s Profound Qi, but also trigger one’s dormant Martial Spirit.

It was exactly due to the influence of that strange energy that the dormant Petrification Martial Spirit inside his body had suddenly awakened. Even the emergence of the Immortal Martial Spirit probably had something to do with that strange stream of energy. Hearing Di Yalan talking about the odd changes in her chest, Shi Yan had already come up with a theory.

“OK. Let me try.” Di Yalan slowly nodded. She concentrated her energy into her chest and paid close attention to the changes happening inside.

Controlling her Profound Qi, streams of Profound Qi flew into her beautiful bosoms, and lingered for a while around her tender breasts. But now, her Profound Qi seemed to be a bit different. Suddenly a most amazing thing happened. It seemed that her Profound Qi had changed and was becoming hotter and hotter.

Di Yalan suddenly panicked. She quickly moved the Profound Qi towards her arm, and then through the veins and vessels, into her right palm.


A magic flame the color of purest blue suddenly jumped out of Di Yalan’s right palm. Although the flame was merely the size of a fist, it was burning with an extraordinarily high temperature. The little flame was dancing on Di Yalan’s palm, lighting up the hollow tree, as if they were embraced by the tender blue waves of the ocean.


Di Yalan couldn’t help but exclaim. She jumped with excitement and her eyes were shining brightly.


Shi Yan was also secretly cheering. He was right about this energy! Looking at that blue flame, he was now certain that that strange energy could really trigger one’s inborn Martial Spirit!

“The Blue Magic Flame!”

Di Yalan couldn’t help but scream in excitement. She said with complete thrill, “This is the Martial Spirit of my family! I know about this! This is the Blue Magic Flames Martial Spirit! Since my grandfather, no one has inherited this Martial Spirit. Oh my God! But how… how is this even possible?”

Mu Yu Die was already awake due to the noise they were making. She was also staring at Di Yalan, but couldn’t figure out what was going on. Mu Yu Die looked so confused, “How is that even possible? Sister Lan, you are already 27 years old. How come that you could still awaken the dormant Martial Spirit inside your body? What is going on here? Is this a dream?” She rubbed her eyes and still couldn’t believe what just happened.

“Ha!” Di Yalan was brimming with excitement. She had absolutely no idea how to express her bliss. She couldn’t help but continuously stare at that blue burning flame on her palm, and she suddenly burst into tears.

She was actually crying in joy.

However, Shi Yan could totally understand her feelings.

On the Grace Mainland, warriors with Martial Spirits definitely took a dominant position. They would have more prosperous future as well. To warriors, the Martial Spirits were more important than anything else. Those without a Martial Spirit would often dream and kill for a Martial Spirit.

To warriors like Di Yalan, whose family had once possessed a Martial Spirit, it was a real shame not to carry on their family’s Martial Spirit as an inheritance.

If this situation continued for several generations, even the most glorious family could end up fading into oblivion.

No matter if it was the warrior, or their family, possession of a Martial Spirit was essential.

“So what is really going on here?” Mu Yu Die was still confused after staring at Di Yalan for a while, who was totally flying high in excitement, so she had to turn the question to Shi Yan.

“Um…” Shi Yan put on an embarrassed smile, “Well, this is hard to explain. It has something to do with the pills and their exotic power. I don’t exactly know what kind of pills they were. Anyway, those pills are indeed a little extraordinary. Quit staring at me like that. I already said I really have no idea.”

“You bastard! Come here! Thank you! Thank you!” Di Yalan put out the blue flame on her palm, and suddenly hugged Shi Yan tightly, as if she were trying to squeeze his whole body into her bosom. Her sexy body couldn’t help but tremble with the excitement.

Those delicious bosoms of hers were squeezed against Shi Yan’s chest, which gave Shi Yan the opportunity to experience their glorious softness again. Before long, he had that kind of reaction from below his belt again.

But this time, Di Yalan found out about his little thrill down there almost immediately. She quickly released Shi Yan from her arms with a blush on her face. Her eyes were especially charming, shining with light and dancing colors. She couldn’t help but laugh and said with a smile, “You ass, always so horny!”

“Hey…” Shi Yan also laughed in embarrassment. He didn’t give a reply though.

Mu Yu Die stared at the two people and she was obviously not so happy, “Hey! You two, knock it off! I am still here! Don’t put on a sex show in front of me every time you get a chance!”

“You wicked girl! I’m just too excited!” Di Yalan replied with a laugh.

“What is going on after all?” The question was killing Mu Yu Die.

“I don’t know either.” Di Yalan shook her head, her eyes still lit up with those flying colors. She laughed, “I guess it’s all because of him.”

“You mean… you had sex with this guy, and then all of a sudden, your Martial Spirit that had been dormant inside of your body for 27 years, which probably would never be awakened in your life, was suddenly brought to life?” Mu Yu Die said with a curious look on her pretty face.

“Incredible as it sounds, that is the truth.” Di Yalan admitted with a red face.

“So… so the essence of his, what is it? Some magic medicine with a strange power?” Mu Yu Die also started to blush. She shook her head as she couldn’t believe this at all, “No, no! I don’t believe this! This doesn’t make sense at all!”

“Hmm…” Shi Yan looked up at the sky from the hollow tree, and said, “The sun is out. We should get going.”

“Yeah, we should probably keep moving.” Di Yalan agreed. Apparently, she didn’t want to spend too much time discussing this issue about herself, in case Mu Yu Die would say something again to embarrass her.

After saying that, Di Yalan quickly flew up to the top of the hollow tree. She threw a rope down to the two of them and asked Mu Yu Die to come out quickly.

“No, I am still not buying it!” Mu Yu Die was obviously still obsessed with the issue, and only grabbed that rope after some sighing and groaning.

With Di Yalan’s help, Mu Yu Die slowly rose up with help from the rope, and slowly rose to the top of the hollow tree.

“Ah! You asshole! What are you doing?” Mu Yu Die suddenly started screaming. The two delicate legs of hers were kicking desperately, and her mesmerising body was swinging in the air.

“Let me help you with this.” Shi Yan put both his hands on Mu Yu Die’s soft bottom and tried to lift her up. He said with a horny smile, “There you go. This will save you some effort.”

“No! Stop it! I don’t want your help!” Mu Yu Die shouted with her body twisting intensely. Her hands suddenly lost their grip and she fell from mid-air.


The two of them fell onto the ground inside the hollow tree.

Shi Yan was lying there with a satisfactory look on his face. Mu Yu Die was sitting right across his waist with her legs kicking and shouting, “Stop! Stop!”

The soft and smooth bottom of hers was right where Shi Yan liked it most, pressing tightly against his sensitive parts.

Shi Yan’s dick was still hard due to the previous entanglement with Di Yalan. Now, with the pressing and twisting of Mu Yu Die’s hips, and her delicious parts continuously touching and rubbing his sensitive parts, Shi Yan was turned on again, and he almost couldn’t help but moan in great pleasure.

“Ah! Asshole! You horny dog!”

It didn’t take Mu Yu Die much time to discover Shi Yan’s intentions. She quickly got up with her hands covering her butt, screaming and crying. Her face was so pretty with that blush, and her beautiful eyes were filled with little tears. “Sister Lan, this bad guy! He was trying to take advantage of me!”

“Shh!” Di Yalan looked pretty serious. She made a sign to tell them to stay quiet.

Shi Yan quickly stood up. He suddenly forgot all about the sexy scenes that had previously happened in this hollow tree. He climbed up the tree quickly and stayed with Di Yalan. He said with a calm and cool voice, “What’s the situation?”

“Demon beasts!”

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