God of Slaughter

Chapter 30 - Inside the Tree

Chapter 30 - Inside the Tree

Shi Yan suddenly regained his sanity in the middle of his actions.

His body was still working on the woman, with waves of physical pleasure coursing through him. Even with his eyes closed, he could instantly tell what he had been doing.

He had one hand on Di Yalan’s hips, pulling her alluring body tightly towards him, and the other hand lingering on her extraordinary bosoms, rubbing and squeezing.

That hot body of Di Yalan’s was completely under his control. She was all over his body like a snake. Her eyes were lost in the passion, with sweet sweat all over her body; she couldn’t help but move along with his rhythm, only to bring him more excitement and pleasure.

Many thoughts were speeding through Shi Yan’s mind, but his eyes remained shut. Neither did he move his hands roughly. He continued to work his lower body on that woman, and took every moment to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Compared to the rough actions he had before, after he regained his sanity, Shi Yan slightly slowed down his movements with a softer touch, yet with way more masterful skills.

His hands were blessed by magic. When he moved those hands on Di Yalan’s body, he knew exactly which spots to work on, triggering an even bigger reaction in her body.

Suddenly, Di Yalan’s body was flipped around, with her impressive breasts pressed tightly against the tree while her hips were thrust towards Shi Yan. She lifted her plump hips up, shaking and swinging it back and forth, enjoying Shi Yan’s whipping in a new position.

Mu Yu Die was totally embarrassed and blushing. She leaned her fragile body onto the other side of the tree. Her beautiful eyes were lingering and staring at the two of them doing it.

With his eyes shut, Shi Yan was totally enjoying the moment. He had let his most primitive desires out of his body, which seemed to have sped up the purification process of the Profound Qi in his meridians.

Di Yalan was already lost in his passion, doing nothing but coordinating with Shi Yan’s movements.

Before long, Shi Yan felt a strong wave of pleasure flooding towards his brain, completely out of his control. Together with that thrilling excitement, he could feel a most wonderful power start pouring out of his meridians and rushing into his body.

When that strange power reached his abdomen, it split into two parts. One poured into his Profound Qi, while the other part blended with his essence and shot into Di Yalan’s body with his coming climax.

With the short gasps of the sweaty man and woman, Mu Yu Die lost all her strength. She fell down onto the ground, breathing heavily as her whole mind went completely blank.


Shi Yan slowly moved away from Di Yalan. He pulled up his pants, sat down in silence and started to operate the Profound Qi inside his body.

Di Yalan had lost all her strength as well, lying weakly on the ground, her whole body shining with a sexy red color. She only came to her senses after a while. She put on her leather skirt with a red face and slowly sat down.

The three of them returned to their original positions, sitting together in the tree with crossed-legs.

Mu Yu Die was the first to regain her calm. Although her face was still a little red, she moved her beautiful eyes between Shi Yan and Di Yalan, as if expecting something from them.

Shi Yan looked calm on the outside. He kept his eyes closed, and focused his attention on the strange power he felt in his Profound Qi during his orgasm. He was guiding this power within his Profound Qi slowly through his body. He wouldn’t want to miss any opportunity to enhance his power.

Di Yalan hadn’t opened her eyes yet, but she knew that Mu Yu Die was staring at her the whole time. Out of shame, she didn’t dare to open her eyes and look up. She was so ashamed that she just wanted to bury herself in the ground.

Shi Yan had forced himself on her inside this tree, right in front of Mu Yu Die. However, she didn’t put up much of a fight. Even worse, she was actually enjoying it during the process. She felt so ashamed of herself. Despite being a casual and bold girl, she knew this craziness was totally out of line for her. She was too ashamed to face Mu Yu Die.

Right about that time, a strange excitement slowly rose and spread from the sensitive parts of her lower body. Di Yalan couldn’t help but tremble, and almost moaned again.

She anxiously twisted her body, secretly calling herself a slut, and quickly concentrated her attention on the change that was going on in her body.

After some observation, Di Yalan felt that the strange power inside of her had turned into two streams. One stream was flowing slowly towards her abdomen, while the other part had settled around her chest and her flesh and muscles, which seemed to have altered the parts around her chest in secret.

She could clearly feel her bones and flesh, muscles and vessels around her chest going through some incredible changes which she couldn’t explain.

That strange energy, mixed with her Profound Qi, had been pouring into her abdomen, driving out a strong wave of power from within.

Her Profound Qi had suddenly been enhanced enormously!

Di Yalan couldn’t help but exclaim. She quickly concentrated on dealing with her refreshed Profound Qi, operating it through a specific path through her body.


The bright moonlight was shining into the tree, and lit up the tiny space inside.

Shi Yan slowly woke up, breathing slowing in and out with a calm rhythm.

He had reached the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm!

With the help of that strange power, Shi Yan had enhanced himself to the next level, and successfully reached the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm.

After he woke up, Shi Yan found the wound on his shoulder didn’t hurt that much. With the help of the Immortal Martial Spirit, the broken bones and muscles were slowly regenerating and recovering themselves on their own.

With this speed, it would only take a few days before he had fully recovered.

When he slowly opened his eyes, Shi Yan noticed a bright pair of eyes staring straight at him. But when he looked back, those beautiful eyes quickly looked away.

“Miss Mu, how come you are still awake?” Shi Yan said with a calm voice, with nothing strange showing on his face.

Seeing Shi Yan looking back at her, Mu Yu Die was so embarrassed that she quickly looked away. She turned her face away with a blush to avoid eye contact, and said in a joking tone, “You two were making such loud noises. How is it possible for me to fall asleep?”

“Oh, so sorry to disturb you. I will remember that next time.” Shi Yan laughed with embarrassment and defended himself with a natural explanation, “There must be something wrong with my body. Something odd happened to me and destroyed my sanity. There’s nothing I could do about it. Sorry.”

“So you mean you were unconscious during the whole time?” Mu Yu Die said with a grin on her face, “I was watching you two doing it. At first you were, but afterwards…. afterwards you couldn’t have been unconscious! Otherwise… otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to… to do that kind of thing…”

Mu Yu Die was too shy to continue her sentence. She was right there when Shi Yan pulled out all those tricks on Di Yalan.

No one in their unconscious mind would be able to play all those sexual tricks or remember all those different kinds of sexual positions, right in the middle of being insane. Therefore, Mu Yu Die was certain that Shi Yan had come to his senses way before he finished on Di Yalan.

“Err…” Shi Yan was completely speechless for a while. He sat frozen there for some time and put on an embarrassing smile, “So Miss Mu, have you have been watching us doing it the whole time? Then please spare my rude actions. I know that I am a real bastard.”

“You! How can you be so shameless?” Mu Yu Die got so angry that she hit Shi Yan hard on his thigh, making Shi Yan scream and beg for mercy.

Seeing Shi Yan suffering and screaming, Mu Yu Die felt a little better. She turned around and saw Di Yalan was also sitting there in silence with her eyes closed. However, her face was also carrying a shiny blush.

Mu Yu Die also felt angry towards Di Yalan. She jumped over to her side and suddenly patted on her thigh.

Di Yalan was already very embarrassed. She couldn’t help the trembling of her body, but still kept her eyes shut. She thought this was another trick of Shi Yan, and called him a fucking bastard in secret. After all this, how dare he still tease her like this?

“Sister Lan, how long are you planning to fool us by sleeping? Your face is already as red as an apple. And you still want to pretend that you are operating your Profound Qi? You think we are both too foolish to tell?” Mu Yu Die said in an annoyed voice.

Di Yalan let out a soft sigh and opened her eyes reluctantly. She replied with embarrassment, “I… I just woke up. What… what are you two talking about? I have no idea.”

Mu Yu Die went silent all of a sudden. However, the beautiful but sharp eyes of hers were continuously moving between Di Yalan and Shi Yan. Her underlying sentence was obvious: How can you just pretend that nothing had happened between the two of you?

Under the judgmental stare from Mu Yu Die, Shi Yan still remained calm and peaceful. You’ve got to say, there aren’t many people as shameless as him in this world. He actually could pretend that nothing had happened between him and the woman.

Because he guessed that Di Yalan actually wouldn’t mind this thing very much. She would even like or miss this kind of feeling. Knowing that he wouldn’t receive any trouble from Di Yalan, he didn’t bother to worry at all.

However, under Mu Yu Die’s questioning look, Di Yalan wasn’t able to remain that calm. She thought about it and decided that she should express some anger toward Shi Yan. Otherwise, she would really appear to be shameless in the eyes of Mu Yu Die.

Despite everything, Shi Yan had helped her experience overwhelming pleasure and excitement, which her man could hardly offer even back when he was still alive.

“You fucking bastard!” Di Yalan suddenly jumped up, screaming with a sharp voice and pointing right at Shi Yan, “How dare you do that to me back then? How dare you?”

“Shh! Keep it quiet! You are gonna draw all those demon beasts here. Furthermore, the people from the Dark World are still chasing us!” Shi Yan reminded her.

Di Yalan nodded. She had lost her power again, and said in a low voice, “You asshole, so how are you gonna make it up to me?”

Seeing Di Yalan acting like this, he was even more assured about his prior judgment. He knew that she didn’t mind this little episode very much. She only jumped out to accuse him because of the pressure from Mu Yu Die.

Shi Yan was actually amused by her reaction. He pretended to be thinking very hard there. He bowed his head down, put on a sad face, pretending to be sincere in his apology, and said in an honest voice, “It’s all my fault. Sister Lan, how about you tell me, how would you like to be compensated?”

Di Yalan was literally surprised by his reply. She froze for a while and thought very hard about his question. She only came to curse him, because she didn’t want to appear shameless in front of Mu Yu Die. She actually hadn’t really thought about how to punish Shi Yan. Caught by surprise by Shi Yan, she literally didn’t know how to respond.

“How about… how about you beat him up and call it a night?” Mu Yu Die put on a naughty face and joked about it. Even she could tell that her Sister Lan was not intending to punish Shi Yan, at least not very hard.

“That’s a good idea. He surely deserves that!” Di Yalan nodded with agreement, and said with a tough voice, “Just wait until he recovers from his wounds. At that time, I’m gonna kick his ass! You don’t need to worry about this. I will make sure that you will be satisfied with his punishment. ”

Mu Yu Die rolled her eyes at Di Yalan and went completely speechless. What was that all about? What do I have to do with your business? So you are simply punishing him in order to make me satisfied?

“Whatever you two. I’m going to sleep.” Mu Yu Die had finally realized that she was literally caring too much. She should have just minded her own business. She mumbled as she turned to sleep, “One horny man, one slutty woman… no wonder… you two were already expecting this to happen… I should have known better… Poor me, my soul has been hurt, and my eyes have been polluted…”

She kept a low voice, but due to the small space between the three of them, it wouldn’t be a surprise that both Di Yalan and Shi Yan had heard her clearly.

Shi Yan secretly grinned and pretended to be sleeping.

However, Di Yalan couldn’t take this anymore. She teased Mu Yu Die a little, “You wicked girl!”

Mu Yu Die took a glance at her and mumbled again, “You two, be quiet for the rest of the night. I really need some good sleep. Please, just control yourselves. I cannot take your actions anymore.”

Di Yalan replied with a blush on her face, “I know, I know, just go to sleep, you wicked girl!”

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