Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1240 - The Third Trial 5

Chapter 1240 The Third Trial 5

After that, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were going to leave.Feng Wu was secretly relieved. Luckily, Feng Xun knew how to act and when, otherwise she didn’t know how she was going to finish the third trial.

However, Feng Xun had just turned around, when the crown prince snorted. “Are you leaving already?

Wait —

Turning around, Feng Xun looked suspiciously from Feng Wu to Jun Linyuan, and realized that something wasn’t right between the two of them.

The crown prince grumbled, “Sit down.”

Feng Xun said, “Alright.”

After that, the crown prince actually started talking to Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, discussing everything from famous cultivators and influential families to state affairs and border defense.

They let their thoughts run freely, but most of the time, Feng Xun did all the talking while the crown prince listened. Every now and then, the crown prince would give his opinion in a few words.

But every sentence he said was to the point, and would enlighten Feng Xun.

Feng Wu didn’t pay much attention to their conversation. All she could think of now was figuring out a way to make Jun Linyuan lift her up.

She looked resentfully at Jun Linyuan and wondered if the guy was doing this on purpose.

He was such a smart person, so could he have guessed her purpose?

Seeing that the conversation seemed to go on forever, Feng Wu couldn’t sit still anymore.

As a matter of fact, Feng Xun couldn’t either.

Boss Jun wasn’t usually this talkative, and today, he seemed to be actively looking for things to talk about.

Moreover, Feng Xun hadn’t thought about many of the questions Jun Linyuan asked, and was only saying the first things that came into his head. He felt so embarrassed when Boss Jun pointed out the problems in what he said.

Feng Xun wanted to smack his own head. Of all the places he could go, why did he have to come here?

The atmosphere felt rather strange…

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged bewildered looks.

They began to talk with their eyes.

Feng Xun asked, “What’s going on between them?”

Xuan Yi said, “I don’t know.”

Feng Xun said, “Somehow, I have a feeling that I’m being used by Boss Jun.”

Xuan Yi said, “That’s true.”

Feng Xun asked, “Can we run?”

Xuan Yi asked, “Do you dare?”

Feng Xun was speechless.

Feng Wu was getting more and more anxious at the fairy’s hasty reminders.

“Pretty master, you’re running out of time. You only have 10 minutes left…”

Feng Wu took a deep breath.

There were only 10 minutes left, and if she didn’t hurry up, she would have to rush to finish the task like before.

She clenched her fists so tightly that her knuckles went white, before she put on her brightest smile.

Feng Wu knew perfectly well that neither Feng Xun nor Xuan Yi could change the situation. Jun Linyuan was the only one that could call the shots.

Thus, she had to beg Jun Linyuan, not anyone else.

At that thought, Feng Wu slowly walked up to Jun Linyuan and tugged at his sleeve. “Brother Jun, you guys must be tired from all the talking. Would you like to take a break?”

“Brother Jun?”

Feng Xun almost choked when he heard that.

Since when were these two people on such friendly terms?

Zuo Qingluan and Dugu Yamo all called him Brother Jun, but the same words sounded off coming from Feng Wu’s mouth.

Even Xuan Yi got goosebumps when he heard it, let alone Feng Xun.

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