Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1245 - The Last Moment 1

1245 The Last Moment 1

“What do you think of Jun Linyuan?”

Feng Wu’s head went blank when she heard the question.

The first thing she could think of was that she was going to kill Feng Xun!

Jun Linyuan was such an arrogant, proud, and unreasonable man that she didn’t know where to begin complaining about him!

However, she couldn’t say those things to Jun Linyuan’s face since it would certainly infuriate him. She still needed his cooperation for the future trials.

At that thought, Feng Wu beamed at him. “His Royal Highness is handsome, unbelievably talented, and so-well endowed that no one is comparable with him. He’s not just an outstanding young man, but the most distinguished leader of our generation!”

Feng Wu didn’t mean a word she said, but her listeners thought she did.

The expression on Jun Linyuan’s face softened and the look in his eyes was no longer as piercing… There was an affection in his eyes that even he was unaware of.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged looks and grinned inwardly. They knew they were right! Little Feng Wu was indeed very fond of His Royal Highness.

Seeing that Jun Linyuan was happy to hear those words, Feng Wu was equally elated. Her only hope was that Jun Linyuan would help her finish all the 12 trials.

If she was right, she would find the second broken star piece after these 12 Trials of Love. That way, her beautiful master could wake up for a little while again.

Feng Wu couldn’t wait.

Everyone there had their own plan and were on completely different wavelengths.

“You only have four minutes left.”

There was an anxious voice in her head, and needless to say, it was the fairy.

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched. She only had four minutes left, which wasn’t a lot of time at all!

“Hey, let’s keep going.” Feng Wu beckoned at the others.

She realized that she couldn’t keep playing rock, paper, and scissors, for it would take her forever to win that way.

At that thought, Feng Wu changed her plan. “Wait, I have a new idea.”

All eyes were on Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan included.

The girl was always so quick-witted and she could always come up with new ideas. No matter what happened, she never seemed dispirited.

Feng Wu picked up a bottle and put it in the middle on the floor. She then said, “Let’s play something new. I’ll spin the bottle, and the person whom the bottle points at is the loser. They’ll have to choose between truth or dare.”

Feng Xun was determined to help Feng Wu, because he really wanted to see someone as aloof as the crown prince play upsy-daisy with Feng Wu.

So, he said, “Oh, what an interesting idea! Count me in! I want to play!”

Feng Xun had given Xuan Yi the heads up, so Xuan Yi didn’t object to the idea either.

The crown prince didn’t say a word.

They proceeded to play the game Feng Wu described.

“I’ll spin the bottle.” Feng Wu was so eager to see Jun Linyuan lose that she rolled up her sleeves and volunteered.

Feng Xun chimed in, “Great! We’ll take turns spinning the bottle! You go first!”

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