Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1400 - Am I Wrong?

Chapter 1400: Am I Wrong?

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Song Yichen threw a dirty look at Zhao Xingzhi. “Senior Brother Zhao, in case you haven’t noticed, Feng Wu is looking everywhere for His Royal Highness with a bunch of immortal flowers in her hands.”

Zhao Xingzhi said grumpily, “Practically all the girls are in love with the crown prince — nine out of ten girls in this grove are like that. Ask around, if you don’t believe me.”

He wasn’t wrong. Jun Linyuan outshone all teenagers of his age. Even someone like Young Lord Feng was a commoner in comparison, let alone these students.

Zhao Xingzhi said, “I know that. It’s only normal for her to like His Royal Highness, but there’s no way that His Royal Highness will like her back. Therefore, I still have a chance.”

Shu Yunruo glanced at Zhao Xingzhi with his brooding, sharp eyes, and asked, “Why don’t you think His Royal Highness will like her back?”

Zhao Xingzhi didn’t know what to say. “Have you forgotten who His Royal Highness is? He’s the greatest genius this empire has ever seen, the crown prince of this empire who looks down on us from up in the clouds! He’s like a god! Why would he fall in love with a mortal girl?”

Many people agreed with Zhao Xingzhi, especially the teenage girls around them.

They agreed with everything Zhao Xingzhi said.

Shu Yunruo gave Zhao Xingzhi an indifferent glance. “Is that so?”

Zhao Xingzhi asked, “Am I wrong?”

Shu Yunruo said, “His Royal Highness likes Feng Wu.”

As a bystander, Shu Yunruo could see things more clearly.

But those around them —

“Hahahaha —”

“Hahahaha —”

“Oh god, I’m cracking up here.”

No one believed him, and they all seemed to have heard the funniest joke.

Shu Yunruo fell silent.

Zhao Xingzhi patted Shu Yunruo on the shoulder and said, “Junior Brother Shu, if you’re so confident about that, how about we go have a look?”

Zhao Xingzhi and his friends were here to meet girls, but their aim had just changed.

Song Yichen was the first to agree.

He was so frustrated by Feng Wu’s comment earlier that he couldn’t wait to see Feng Wu get slapped in the face.

“Sure! Let’s go! I’d love to see His Royal Highness give that arrogant Feng Wu the cold shoulder during the Immortal flower Festival.”

Hence, the group of teenagers followed Feng Wu.

They had already drawn quite some attention, and the spectating teenage girls naturally followed the group when they set out to follow Feng Wu.

Before long, there was a very long line behind Feng Wu, and her heart sank when she saw the scene.

She then saw Song Yichen’s taunting look and Zhao Xingzhi’s half-smile, and she felt like screaming.

However, Feng Wu’s merit was that she always focused on what she wanted.

If she wanted something done, she could stay unperturbed, no matter how embarrassing it would be or how many people were watching.

Looking around, Feng Wu soon spotted a familiar figure, and she immediately caught him when he wasn’t looking.

“Mu the Sixth, you’re not going anywhere!” Feng Wu grabbed him by the back of his collar.

Mu the Sixth was Feng Xun’s minion and would do whatever Feng Xun said. Therefore, Feng Wu didn’t find her action inappropriate.

But —

The other people around her were terrified.

“Hey! Feng Wu! That’s outrageous! That’s Young Lord Mu!” Song Yichen was astonished when he saw Feng Wu pick Mu the Sixth up.

Feng Wu glanced at him in bewilderment and wondered what could possibly be wrong with her picking Mu the Sixth up like that.

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