Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1867 - It Hurts (2)

Chapter 1867: It Hurts (2)

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Retch —

Feng Wu spat out a mouthful of blood.

Cough, cough —

Zuo Qingxian had hit her in the chest and nearly broke her ribs.

“Xiao Wu —” Frightened, Chaoge ran up to Feng Wu and supported her.

Feng Wu was so overwhelmed by hatred that she had forgotten about Chaoge. All she wanted to do now was kill Zuo Qingxian.

Zuo Qingxian gave Feng Wu a mocking look. “Kid, I’m too much for you.”

Pushing Chaoge away, Feng Wu struggled to her feet.

After the two strikes, Feng Wu was already severely injured. She could barely stand up.

But she never looked away from Zuo Qingxian. She then wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth.


Holding the Fallen Star Sword, she cried out, “The first stance, Sword of the Other World!”

Zuo Qingxian still sneered at those words. “Are you seriously trying to fight me? Don’t make me laugh!”

Raising the Fallen Star Sword with both hands, Feng Wu charged at Zuo Qingxian, regardless of how dangerous it was!

Formidable spiritual essence swept over the area.

The moment before Feng Wu’s sword touched Zuo Qingxian, he slid away, spun around, and reappeared behind Feng Wu in the next instant.

Just as he struck down at Feng Wu —

“Gaping Ground!” Feng Wu yelled.

She had combined Sword of the Other World with Gaping Ground, the first stance of the Guardian of the Earth.

While the sword came from above, the ground beneath them also opened.

The two stances fused together so well, as if they were naturally a pair.

That took Zuo Qingxian by surprise.

Whoosh —

He stumbled forward and almost fell onto Feng Wu’s sword.

But after all, he was a capable cultivator.

A Spiritual Lord wouldn’t be defeated so easily.

At the critical moment, Zuo Qingxian pushed off of the ground with the tip of his left foot and turned at an impossible angle. He then dashed off to a safe distance, avoiding Feng Wu’s next strike.

Although he got away, unharmed, he now stared at Feng Wu in astonishment.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

This shouldn’t be happening!

Feng Wu was a Level 7 Spiritual Elder at most, whereas he was a Level 3 Spiritual Lord. She was simply too inferior. Common sense told him that —

Feng Wu should only be able to defend herself. She shouldn’t even have enough strength to attack.

But now —

Not only had she attacked, she had almost injured him!

However, Zuo Qingxian had only used a third of his power.

At that thought, Zuo Qingxian grinned. “Feng Wu, do you really think you can touch me? I’ve only used a third of my real power!”

A murderous look filled Feng Wu’s eyes.

Her injury didn’t seem to have any impact on her.

Without hesitation, she pointed the sword at Zuo Qingxian again.

“The second stance of the Fallen Star Sword, Dancing Dragon in the Moonlight!”

After she activated the stance, she instinctively used the second stance of the Guardian of the Earth, Cracking Ground!

Zuo Qingxian was prepared for her assault this time.

When Feng Wu appeared behind him, he grabbed her tiny waist with his right hand.

This time, he used 40% of his full power.

To Feng Wu, that 40% felt like an iron bar around her. She couldn’t even move a finger!

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