Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1979 - Untitled

Chapter 1979: Untitled

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That was how badly the master teacher wanted this disciple!

He had wanted to take Feng Wu in before she became an all-element mage!

Everyone was dumbfounded. They all looked at one another in bewilderment.

Why was Feng Wu so lucky?

“Feng Wu, which master will you choose?”

Dugu Yamo tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve, feeling curious and envious.

She could never have imagined ever becoming the disciple of either master. She would be thrilled to even just be noticed by them.

“Both masters are on a similar level as the master of the Firmament Palace,” Feng Xun whispered to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu had been about to become a member of the Firmament Palace back then, but Zuo Qingluan ended up taking her place.. The old master of the Firmament Palace was as famous as Master Si Basi here.

Feng Wu nodded.

Everyone was curious about which one Feng Wu would choose, but her answer surprised them all.

“Thank you, Your Grace, for choosing me, but I’ve already made my choice. Sorry.”

The ghost king’s pupils contracted. He then stared at Feng Wu and said, “You’re such a snobbish girl! I don’t like you anymore!”

He then turned to glare at Si Basi. “You stole my disciple, you awful old man! I bet you’re so happy now after finding your successor! You owe me one! Remember that!”

The ghost king only felt better after he bellowed at the other two people.

Master Si Basi was over the moon. He was about to say something to Feng Wu, but —

Feng Wu gave him a bow and said, “Master Teacher, thank you for your great offer, but I’ve chosen someone else already. I’m very sorry.”


Master Teacher Si Basi’s smile stiffened and he looked like he had been struck by lightning.

Being the most capable man on the grassland, he had never been told that before!

The ghost king was surprised at first, but immediately —


“Oh my god! This is hilarious! Hahaha!”

The ghost king guffawed. He laughed so hard that he almost convulsed.

That was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

“She refused you! Si Basi, you old bastard! I bet you didn’t see that coming!”

The ghost king put a hand on the wall to support himself and laughed so hard that he could barely breathe.

Master Si Basi couldn’t care less about the Black Robe Ghost King’s mocking now. His attention was all on Feng Wu.

“Kid, may I ask who’s the person you chose?”

He stared at Feng Wu, unable to believe that she could find a more impressive master.

Feng Wu remained silent.

The ghost king also stared at Feng Wu and asked coldly, “Kid, if you don’t tell us, you’re lying. Do you know the consequences of that?”

Master Si Basi kept his gaze on Feng Wu. “So, was that just an excuse?”

Master Jue and Ranmil looked at each other, and both saw jealousy in each other’s eyes.

They both wanted to become disciples of Master Si Basi, but the master turned both of them down.

On the other hand, Master Si Basi was practically begging Feng Wu to become his disciple, and while she had turned him down, he wouldn’t stop asking her the reason…

That almost looked pathetic!

The master was the most capable man on the grassland, the handler of the seed of the spirit source, and one of the top cultivators on this continent!

Seeing the sincere look in Si Basi’s eyes, Feng Wu shook her head. “It’s not an excuse. I —”

Si Basi saw that Feng Wu was holding something back, so he waved his hand and created a barrier around himself, Feng Wu, and the ghost king.

“You can tell us now.” He stared at Feng Wu.

Before Feng Wu could speak, Little Phoenix jumped out of her ring space.

“Stop it! Si, I see that you’ve been doing well. Are you trying to take Xiao Wu away now?”

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