Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 25 - The Engagement Wasn’t Off?!

Chapter 25: The Engagement Wasn’t Off?!

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Feng Xun kept on talking as he cleaned Feng Wu up. “Feng Wu was swept off her feet by Boss Jun back then. There was this time when she waited for us outside Imperial College, and when we came out, she inched toward us with this shy gait, handed him an Eternity Stone, then ran off. Hahaha!”

Feng Wu was speechless. It was a misunderstanding! A huge misunderstanding!

It was an Eternity Stone, true, but she had delivered it for Chaoge, her BFF. And she had made that clear when she gave him the stone. How come they thought it was from her instead?

Had her voice been drowned out by the laughter from Feng Xun and the others?

Plus, she neither “inched,” nor was she shy! She had been practising that Phoenix Dance her beautiful master taught her, and her feet had been covered in wounds. She simply wasn’t able to walk any faster!

Feng Xun laughed as he told the story. Looking down, he saw Feng Wu’s clenched fists and knitted eyebrows and was intrigued. “Little thing, why do you look so nervous? Are you jealous because you’re in love with Boss Jun as well? Don’t worry, Boss Jun broke off his engagement with Feng Wu and there’s nothing between them now.”

Feng Wu almost choked on her own spit!

Jun Linyuan? Come on, she wouldn’t fall in love with that man even if he was the last man on earth!

Feng Wu waved her hands hastily. “No, of course not. I’m not going to fall in love with your Boss Jun, never —” Thump!

Feng Wu was in such a flurry that she waved her hands a little too forcefully. An amber-colored tall glass fell when she swung her arm and she rushed to catch it. However, she hit her forehead hard on the corner of the table and the sharp pain immediately brought tears to her eyes.

It all happened so fast that no one had time to react.

Feng Xun was speechless.

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open.

And so did Muyao’s.

Jun Linyuan looked up, his chiseled face as handsome and inscrutable as ever. He then said in an impassive tone, “I didn’t.”

Everyone needed a moment to digest that piece of information. All of a sudden, Feng Xun smacked the table and stared at Jun Linyuan. “Boss Jun, what did you just say? You didn’t?! As in, you’re still engaged to Feng Wu?!”

Jun Linyuan nodded.

“That can’t be!” Feng Xun’s attention was immediately drawn by the subject. “How is that possible? Didn’t you break off the engagement back then?”

“I didn’t sign it.” Jun Linyuan’s eyes were as clear and brooding as deep pools and his voice didn’t betray any emotion.

As always, he gave off this majestic, stately, and detached air.

Feng Wu was utterly baffled.

He didn’t sign the paper to break off their engagement? What was that supposed to mean? So, she was still Jun Linyuan’s fiancee? Shit! No!!!

Feng Wu opened her eyes wide in surprise and she had to fight back her impulse to go up to Jun Linyuan, grab him by his collar, and shake him violently for an explanation!

Feng Xun was exhilarated.

“So, you didn’t sign it at the last minute? Wow!” Feng Xun looked like he had just discovered the New Land. He smacked the table again. “Boss Jun, don’t tell me that you’re secretly in love with Feng Wu! Did you refuse to sign it because of that? Did you? Gosh! How could I miss that?! You and Feng Wu!”

Xuan Yi stared at Jun Linyuan with wide open eyes.

So did Fairy Muyao!

Fairy Muyao seemed to wake up from a dream and cried out, “That’s impossible! His Royal Highness can’t be in love with Feng Wu! She’s useless now.”

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