Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2519 - Amazing Girl

Chapter 2519 Amazing Girl

Ling Hao’s friends were as shocked as he was.

She was pretty, gentle, and approachable. What an angel!

The War Academy had very few girls and even less pretty ones. Having Feng Wu here was a miracle!

Shao Xiao stared at Feng Wu and nudged Ling Hao with his elbow.

“Introduce us, you idiot!”

Ling Hao snorted.

When Zuo Qingluan ignored him, they laughed so hard. Now, they wanted his help!

Ling Hao was honored to know such a pretty girl, so he introduced his friends. “This is Shao Xiao, our team leader. He’s into girls.”

Shao Xiao grinned at Feng Wu while he stomped on Ling Hao’s foot. “Shut up!”

Ling Hao’s cheek twitched. That hurt!

He went on, “This is Wang Zhi, the second-in-command. He’s very smart and likes deducing things.

“I’m third.

“Fourth is Ye Han. She’s a great healer.

“And fifth is Cheng Fang. Look, he’s two meters tall and is almost a human shield.”

Feng Wu noticed that the four boys were very friendly, but Ye Han was practically hostile toward her.

She didn’t know what to say.

Were all women natural enemies?

But Feng Wu didn’t care. With how she looked, she was used to being targeted by other girls.

Just then, they heard a loud whistle.

“The academy is calling us to assemble.” Ling Hao found it strange. “They usually won’t interrupt our cultivation like this. What’s going on?”

“Let’s go back now,” Ye Han urged him. That way, she could get away from Feng Wu.

Ling Hao nodded. “Sure. Miss Feng Wu, you’re one of us now, and you need to go to that assembly as well. Come with us.”

Ye Han was infuriated.

But she couldn’t let the others see it and could only sulk on her own.

They still had 15 minutes left when they got back, so Ling Hao took Feng Wu and Chaoge to complete their registration.

“You’ll visit the place a lot in the future,” Ling Hao told them. “After our hunting trips, you have to come here to exchange the animals for points.

“Hey, Wang, wake up. You have guests!” Ling Hao seemed to get along with everyone. He walked up to the counter and tapped the counter top.

Wang had dozed off. He saw three people standing in front of him.

All four boys had offered to walk with Feng Wu, but Feng Wu found it too over the top and suggested that she could go on her own. However, the team insisted that one of them go with her.

After a round of paper, rock, and scissors, Ling Hao won.

“Since when were you so lucky? Who’s the pretty girl?” Wang yawned and glanced at Ling Hao.

Ling Hao chuckled. “She’s a new student. Please hurry up. After the registration, we need to go to the assembly. Did you hear the whistle?”

“I need your exam results for Year 3,” Wang said to Feng Wu.

Ling Hao looked away.

He decided that she was too pretty to be a serious cultivator and didn’t want to see her grades because they wouldn’t be any good. He didn’t want to embarrass her.

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