Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2537 - How Generous (3)

Chapter 2537 How Generous (3)

Chaoge indeed wasn’t Ye Han’s match. She would fight back when she had the chance, but Ye Han could easily overwhelm her.

She was going to lose after thirty blows. Thump!

Ye Han struck at Chaoge.

Chaoge would be severely injured if Ye Yan’s blow hit her.

“Chaoge, watch out!” Zi Ling cried out.

Before she knew it, Zi Ling had sided with Chaoge and was worried about her.

But the next moment!


Ye Han was kicked away with tremendous force!

How did that happen? Zi Ling watched as Ye Han flew away.

She then looked at Feng Wu, who was helping Chaoge to her feet.


Holy crap!

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

That was Feng Wu!

The new student!

The supposedly useless Feng Wu!

But she had just kicked Ye Han away so easily!

Ye Han was a student of Class B!

The second best class!

Zi Ling sucked in a breath.

She wasn’t the only one who was shocked.

Ye Han fell and slid a few meters over the floor before she stopped when she hit the wall.

Luckily, the War Academy used the best soundproofing material. No one outside heard the noise.

There was a burning pain in Ye Han’s back.

Being a Class B student, she thought she could easily crush the new students.

It had never occurred to her that she would be the one who was crushed.

No, it had to be a coincidence!

Ye Han struggled to her feet.

She glared at Feng Wu.

“Feng Wu, did you do this?” Ye Han was furious.

Feng Wu didn’t even look at her.

She ignored me!

Ye Han was humiliated.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You’ve offended Miss Qingluan! You’ll never graduate! just die!”

Ye Han charged at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was asking Chaoge, “Are you hurt?”

Chaoge said, “It’s just a scratch.”

Feng Wu gave her a bottle of Supreme Level ointment.

Another bottle?

Zi Ling was so excited that she trembled.

However, she was kind enough to warn Feng Wu. “Watch out!”

Ye Han was already by Feng Wu’s side.

No one saw how Feng Wu moved, but —


Ye Han flew away just like before, and she landed in the same spot.

She smashed into the wall again.


She spat out a mouthful of blood.

Zi Ling was amazed.


Feng Wu was…

Zi Ling had seen it clearly this time. It really was Feng Wu!

Feng Wu only moved when Ye Han was a leg away from her.

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