Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2990

Chapter 2990: Elder Dongfang

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Feng Wu nodded. “Yes.”

Feng Xun paced around the room in frustration.

“We can’t let that happen!” He stared at Feng Wu. “You know Boss Jun is the most talented person in history. He’s the future of the Junwu Empire! If he loses his cultivation ability…”

Feng Wu said, “I only said it was possible, and that’s the worst case scenario. I don’t think he’ll be so unlucky…”

She didn’t sound nervous, but she was more worried than anybody else.


It was all because of her.

If Jun Linyuan hadn’t gone to the Zuo family because of her, things wouldn’t have turned out this way.

She then thought about Night Owl.

What a relentless man!

He wanted to blow Jun Linyuan up even if the explosion could kill him, too. Feng Wu had never hated anybody so much.

She hated Zuo Qingluan, but she hated Night Owl even more.

She gently dressed Jun Linyuan’s wounds and told Feng Xun she needed to make some more pills.

One Semi-Divine enhancement pill wasn’t enough.

She kept Jun Linyuan company while making the enhancement pills.

Luck was on her side this time, and she made three pills in one go.

Feng Xun stared at her. “That’s incredible! You made three pills in one night!”

It had taken Feng Wu days to make the first one, but she was a Semi-Divine medicine refiner now, so it was much easier to make these pills.

She then made the pills into a potion and injected it into Jun Linyuan’s body.

Just then, they heard hurried footsteps outside.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Somebody knocked on the door repeatedly.

Feng Wu was busy treating Jun Linyuan, so Feng Xun went to answer it.

He was very displeased.

He had told the others not to disturb them. Who was defying his order?

He opened the door to find Elder Dongfang outside.

She was the most senior elder of the Military Academy.

The principals of the two schools hardly ever left their offices, and the actual ruler of the fortress was somebody else.

One was Elder Dongfang of the Military Academy, and the other one was Elder Helian of Imperial College.

Dongfang Ziyun stood next to Elder Dongfang, who was the head of 36 elders.

That was to say, her rank was equivalent to lieutenant general, and Gongshu Hongzhu was a major general.

Elder Dongfang frowned at Feng Xun. “Young Lord Feng, I heard His Royal Highness is injured.”

Feng Xun felt the elder was more intimidating than before.

Had she made another breakthrough?

Feng Xun nodded. “He is injured, but Feng Wu is treating him now. There’s no need to worry.”

Dongfang Ziyun glanced at Feng Xun. “His Royal Highness was so badly injured, and people have been saying that he’s on the verge of dying. Get out of my way. I have to save His Royal Highness!”

Feng Xun stared at her and wondered if she couldn’t understand what he was saying.

He frowned. “His Royal Highness is being treated as we speak. Miss Dongfang, your services won’t be necessary.”

Dongfang Ziyun was dumbfounded.

Elder Dongfang turned to Feng Xun. “Ziyun isn’t the best doctor, but she’s still a Supreme Level medicine refiner and the best doctor in this castle. If her services aren’t needed, who else can do it?”

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