Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2997: The Pill

Chapter 2997: The Pill

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Dongfang Ziyun wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

Many people stared at Feng Wu’s storage pouch in jealousy.

Feng Xun smirked. “That’s from Boss Jun, and it has his personal inscriptions on it. Do you want to take it by force?”

Dongfang Ziyun stared at Feng Xun in disbelief.

If the pouch had the crown prince’s personal inscriptions on it, he would know when the pouch was taken by force.


Dongfang Ziyun was even more jealous.

She stared at Feng Wu. “What’s your relationship with His Royal Highness?!”

Feng Wu ignored her.

She was concentrating on her refinement process.

The Semi-Divine enhancement liquid wasn’t that easy to make, but the process had been shortened significantly after her improvement the night before.

Little Phoenix breathed fire at the cauldron, and Feng Wu adjusted the materials. Their work was in perfect harmony.

Dongfang Ziyun couldn’t watch anymore.

“You look the part.” She smirked at Feng Wu. “Unfortunately, you can’t pretend forever.”

The others were going to leave at first because they didn’t want to waste their time watching Feng Wu.

However, Dongfang Ziyun decided to stay because of His Royal Highness.

It was common knowledge in the fortress that she was in love with the crown prince.


When Dongfang Ziyun learned of Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan’s relationship, all she wanted was to defeat Feng Wu.

She wanted to destroy Feng Wu forever.


Dongfang Ziyun stopped her aunt. “If she’s bold enough to make her medicine, let’s give her a chance.”

She then whispered in her aunt’s ear, “She’s so pretty that it makes me uneasy. Please help me.

“She’s obviously bluffing.

“If we leave now, we’ll look like we’re afraid of her, as if she really is a Semi-Divine medicine refiner.

“Aunt, we can’t leave. Let’s stay here and see what she can make.

“Once we have proof that she’s bluffing, we can laugh at her and spread the news. Her reputation will be ruined!

“Aunt, please help me!”

Dongfang Ziyun held her aunt’s arm and pleaded.

Elder Dongfang knew what Dongfang Ziyun wanted and that she was in love with the crown prince. She would like to help her niece.

If Dongfang Ziyun could marry the crown prince, it would benefit the Shadowless Sect greatly.


At that thought, Elder Dongfang nodded. “Alright. Let’s wait and see.”

Somebody had fetched two chairs for the two elders.

Since Elder Dongfang wasn’t leaving, nor would Elder Helian. He didn’t want to seem weaker than the Military Academy.

Deep down, he wished he were somewhere else.

Elder Dongfang would sneer at him from time to time, making him rather embarrassed.

Elder Helian had just sat down, when Feng Wu said, “It’s done.”

With a wave of her hand, the aroma of medicine filled the air.

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