Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3001 - Untitled

Chapter 3001: Untitled

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“It’s the enhancement liquid! It really is! She made it! OMG!

“How can she be so lucky?!”

Her eyes rolled back, and she fainted in her aunt’s arms.

Elder Dongfang was speechless.

She didn’t know how to describe her feelings now.


No one was questioning Feng Wu’s skills anymore.

Everybody had been watching when she turned the pill into the liquid.

That was much harder than making the pill, and no one again brought up the possibility that she had switched pills.

Elder Dongfang looked at her unconscious niece before giving Feng Wu a long look.

When she rose to her feet, she almost fell back onto the ground.

Xuelan immediately supported her with a solemn look on her face.

Elder Dongfang was extremely capable, but because of Feng Wu, she could barely stand up.

Elder Dongfang handed Ziyun to Xuelan before walking away.

She looked so lonely from behind.

Despite always keeping her back straight, the old lady was hunching now.

Once she left, the others focused on Feng Wu again.

A Semi-Divine medicine refiner.

Feng Wu really was what she said she was.

Elder Wu had been prepared for this, and Feng Xun had always known that Feng Wu was a special girl, so he was ready to accept the information.

Xuan Yi knew Feng Wu was a genius, so he believed she could do anything.

However, Elder Helian hadn’t met Feng Wu until today.

What did Feng Wu show him?

The old man was having a difficult time accepting this.


Elder Helian swallowed and looked at Feng Wu.

He wanted to say something, but he could only ask, “Are you really a Semi-Divine medicine refiner?”

Elder Helian was one of the leaders of Imperial College.

Elder Wu was Gongsun Mu’s direct superior, and Elder Helian was Elder Wu’s superior.

He was much higher up the food chain.

However, even he was too shocked by Feng Wu to make conversation.

Something like this had never happened before.

Compared with him, Feng Wu was so calm.

She glanced at Elder Helian and said, “Yes, I am.”

Was that it?

Elder Wu was anxious.

She was wasting a great opportunity to befriend Elder Helian!

Elder Wu wanted to remind Feng Wu, when a question struck him: Who was superior, a Semi-Divine medicine refiner or Elder Helian?

Elder Helian asked, “Are you really a current student?”

Feng Wu nodded. “Yup.”

Elder Helian said, “Why haven’t you graduated? It would be so easy for you!”

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