Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3003 - His Royal Highness Wakes Up

Chapter 3003: His Royal Highness Wakes Up

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The two elders had been competing with each other all the way through their school years at Imperial College, and the competition continued even when they both became elders.

Elder Helian had always been on the losing side.

But now, he had Feng Wu.

Realizing he was smiling involuntarily, Elder Helian immediately put his hands on his face to wipe away the smile.

Calm down!


I must stay calm!

Being as important as he was, he couldn’t let his emotions show.

“Ahem!” Elder Helian feigned an indifferent manner and frowned at the school report. “She’s alright, I guess.”

Elder Wu saw through Elder Helian’s pretension. He looked up at the sky and rolled his eyes.

Elder Helian told Feng Wu, “You don’t have enough points, kiddo.”

Feng Wu was disappointed.

She knew things wouldn’t be that easy.

Elder Helian couldn’t bring himself to see the look on the girl’s face.

He only wanted to give the little genius some pressure so that she wouldn’t become too arrogant. However, he didn’t want to upset her either.

“Look. You still have so many points to gain.

“If you really want to graduate, you’ll have to kill a few junior Spiritual Kings of the Dongsang Kingdom.

“It’s easy, isn’t it?”

Elder Helian felt like the big bad wolf, trying to swindle Red Riding Hood.

Elder Wu tried to cut him off but failed in the end.

He hadn’t told Elder Helian how well Feng Wu did in the competition.

If Elder Helian knew what Feng Wu had done, he wouldn’t be saying such things anymore.

Feng Wu asked, “Can I graduate if I kill ten junior Spiritual Kings of the Dongsang Kingdom?”

Elder Helian said, “Of course. But you’ve only just become a Spiritual King and are at Sheng Changtian’s level. Don’t do anything reckless. Practice your skills and keep yourself safe, alright?”

The same level as Sheng Changtian?

Feng Wu realized why he got that idea. He read it from the report.

That was already a few days old.

Elder Wu reminded him, “Sir, that report is from several days ago.”

Elder Helian gave him a strange look.

Of course he knew that.

Wasn’t that the latest report?

Could anyone make one breakthrough after another in a few days?

Elder Helian ignored Elder Wu’s reminder and only talked to Feng Wu. “Kiddo, I’ll let you go to the battlefield when you’re a Level 3 Spiritual King. How about that?”

Feng Wu said obediently, “Alright.”

Elder Helian was so pleased with the pretty and well-behaved girl. If it were up to him, he would have adopted her by now.

Elder Wu looked up at the sky when he recalled Feng Wu’s achievements since they met.

Just then, they heard noise inside the room.

Feng Wu immediately rushed inside.

Jun Linyuan had woken up, and the first person he saw was Feng Wu.

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