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Chapter 1064 - Master and student pair…

Chapter 1064: Master and student pair…

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Mingguang had cold eyes.

When he was about to aim at Su Hao, he hesitated for a second but soon regained his composure. If he didn’t kill Su Hao now, how long should he wait?


One slash of his sword could destroy the sky.

How strong was Mingguang?

His slash couldn’t be stopped by anyone but Su Tiancheng!

At this time, before everyone else could react, he actually slashed toward Su Hao. That sword penetrated time and space as no one could stop it!

“Not good.”

Su Tiancheng was stunned.

He didn’t expect that Su Hao’s breakthrough would be so powerful that even Mingguang felt an intense crisis.


An afterimage flashed.

Su Tiancheng rushed toward Su Hao.

However, that wasn’t enough!

The distance was too far!

The aura around Su Hao became more and more condensed, but no one dared to bet that the defense around Su Hao could block Mingguang’s attack…

After all, that was Dragon Scale!


The sword cut down with no suspense.

However, at this moment, a leisurely light ray descended from the sky. It was so casual that it fell lightly on the sword and countered it!

Mingguang suddenly became astonished.

Looking back, Li Xiaoru, who had always been aloof, actually took action!

“You dare to touch my son?”

Li Xiaoru’s murderous intent skyrocketed.

She was worried of the vicissitudes of the world, but when Mingguang aimed at Su Hao, this mother raged. Even Mingguang was stunned by this situation.

He had no family.

Thus, he will never understand this feeling.

This is what one called a maternal love.


Mingguang’s eyes were filled with cold light.

For Li Xiaoru to leave the throne, that’s a golden opportunity for him!


Mingguang slashed down again.


A crisp sound echoed.

Su Tiancheng had already stood in front of Li Xiaoru. He hadn’t caught up when his son was attacked earlier, but this time, he was prepared and didn’t fall behind.

“Want to kill my wife, do you have that qualification?”

Su Tiancheng had an evil grin.

Standing in front of Li Xiaoru, he was akin to Mount Tai!

“Courting death!”

Mingguang’s murderous intent was so overwhelming. Looking at Su Tiancheng, “Then I will first destroy you!”


The aura coming from his sword was akin to a rainbow.

With the aid of life flame, Mingguang was so much like a spirit.

However, at this moment, the sky trembled and the aura surrounding Su Hao suddenly spread to the surrounding, and an aura that shook the entire world erupted.

When they felt this aura, everyone trembled.

Within the Federation, the things happening in the world summit had shocked countless people.




The entire Federation was terrified because of the horror of the unknown. However, when the powerful aura swept across the planet, everyone seemed to have been given a booster shot because that aura and feeling… It was so familiar; that’s Su Hao’s aura!

Su Hao.

He finally broke through!

He became the strongest esper!

The history of the past had been forgotten, and after the chaotic era, Su Hao was the first peerless talent to step into this realm and could be labeled as the first person in the Federation to do so!

“He has finally reached this point…”

In the Pharmacist Association, Zhang Zhongtian had now become the Vice President and looked pleased at this scene. He still remembers the time when that boy, that little brat came to him to change drugs.

At that time, he seemed to only have 5 points of origin ability?

That time…

He still remembered hearing Su Hao’s ridiculous declaration that he wanted to become the strongest esper, but Su Hao had reached this step and completed the declaration that sounded ridiculous then.

He truly became the strongest esper!

“It’s Brother’s aura!”

Su family’s residence.

Su Ling, who had been worrying over her brother, suddenly sensed his aura and tears of excitement fell, “Brother finally fulfilled his dream…”

“I want to be the strongest esper!”

Su Ling still remembered it clearly.

In the past, even she surpassed her brother.

Brother could only train hard in the middle of night, but no matter how hard he tried, there seemed to be no return for his effort and now…

He did it!

In just a few years, he became the top powerhouse!

“Brother, you have become the strongest esper.”

“You must have found Dad, right?”

“You must bring him back.”

Su Ling prayed silently, putting her hands together and blessed her brother.

At the same time, in Jianghe City, Chen Ge was flipping the coin in his hand. When he felt the aura, he was stunned for a long time before finally revealing a relieved smile.

“This little brat has finally reached this point.”

“After all…”

“He still managed to catch up to his father.”

Chen Ge was quite pleased.

Back then, he was also a peak world esper, but was one step away from the ultimate realm; it was hard to surpass!

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t become the strongest esper!

However, seeing Su Hao becoming the strongest esper, how pleased was that? After all, one could say that he had been watching Su Hao grow up…

“A person with no talent, once overcome the storm, and he turns into a dragon.”

Click, click…

Chen Ge sighed with emotion.

“When did you learn to show off erudition?”

A cold voice floated.

Chen Ge’s hand trembled and almost dropped his coin. He didn’t need to look back and already knew who that was, “Sister, can you stop making trouble?”

Turning around, Chen Ge was very helpless because that person was Su Wan!

The Witch, Su Wan.

“I sensed him.” Su Wan bit her lip.

Chen Ge was stunned. Who else but him?

Su Tiancheng!

Actually it wasn’t now. They could already feel it the moment Su Tiancheng appeared. Su Tiancheng, who they thought to be killed by the law enforcers, had appeared after all.

Plus, he was still the same strongest esper!

However, to appear along with the world summit, what was actually happening?

“Aren’t you even willing to come and take a look at me?” Su Wan was a bit angry.

How long had she waited for Su Tiancheng!

That big brother of hers was clueless of how much she had suffered all these years.

“Hey, help me see the battle.” Su Wan said.

Chen Ge’s face twitched. Sister, I’m not a street fortune teller! However, facing Su Wan’s icy look, he could clearly see the consequences if he refused.

A vivid ice sculpture appearing slowly in Jianghe City…

“Alright then.” Chen Ge shivered.


The coin spun.

With the emergence of the world summit, his strength was rapidly recovering!


The space door opened.

On the world summit, countless scenes appeared, and the coins were suspended in mid air, spinning at an incredible speed. Countless Rule Force flowed toward the coins. Unexpectedly, a scene of the world summit appeared!

That was a deduction.

A deduction that had been deduced to the extreme!

The situation on the world summit was scanned. Unsurprisingly, they saw Su Tiancheng confronting Mingguang!

He was indeed still alive.

Everything was fine.

“As long as you live, everything is fine.”

Su Wan suddenly wanted to cry.

It’s good that he was alive.

However, on the side of the screen, they immediately saw behind Su Tiancheng, a woman with a luxurious aura…

“Wait, who’s that?” Su Wan was stunned.

Su Tiancheng actually had another woman?

“Quickly calculate.” Su Wan glared.

“Cough, cough.”

Chen Ge also wiped off his sweat.

Forget about Li Xiaoru, if there is another woman…


Chen Ge could foresee the scene of the entire Jianghe City being frozen. One must know that when the world summit appeared, his strength was restored, but he wasn’t the only one…


The coin spun.

Chen Ge quickly figured out the identity of that woman.


A surprised look appeared on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Su Wan felt strange.

“Well, Sister, I think you can stop fighting with her for Big Brother Su.” Chen Ge wiped off his sweat.

“Why?” Su Wan’s murderous intent intensified.

“That’s Li Xiaoru.” Chen Ge smiled bitterly.


Su Wan was stunned but quickly realized, “But why does she look like, wait… Didn’t she look like that at the beginning? Twenty years have passed and I’ve been accustomed to her aging look. She actually regained her youth?”

“More than that.” Chen Ge smiled bitterly, “I just now deduced her identity.”


“The master of the world!”

Chen Ge sighed, “In other words, the true master of this world, our greatest goal when we tried to destroy the world last time.”

Su Wan: “…”

The master of the world?

That woman?

Su Tiancheng was stunned for a long time before she jumped, “This trash Su Tiancheng actually got smitten by a beauty!”

Chen Ge wiped off his sweat.

One couldn’t blame him for that, the enemy was too cunning after all!

Of course, he dare not say it out loud.

In fact, everyone knew that when Li Xiaoru gave up her status as the master of the world and dared to go to the Federation alone to raise both Su Hao and Su Ling, everything was now in the past.

Because that was love.

Su Wan curled her lips, but she had to admit she somewhat admired Li Xiaoru. For a woman to give up everything for the sake of Su Tiancheng and the two children…


Su Wan snorted softly.

“Anyway, Su Tiancheng is your brother. Why are you fighting him for?” Chen Ge smiled bitterly.

“When I was taken away from the snow by him, I had already imprinted it in my mind.” Su Wan coldly said.

“Then you can’t compete with her. Plus, her identity…” Chen Ge pointed at Li Xiaoru.


Su Wan was as cold as ice, “Who wants to compete with her. She likes Su Tiancheng so much, let her have him then. Don’t I still have Su Hao? If I can’t be Su Tiancheng’s wife, I will be his wife instead.”


Chen Ge almost spurted out a mouthful of water.

Damn it.

This woman is mad.

“Sister, can we stop making trouble like this?” Chen Ge wiped off cold sweat.

“Who’s making trouble?”

Su Wan suddenly smiled charmingly and looked breathtakingly beautiful, “Chen Yiran is my apprentice. Um… a master and disciple pair together, um… That kid probably couldn’t refuse it.”

“Master and disciple together…”

Chen Ge’s brain almost malfunctioned when he saw Su Wan casually leaving.

Chen Ge smiled bitterly, “…”

A loud sigh rang.

Even if he regained his strength, he still couldn’t help. He knew that the world summit is a stage for the strongest espers! His strength was never enough.

Returning to his room, Chen Ge turned on the computer, and there were records of history in it that were his usual historical chronicle. For the chapters regarding the era of origin ability, Chen Ge hesitated for a long time and finally started to write the title.

“The Torment Chronicle of Su Hao’s Family”

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