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Chapter 957 - The battle’s outcome happening in a flash

Chapter 957: The battle’s outcome happening in a flash

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A shadow emerged, and the cold tip of a dagger planted itself in Liu Ping’s chest.

A burst of murderous intent suddenly skyrocketed from below, moving through Liu Ping. That boundary spirit that had been attached to Su Hao’s neck stopped like that.

Just one millisecond, only one moment!

Su Hao would definitely die!


That wasn’t the case anymore.


The boundary spirit collapsed.

The boundary spirit, which was about to cut off Su Hao’s head, just dispersed like that. The boundary spirit did move forward, but it gradually faded away, ceasing contact with Su Hao.

This slash was ineffective.

The World Force supply had been cut off.

Liu Ping looked down with difficulty. A dagger pierced into his chest and exited through his back, and the strong toxin smeared on its surface paralyzed his nerves.

“How… is this possible?”

Liu Ping couldn’t believe it.

He really couldn’t when seeing that the final victory was just in front of him. However, he actually ended up dying when he was about to kill Su Hao, dying in Huangliang Despairs! He discovered Su Hao’s secret. As long as he was alive, he would definitely be given great credit this time. The title of Vice President of Origin Ability Association was waving at him.

Then, at the very final moment, he died.

A stab through his heart, that was how he died.


He didn’t know what went wrong. Turning his head with difficulty, he saw a familiar face, a face that he dared not believe, Zheng Tai!

An assassin.

That was his nature to begin with.

An assassin would stay dormant, and he would claim a life when he took action!

Zheng Tai had been lurking within the shadows, waiting for the best opportunity to attack. When facing Wolf King, he didn’t wait, but he found the right opportunity against Liu Ping.

In a thunderous momentum, he grasped that window of opportunity.

So what if you have World Force?

So what if you’re a level three world esper?

As an assassin, a world realm assassin, Zheng Tai only needed one opportunity, and that blow was enough to send Liu Ping to the other side of the world.

“So that was the case…”


Liu Ping dropped weakly to the ground while showing an unwilling gaze with his eyes.

He had thought of countless doubts but never expected Zheng Tai to be saved by Su Hao. He saw Zheng Tai being swallowed by the quicksand but failed to notice a few seconds after Zheng Tai got swallowed, a black shadow dove into the quicksand after him. Su Hao wouldn’t give up on Zheng Tai, that was where he miscalculated.


“Lord Liu Ping!”

Everyone from the Origin Ability Association trembled. At this moment, how could they still not understand what happened?

“How dare you, Su Hao!”

“Such big guts!”

Everyone was furious.

Although there were only ten men left, all of them were powerful world espers at their peak. Each one of them charged forward over here.

“You guys, are you sure?” Su Hao just smiled strangely.


Erha took action, and his rich world realm aura was released.


A silver giant wolf appeared.

“How dare you try to bully my boss!” Li Xin raged. Just now, Liu Ping acted so quickly that no one expected it. Now that he knew that Su Hao is here, how could he bear not defending him?

Zheng Tai just turned around his dagger on his palm.

Yang Zixi silently picked up the Elegy of Undead copy from Xiao An’s body and thought about it, “With my singing level, um… If I am to activate this Elegy of Undead…”

Su Hao touched the blood on his neck. As the internal force flowed through the injury, the scar healed instantly.

“Although Liu Ping’s act just now prevented me from making any moves, dealing with you all…” Su Hao grinned, and a familiar white lightsaber appeared from his hand. Just as Liu Ping mentioned, this was none other than the boundary spirit version of Xinghe Sword.


Akin to a bucket of cold water splashing on them, everyone stopped.

Just now seeing Liu Ping killed, they were mad. An esteemed level three world esper died under a sneak attack. Where should the face of the Origin Ability Association be displayed? Just a mere world esper who broke through recently, what was there to be afraid of? However, when Su Hao and the others stepped forward, they discovered a problem.

A very serious problem.

In terms of strength… it seemed like they were at a disadvantage?

So what if they had ten world espers on their side?!

Forget about those two terrifying wolves; the scene of Li Xin’s breaking through the defense of Wolf King was still vivid in their minds. Among them, who dared to fight against Li Xin? As for Su Hao, that was needless to mention. One slash to kill a pseudo-emperor! Who can guarantee that he wouldn’t be able to activate the same move twice?

If those were the only reasons, they might still try their luck.


Looking at Yang Zixi studying the Elergy of Undead, everyone gave up their hope. This wasn’t a joke. They didn’t want to go through a huge battle again.

“Now that’s right.” Su Hao smiled in satisfaction.


“I will give you all two options.” Su Hao continued indifferently, “First, since you know my identity, you should know that I will never let you back like this. Thus, I need to erase your memory of my identity. Just cooperate, it will be quick. I believe you all will make a smart choice.”

“Impossible!” A world esper was enraged, “How could I allow someone to erase my memory?”

“No!” Another world esper sounded as if he had been humiliated, “I will never agree.”

Erasing one’s memory is a matter of extreme privacy to begin with. Even when erasing memory, one can erase that person’s wisdom too, turning him into a retard.

Who could bear with it?

What if Su Hao suddenly changed his mind?

“If I want to turn you all into retards, do I need to resort to wiping out your memory?” Su Hao smirked, “Plus, since I am going to erase everyone’s memory, obviously I have to do it one by one. If the person ahead becomes an idiot, wouldn’t you all notice it?”


Everyone went silent.

“Stop being indecisive.” Su Hao frowned slightly, “A world esper is extremely valuable, especially those with experiences from a Great Despair are the wealth of mankind. A group of fifty people with only ten of you remaining, you’re all the future of our humanity. If not necessary, I don’t wish to kill you all.”

“Thus, don’t force me.” Su Hao’s eyes looked cold.

After hesitating for a moment, they finally chose to agree.

Under a crisis, they had to bow their head. Plus, what Su Hao said earlier made sense. This was without a doubt the best choice to make.

As a result, surrounded by a pair of wolves, Su Hao erased their memories. Of course, the section regarding Su Hao erasing memories for them still existed, and Su Hao became Wu Ming again.

“Look, how easy was it?” Su Hao said to everyone.

Everyone turned silent. The memory that had just been erased had taken effect. They now knew that Wu Ming had wiped out their memories for a secret.

However, no one knew what it was.

“Let’s go.” Su Hao looked around, “It’s time to return.”


The silver giant wolf whined.

It followed Yang Zixi and arrived late. When it arrived, it only saw the scene where Xiao An controlled the wolf tribe. At that time, the tribe had already been wiped out. All of its anger was directed toward Xiao An, and the anger vanished without a trace with Xiao An’s death, leaving only sorrow behind.

“From now on, follow me.” Yang Zixi patted its head.


Little Wolf didn’t resist.

Because of this battle, it saw the terrifying might of Yang Zixi. That person who controlled Wolf King actually got suppressed by this little loli?

It seemed like…

She had the qualification to be his master.

After all, the powerful deserved respect.

The wolf’s mindset was very simple and straightforward.

Zheng Tai was still hiding within Su Hao’s shadow like before. To him, this was the norm. Erha took Li Xin, and Little Wolf carried Yang Zixi and Su Hao while leading the others from the Origin Ability Association. The exploration in Huangliang Despairs had come to an end, and it was now time to leave.

All they had to do was to receive the final reward.

The first trial rewarded them with an increment in Rule Force’s quantity.

The second trial boosted their Rule Force’s quality.

Since the stone statue had always been giving out the rewards, then would there be a third one in the palace, the real treasure?

Everyone walked in high hopes.

The secret of Huangliang Despairs was actually Erha’s actual strength. However, since it had followed Li Xin, Su Hao felt awkward in trying to get its force. With such a powerful companion around Li Xin, it seemed that he would be able to rest assured in the future. Well, that couldn’t be helped. After all, this man’s ability to provoke trouble is too high…

If Su Hao didn’t feel worried, that would be strange!


The gate of the palace was pushed open.

After a sweeping search, they soon found that there was really a huge stone statue within the palace, and interestingly, they even found about a dozen wolf cubs.

Except Li Xin and Yang Zixi, it was exactly one person each.

As for Su Hao, having one bear was already enough. This wolf was taken for Zheng Tai. The power from the stone statue hadn’t been absorbed yet, and they had now turned into wolf knights.

Oh, with the exception of Li Xin because he was a dog rider…

Everyone looked very excited.

With the final stone statue, when everyone put their palm on it, their happiness skyrocketed. Their Rule Force had another small increment.

Everyone’s strength had been increased by quite a margin. Su Hao directly disintegrated his Xinghe Sword and completed his upgrade, allowing his Rule Force to finally reach a new milestone.

1,000 units.

Su Hao was so moved that he nearly cried. After all, it was extremely difficult for him to increase his Rule Force’s quantity.

And this was just the basic reward from the stone statue. As this was the core stone statue of Huangliang Despairs, the main dish was yet to come.


A dazzling light ray entered everyone’s body.

Flashing some brilliance, it faintly revealed its aura of Rule Force. This time, it no longer forcefully induced Rule Force into one’s body but gave the core of Rule Force instead. Looking at this scene, everyone took a breath. No wonder Wolf King could become a pseudo-emperor this quick!

The core of Rule Force!

This was the enlightenment of Rule Force.

As long as there was the existence of the Rule Force’s core, one can directly achieve enlightenment and improve his Rule Force one step at a time. Against those with the same Rule Force and rank, your quality will far exceed your peers. Even your World Force would be stronger than others!

This was what the core of Rule Force does.

It transformed your path in the world realm from a muddy trail to a highway, which was the biggest secret of Huangliang Despairs.

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