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Chapter 979 - Have you seen fireworks before?

Chapter 979: Have you seen fireworks before?

Heavenly Magnetic Despair.

This was the deepest part of human territory.

The leader of Nine Snakes, that powerful peak world esper, pulled up his hood while leading his countless subordinates. Finally, he stood at the peak.


“It’s the core of mankind.” That middle-aged man’s tone was bland yet full of arrogance, “After today, history will change.”

Around him, the others were just indifferent.

“Xiao An died.” The seventh head suddenly said.

“I know.” The middle-aged man said indifferently, “This is the price needed to be paid in order for the beasts to rule the world. No matter who was sacrificed, it’s worthy.”

“Whether it’s Xiao An, me, or even you!”

The seventh head still sounded cold, “She was still our child.”

“Stop saying any more nonsense to him.” The third head lightly said, “When we were divided into nine parts in the past, our nine heads were transformed into human beings. We should already know that the first head has no emotion.”


“Aren’t they as expected?”

If this were to be heard by outsiders, they would be so scared that they would pee on the spot.

Nine Snakes!

It turned out that Nine Snakes was literally nine snakes!

The so-called nine heads are actually the nine heads of the nine-headed snake beast, the Hydra! If Xiao An were here, it would be even more unacceptable.

No wonder her father never accepted her…

It turned out that her so-called father was just a head without feelings, and those uncles of hers who usually cared about her were the true separated feeling as a father!

This was the price paid to become a human!

Even Nine Snakes, who are pseudo-emperor, couldn’t avoid this consequence.

“For today, I have waited too long.” The leader of Nine Snakes said with endless fanaticism in his eyes, “It’s about time to begin.”


In the Federation’s territory, the world suddenly shook.

A dazzling aurora blasted from Heavenly Magnetic Despair into the sky as that dazzling light covered literally the entire Federation before being accompanied by endless quakes.

Energy fluctuated.

The energy within the entire Federation constantly underwent changes.

This scene really awakened everyone.

“This is…”

“Heavenly Magnetic Despair!”

“What is happening over there?”

Everyone was terrified.

At this moment, somewhere in the Federation, a beast that was stuck at peak professional realm successfully stepped into the domain realm. What was even more frightening was its strength was no longer suppressed! Although the Federation managed to kill this beast in time, their expression looked extremely ugly.

Because at this time, they suddenly understood what the so-called changes are.

Heavenly Magnetic Despair, something must have happened there.

Countless strong espers made their move.

This time, no one could sit still.

When a group of powerful espers was outside the extreme north, they realized what was happening. The surging aura at the border allowed them to understand the truth of this matter.

The beasts…

Beast aura actually appeared in this Great Despair?

“That beast’s aura…”

“This is the aura of the Pseudo-emperor, Hydra! Although it was much weaker than it used to be, it is definitely him!” An old world esper sounded extremely shocked.

Pseudo-emperor Hydra.

That was a powerful and terrifying beast that joined the huge war between mankind and beasts in the past!

Why would he appear here?

What’s his purpose?

The result speaks for itself!

“Hurry, stop him!”

Everyone’s face changed.

The Federation, Origin Ability Association, and those hidden espers, literally every world espers tried to rush over and kill Nine Snakes, but the barrier outside the extreme north blocked everyone’s attack!

With all nine heads combined, he possessed the strength of a pseudo-emperor.

This was the barrier that a pseudo-emperor spent a week setting up. No one could break it!

Even if all human powers joined forces, it would still take at least half a day…

Heavenly Magnetic Despair…

It couldn’t hold on any longer.


In mid-air, a virtual screen emerged.

Everyone’s eyes glanced at it, and they suddenly saw nine humans standing at the very center of Heavenly Magnetic Despair under the leadership of a middle-aged man.

Behind them were those members of Nine Snakes kneeling down. Everyone was exuding a thick death aura!


A terrifying black light appeared.

With the attack from the middle-aged man, he directly attacked the center of Heavenly Magnetic Despair, a place that had been guarded by humans for more than 20 years. When they saw this scene, everyone’s expression changed.

Puff~ Puff~

Nine Snakes members collapsed to the ground one after another.

Every one of them died.

Accompanied by the attack of the black light, they died one by one. However, everyone in the Federation looked dejected and helpless because, with the death of the last person, Heavenly Magnetic Despair burst…

“Mankind… is over.” A strong esper from the Federation shuddered and fell to his knees.

The fight in the past, is it about to happen again?



In the human world, countless horrifying auras rose to the sky.

Those were the beasts’ aura that had been suppressed for many years. Many professional realm beasts broke through into the domain realm! With the destruction of Heavenly Magnetic Despair, the beasts would never be suppressed again.

For a period of time, countless howls shook the entire Federation.

A crisis!

And it was the biggest crisis ever at that! With the destruction of Heavenly Magnetic Despair, mankind could only resort to defending. In fact, they had to face the unrestrained beasts!

Twenty years had passed.

Who would have thought that the beasts would hide their plan this deep?!

Looking at the screen, that expressionless middle-aged man, one could see the despair in everyone’s eyes as they helplessly bombarded the barrier of Heavenly Magnetic Despair.


So what if they managed to break it?

Everything was already over.

Everyone knew that once Heavenly Magnetic Despair was destroyed, what kind of crisis would mankind face.

“Get ready to fight!”

This was coming from an esper who participated in the past fight.

“This battle, we already lost from the start.”

This was the voice of countless people. A battle that could only be on the defensive, a battle where they couldn’t take the initiative. From the start, they lost, and they lost very badly.



The aura of beasts became more and more obvious.

Under the black light’s bombardment, Heavenly Magnetic Despair became close to collapsing.

All the strong espers witnessed this scene with their own eyes because anyone could predict this would be the start of a very terrifying dark age!


Looking at what appeared in Su Hao’s hands, along with the familiar beeping sound, Ping Yang and Li Tiantian’s complexion didn’t look very good.

A nuclear weapon; what Su Hao created with Realization turned out to be a nuclear weapon.

Due to the space channels’ restrictions, this kind of super-energy item was impossible to be brought over!

But for Su Hao…

This couldn’t be any better!

The production of nuclear weapons requires a huge amount of energy, and he happened to have it. After his strength got suppressed, he wasn’t able to fully use his abundant energy!

A nuclear weapon, it was just nice.

How powerful is this thing?

A nuclear bomb!

Based on Ping Yang and Li Tiantian’s understanding of Su Hao, a product made by this guy…

“Just now, I optimized a bit during Realization.” Su Hao said.

Yes, optimization.

Su Hao used his supercomputer to optimize it easily. There was no doubt that the power of this nuclear weapon was much stronger than normal!

Ping Yang and Li Tiantian suddenly understood what Su Hao meant by flipping the table.

Could it be that he planned to…

“One, two…”

Su Hao seriously created more.

Nuclear weapon.

This item that mankind failed to bring into the beast territory no matter how they tried. Under the Realization of Su Hao, it took shape in minutes.

Far away, countless beasts were either training or having fun.

No one noticed at all what a terrifying thing was happening here!

When the energy in his body was almost exhausted, Su Hao stopped. There were ten additional nuclear bombs. Only God knew how much energy had been stored in his body during this period of time!

“Isn’t this too shameless?” Ping Yang said with a sigh.

How many years had Nine Snakes planned to accomplish this ultimate goal?

Transforming into a human.

The leaders of Nine Snakes went through all kinds of hardships, and even their daughter was sacrificed all for the sake of destroying Heavenly Magnetic Despair. And now? Su Hao casually created ten nuclear weapons in minutes.

Li Tiantian nodded in agreement.

If Nine Snakes’ leader knew about this, he would be angered to death!

“At the center of Geomagnetic Despair, there seems to be a pseudo-emperor resting nearby.” Ping Yang looked at the scene from the Synchronize Space and said. His face looked a bit ugly, “We can only wait for him to leave before passing, but the space channel can’t last that long. If we’re too late, we won’t be able to return.”

Just as he spoke, the ground suddenly shook. Then everyone felt that something terrifying had happened in the human territory.

With the deduction of a famous expert, they soon knew the truth.

The suppression of the human world was actually weakening.

In fact…

It would soon disappear.

In Geomagnetic Despair, everyone looked at each other. Soon, they went crazy. The suppression is about to disappear?! Doesn’t that mean that the beasts could finally…



Countless people left and returned to verify the news.

While Su Hao watched that rest pseudo-emperor rush over with a red face. Su Hao’s eyes revealed a flash of mocking gaze and gently placed the nuclear weapons in the pond at the center of Geomagnetic Despair. The nuclear weapons sank silently to the bottom.


What accompanied them were endless beeps.

“Let’s go!”

The space channel shrunk.

Su Hao rushed into the space channel at the last moment. He quietly came here and quietly left.

After returning, Su Hao led the Su family to rush energetically to the extreme north.

Outside Heavenly Magnetic Despair.

The barrier could be broken at any moment, and the figure of Nine Snakes had already appeared in everyone’s field of vision. However, it was still too late.

“You’re Su Hao?” The leader of Nine Snakes, that middle-aged man’s gaze swept across Su Hao, “When the war begins, you will definitely be the first one to die here!”

“Really?” Su Hao sneered, “Are you sure you already won?”

“Twenty years of planning, what I am waiting for is this moment!” The middle-aged man arrogantly continued, “Humanity will then be completely erased from this planet!”

Su Hao smiled, “Perhaps it’s not humanity that perishes but beasts.”

“Arrogant!” The middle-aged man sneered, “With the existence of Geomagnetic Despair, human beings can only be passively beaten.”

“Really?” Su Hao stretched out his hand casually and suddenly smiled, “Have you seen fireworks before?”


Su Hao stretched out three fingers.


Two fingers.


One finger.


A bright firework bloomed in the beast territory.

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