Godly Stay-Home Dad

Chapter 1475

Chapter 1475 Super-rich

“What’s your name?” Mengmeng suddenly asked.

Her question startled Owner Hong to the extent that he started crying. He said, “I’m really sorry, Eldest Lady. It has nothing to do with me. I was just invited as a guest. I don’t know what others have done.”

When his name was asked, Owner Hong was so scared that he trembled and fell to the floor.

“What…” Childe Zhao did not know what to say at all.

Seeing Owner Hong in such a state, he was also very flustered and didn’t know what to do.

Zheng Dan was quite at a loss. Lv Zihan was in a daze and felt that Mengmeng and Xiaonao were so powerful.

The others did not dare to speak at all, including Brother Guang. Cold sweat broke out, and he felt desperate in his heart. “I’m doomed. Did I just trick Childe Zhao?”

“That’s so boring.”

Mengmeng glared at Owner Hong and took the lead to go out.

After she and her companions left, there was dead silence in the room.

“Dad, who, who are they?” Owner Hong’s son asked.

“Yeah. Uncle Hong, we…” Childe Zhao quickly squatted down and tried to pull Owner Hong up.


Owner Hong’s face turned red and livid. He raised his hand and slapped him.

“Did you try to trick me and get me killed?

“Do you know who they are?

“I’m going to kill you!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The first round of beatings began, and Childe Zhao was beaten up miserably.

The others wanted to stop Owner Hong, but no one dared to do anything when they thought of his combat capability and status.

Two minutes later, Owner Hong clapped his hands and left with a cold face.

Childe Zhao, with a bloody nose and a swollen face, looked at Brother Guang and said without anger, “Fuck this. Beat him up.”

The second round of beatings began.

Brother Guang got beaten up tragically. Watching Childe Zhao and his companions leave, he turned to look at Xiaoman.

“Fuck this. If you hadn’t bumped into those girls, this would’ve never happened. I’ll kill you.”

The third round of beatings began.

Just like that, the party ended with beatings.

Mengmeng and the others were not too affected by this.

They didn’t talk much on their way to the restaurant since everyone was in shock.

After ordering the food, they began to eat.

Zheng Dan widened her eyes and said, “Oh my god, that person was so scared when he saw you. You two…”

“Well, I know martial arts. My family is a martial arts family, which is relatively famous, so the people from that circle are afraid of us,” Mengmeng said simply.

“So that’s how it is.”

Zheng Dan suddenly came to a realization, but her interest was piqued. “Mengmeng, Xiaonao, you are from martial arts families. Do you mean the real kind of martial arts?”


“That’s amazing. I was wondering why you were able to fight with the instructor at that time, Mengmeng. I thought it was very strange. I didn’t expect you to be really capable.” Zheng Dan said excitedly, “Do you think I can learn martial arts?”

“Sure. Do a horse stance for two hours first,” Mengmeng replied.

Her words made Zheng Dan give up her crazy idea. She looked at Chen Yang and made a face. “Forget it. We can’t handle a horse stance.”


Chen Yang nodded, but he was deep in thought while eating.

He didn’t light up the atmosphere, nor did he talk too much. He ate as usual.

After Chen Yang paid the bill, he smiled at Mengmeng and said, “Sister Meng, Sister Nao.”

“Hey? What’s the matter? Why do you suddenly call me sister?” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“The holiday is coming. I’m going home and I’ll bring you a gift.”

“You’re trying to please us for no reason. What are you up to?” Mengmeng snorted.

“I’ll tell you when the time comes.” Chen Yang laughed.

But he could not suppress the excitement in his heart.

A bold idea emerged in Chen Yang’s mind.

The last few days of the courses soon ended. And the one-week holiday arrived.

Almost all the students had gone home. Some liked to travel and planned to go sightseeing together with their friends. For example, Yue Xiaonao and Li Muen were ready to go to West Capital to have fun.

They didn’t even think about counting Mengmeng in. They guessed that this girl would go to her father.

As expected-

That night, Mengmeng disappeared.

On the beach of Havoron.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were surfing. There were many surfies, and they were all playing in the nearby area.

Mengmeng appeared on a yacht. She grabbed a skateboard, rode the wind and waves, and chased after the two.


“You two are quite leisurely. Now you’re even surfing.”

Zi Yan smiled and asked, “You’re on holiday?”

“Yep. I have seven days off,” Mengmeng said. “Where should we go to have fun?”

Zi Yan said, “We’ll spend our time here first.”

“Is there anyone who hasn’t paid the protection money? I can go and collect the money,” Mengmeng rolled her eyes and said.

“No.” Zhang Han couldn’t help laughing. “Don’t keep thinking about this. If you can’t stay idle, I heard that there are two Relics that you can go and visit.”

“Two Relics? What’s the level?”

“One is class B, and the other is class C,” Zhang Han replied.

“Okay. Shall we go to visit the class B Relic?” Mengmeng was more interested in Relics.

Hence, two days later.

On Alson Mountains, many members of the Radiant Sect were stationed there, preparing to explore the class B Relic.

Zhang Han and the other two mingled with the crowd. Their clothes concealed their identities, so they didn’t look obvious among the people.

They entered the Relic.

Surprisingly, it was an apocalypse in that world.

It was like a fragment of a continent with the ruins of a technological city. The sun was very strong, but it was far less powerful than the radiation in the ruins.

There was no one, only a ruined city.

There were also some ox-sized mutant rats and a small number of worms.

“It looks so weird.” Mengmeng looked down from the sky.

“This is what happened to a place after the war,” Zhang Han said. “It’s not so weird.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any treasures here.” Mengmeng glanced around.

“There are some technological products, which will be the treasures. If we can get a few complete ones, they will be of some use to the technology outside,” Zhang Han said with a smile. “But those things are not practical for martial artists. There’s no one here, and the place doesn’t seem to be dangerous, but in fact, it is not. There must be something wrong with it.”

As soon as he finished speaking.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of a battle could be heard from afar.

In a pitch-black building, many bats with three-meter-long wings flew out and fought against some martial artists.

Zhang Han and the other two toured around. There was nothing special about this class B Relic.

However, the significance of its existence, its past, and the end of its prosperity were all worth pondering.

After leaving the relic, Mengmeng had only two days left for her seven-day-long holiday,

Mengmeng, Zhang Han, and Zi Yan stayed together for another day. They went shopping, toured around, and tasted local specialties.

On the last day of the holiday, Mengmeng went back to school.

Not long after she arrived at the dormitory, Yue Xiaonao and Li Muen came back.

A dinging sound rang out.

Soon, Chen Yang called. “Sister Meng, are you at school now?”

“Shoot if you have anything to say!”

“Drop your lunch. I’ll treat you to something. I’ve brought some very special food over.”

“You brought something over? Is it edible?” Mengmeng asked.

“Uh… it’s edible. You’ll know if it’s delicious after you try it. Wait for me. I’ll be at school in an hour. Let’s meet in… our classroom?” Chen Yang asked.

“Okay,” Mengmeng replied and hung up.

Chen Yang was quite interesting and didn’t mind what others said about him. He would voluntarily ignore the curses. He was quite tough and popular among his classmates.

He always pestered Lv Zihan. Zheng Dan often communicated with him as a class leader. Because she and Mengmeng were roommates, Chen Yang met them more often and they gradually became more familiar with each other.

About an hour later, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Li Muen walked to the classroom.

They didn’t have a fixed class, but they had a fixed classroom that would be used for the morning and evening self-study.

As soon as they entered, they saw Chen Yang busying himself with work, while Lv Zihan was sitting next to him.

“Oh, my god.” Li Muen was shocked. “How come you two are together?”

“Yeah. Zihan, this guy didn’t bully you, did he?” Mengmeng asked worriedly.

“No, no.” Lu Zihan’s face was red. “We met at the school gate.”


Chen Yang chuckled and said, “Please have a seat. The food will be ready soon. Have a taste of the special food I brought.”

Mengmeng sat down and asked, “What’s this? Ham?”

Four tables in the classroom were placed together, and an induction cooker was placed on them. All the ingredients were ready. The plug was plugged in, and some vegetables had been put into the cooker. The soup was poured in, and the ham as well as some other meat was placed on the top layer.

A moment later, a fragrant aroma filled the air.

“This is ham, a delicacy passed down from my family to my Second Grandpa. It’s been made with a special nutritious soup, and the ham smells very good,” Chen Yang said. “We’ll be able to eat it after a few minutes.”

“It smells good,” Yue Xiaonao commented.

It was a little special to eat in this way in the classroom. They waited for a few minutes.

Everyone began to pick up their cutleries.

“Not bad. It’s delicious,” Li Muen said in surprise.

“Yeah, it’s delicious.” Even Lv Zihan praised it.

Chen Yang smiled proudly and said, “What do you think, Sister Nao and Sister Meng? How does it taste?”

“Not bad. It’s pretty good.”

Mengmeng had eaten too many delicacies. “Not bad” was already a positive comment from her.

“Yes, it’s better than what most restaurants outside the school serve.” Yue Xiaonao nodded.

“That’s great.”

Chen Yang put down his fork and rubbed his hands. “Well…”

“What is it?” Yue Xiaonao glanced at him.

Chen Yang hesitated for two seconds and said slowly, “Since everyone is here, I’ll get straight to the point. “I feel that Sister Meng, Sister Nao, and Li Muen come from very good families. While we are in college, if we can start a business, our parents will probably be happy as well, won’t they? Look, my family’s delicious food is quite good. This is also the unique recipe of my Second Grandpa. The soup is made of the ingredients we planted in our hometown, and it takes more than a dozen procedures to make it.”

“You want to run a restaurant?” Mengmeng was stunned. “And you want us to invest in it?”

“Uh, yes, that’s right. Are you interested? You can ask your parents. If you’re interested, you can contribute the money. I’ll do the work and when the restaurant starts gaining profit, we’ll share out bonus.” Chen Yang was a little nervous as he spoke.

He had always had this idea, but he didn’t get to fulfill it because he didn’t have a chance. He didn’t know if it would work or not after he told the girls about it. Anyway, he just wanted to give it a try.

He asked for the girls’ help mainly because he had seen so many rich and powerful people fawn over Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao last time. He felt that the two of them were not ordinary people. They should also be rich.

“That’s a good idea, but have you thought it through?” Li Muen said, “Do you need us to invest in even a small restaurant?”

“I’ve made up my mind. I want to establish my brand. This type of food is called Bagna cauda,” Chen Yang said, smiling.

“You’re quite ambitious.” Li Muen took a sip of the drink and said, “If you want to establish a brand, you need to get a website, a trademark, and so on. Bagna cauda will be what your restaurant serves. Have you prepared a lot of necessary things such as market research, location selection, and pricing?”

“Not yet.” Chen Yang grinned and said, “I haven’t taken the first step yet, but I noticed that there is a restaurant on the commercial street on lease. It’s located on the main street and has a good location. There are some clothing stores on both sides. It’s a two-story restaurant and the rent is relatively high. It charges 70 thousand dollars a year.”

Chen Yang said seriously, “I’m also thinking about helping our classmates to expand their hobby in their spare time, such as working part-time as a waiter or bar staff. Zihan will be suitable. She doesn’t like to talk, so she can practice her social skills by working part-time in the restaurant.”

He didn’t mean to have Lv Zihan practice her social skills, but he wanted to help her make money.

It was not a secret that Chen Yang liked Lv Zihan, and he wanted to take care of her as well.

“Hahaha.” Yue Xiaonao narrowed her eyes and said, “You do have good taste.”

“What do you think? Please think about it. You can talk your parents into the plan,” Chen Yang said earnestly. “This is also an attempt of mine. If it succeeds, we will be running a business together.”

“Mengmeng, what do you think?” Li Muen was very interested in this.

“Me? I’m okay with it,” Mengmeng said.

Of course, she was okay with it. She didn’t care about spending money.

“Let’s invest together,” Li Muen said. “I, Mengmeng, and Sister Nao will invest in it. Chen Yang will do the relevant work. We’ll each have 25 percent of the shares. I think that’s a good idea.”

So it was decided so easily.

Chen Yang thought to himself that he had a keen eye.

He was also very happy.

“I’ve made a preliminary calculation. The rental fee is 70 thousand bucks, and the decoration will cost about 20 thousand bucks. As for the business license and the necessary equipment…”

However, before Chen Yang could finish his words, Li Muen said, “Why would you need our help for such a small amount of money?”

There was a hint of displeasure in her tone.

“If you want to do it, do it well. Get a nice and big restaurant in a prime location, and you need better decoration,” Li Muen said.

“How much will that cost?” Chen Yang was stunned.

“It seems that Li Muen also has a lot of money.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

Li Muen said, “You don’t need to worry about how much money you’ll spend. Not to mention Mengmeng and Sister Nao, it will be incredible if you can use up my money.”

She rarely talked about this. But now, when she thought of starting a business with Mengmeng, she was a little excited. She was quite enthusiastic about starting a business.

Chen Yang said in a daze, “That’s just amazing.”

“She said I don’t need to worry about how much money I’ll spend…

“But what about the money?”

Chen Yang thought of the essence of the problem.

He couldn’t do anything without money.

“Each of the three of us will offer 200 thousand bucks. Will that be enough?” Li Muen asked in an uncertain tone.

“I don’t know,” Mengmeng said,

Chen Yang was so happy that he almost fainted. “That will be enough. You’re not kidding me, are you?”

“Why would we be in the mood to do that?”

Li Muen rolled her eyes and said, “200 thousand bucks. Give me your bank account number and I’ll transfer the money to you first.”

Chen Yang subconsciously took out his bank card.

Li Muen tapped on her mobile phone.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao also tapped on their mobile phones.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Upon seeing that the money had been transferred to his account, Chen Yang fainted from happiness and was about to lean into Lv Zihan’s arms.

“What are you doing?”

Yue Xiaonao glared at him.

Chen Yang fell to the floor instead of leaning into the pretty girl’s arms.


“I’m so happy!

“You’re really rich!”

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